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  1. It is hard to address, though, isn't it? Retesting seems the most responsible avenue. No test is 100% accurate, but there are also people who wouldn't believe the reported results even if a test was confirmed by labs to be 100%. Look at how many people think the earth is flat. Or that wearing a mask is part of a plot. Or that they are able to safely drive after a few.
  2. Favorite place in the world! As peaceful as cruising--for both, once you get away from loud crowds...
  3. Then those of us who like safer travel, and who do not trust travel companies who break their promises to provide safety measures, will do other things. I am not saying they have to please me above all others. If other cruisers go and enjoy the experience despite what I see as an untenably dangerous environment, so be it. I just won't spend my money there. My car is wonderful, and it is time to visit the Snake River among hundreds of other (inland) destinations.
  4. Good point. The early panics about transmission from touching (that led to Clorox wipes and paper towel shortages, among other things) was due to the early reports from hospitals and nursing homes where the virus was being expelled in procedures and resulted in high concentrations on surfaces that were touched repeatedly by the same people. Few people are recommending wiping down grocery bags and food items (but it makes good sense anyway in flu season to wash hands frequently). Caution in general is a good idea!
  5. I guess recognizing facetiousness is a lost art. Did you not realize I was ridiculing the concept of not protecting cruisers? Please read @Fouremco's reply: he gets it....
  6. Okay, I get it--vacationers do not deserve protection because leisure activity is unnecessary. I wonder if the crew is deserving of protection. I mean, their support of their families, their very livelihood...yes? But it is a job catering to that unnecessary leisure enjoyment, so...no? Yikes, how silly! I think if cruises restart, we will be able expect the crew to follow protocols not just for our benefit but for their own. I fully expect a crew member disregarding the rules will be disembarked at the next port. Safety is not optional for a virus that has a disproportionate impact on a disproportionately high segment of experienced cruisers.
  7. You might want to check who I was responding to....the person insisting it is .03% rather than 3%, meaning the cases would have to be 100 times what they actually are to arrive at our current 200,000 deaths.
  8. I don't get the "then stay home" comments. People are saying that if cruising starts with mandated safety requirements, they would go only if the crew enforces them and require passengers to comply. What the heck is overly concerned about that?
  9. So, 199,000 known deaths in the US must mean that there have been 663 million cases here? Interesting math....
  10. And, of course, any vaccine dose is 100% ineffective for people refusing to take it!
  11. The need for a large sample, plus ensuring it covers the demographic variables you mentioned, seems to me to be a huge obstacle to fast-tracking.
  12. General question on Phase 3 trials: Let's say they have a trial with 30,000 volunteers. Half get vax, half placebo. From what I understand, the vaccines may have varying levels of antibody response in different people, and that seems like it could vary due to the virus load in any exposure experienced. It seems mask-wearing by surrounding people could be a major variable in viral load. I don't think they will purposely expose anyone. Maybe this is a naive question or based on a misunderstanding of how success is measured, but how do they control for viral load in measuring success?
  13. Especially if funds are limited. Planning, and paying, ahead with no realistic idea of what to expect on restarting seems foolish. I suggest, respectfully, that the OP not be so hung up on doing everything so long planned on the specific dates. Vacations are best enjoyed with enough flexibilty to allow for dozens, even hundreds, of things beyond your control that can throw off the absolutist schedule you are agonizing over. My wife and I celebrate when we can. A week or a month off calendar has often allowed for far more spectacular experiences!
  14. I wonder if they rotate skeleton crew members while waiting. So, they might have replacement bartenders, etc, getting notified for when current skeleton crew contracts are up. The date of expected resumption of sailing is likely derived from "We hope to be sailing..."
  15. OP says they forgot to transfer the booking to a TA after it was made. I do think that X should be willing to put them into a comparable suite, but it does show how closer attention by a customer can help correct mistakes. I wonder if this was caught sooner if a RS would have been available and offered.
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