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  1. I guess these "greedy cruise lines" that care about profits should be providing wonderful cruise experiences to passengers without regard for their revenue. By gosh, that is a great idea! Let's make every cruise line just spend and spend, returning money whenever a passenger has a whim, while not letting them enforce any agreements their customers make--especially the ones that the customers signed to get cheap fares! Then, for entertainment we can read about them as they go out of business, fire their crews, and sell the ships for scrap! I wonder how many people saying the cruises should have been cancelled in late February would have lit this forum up if they had?
  2. Just as they chose to risk when they booked. And we are back to consumers making choices based on money.
  3. I believe the cruise lines did everything they said they did, and I believe they relied heavily on experts. But how foolish does any passenger have to be to think anyone could guarantee they could not get sick on a cruise? Did you see all of the "I refuse to lose my money" and "I won't let the threat of getting sick stop me" posts throughout CC in Feb and early March? I would love for a single one of those who got sick or quarantined to come back and admit, "My God was I dumb!" Not to ridicule them, but so that they can serve as a lesson and caution for future guinea pigs deciding to test the virus-proofing ability of cruiselines after this is over. Was not losing a deposit, or even a full fare, worth 3 weeks of misery? In any event, I agree with your original post that we should not cruise if the full provisions of cruise insurance, including medical evacuations, are not able to be honored. I just think anyone not paying attention to that needs to take responsibility for their decision to cruise.
  4. @MoniMommy Every passenger who boarded knowing the epidemic was spreading from Asia to the rest of the world put money over their health, too. And many have now spread the virus to people ashore, probably killing some people. Why blame cruiselines for operating and totally ignore the responsibility of the cruisers to think? No one used a sword to force them to go up the gangplank.
  5. If you made the call right after doing a mock booking, you might have inadvertently taken that one cabin off the rep's inventory. I finally learned that you have to tell them what cabin you mock-booked, and then they can override and book it themselves. Did you just call the second time without a mock booking? The hold on a selected cabin when you are booking is about 15 mins. This prevents you from losing it to other people booking right then.
  6. I wouldn't tell her until the pandemic has lifted and cruises are going without any problems. Why raise excitement and let her be disappointed?
  7. Ultimately, all may depend on the first group, and the first batch of them. If a bunch of people get infected again, there will be no ports and no new cruisrs. All 3 groups will get bigger or smaller based entirely on what the shipboard experiences of the guinea pig cruisers is like.
  8. It wasn't until the middle of February, I believe (Gad, losing all track of time!) that the US fully realized how flawed our test kits were. The US had performed numerous multi-disciplinary simulations designed to track and control any pandemic, and to martial resources in response to hot-spots, and had the reputation for being the best prepared of any country. But those simulations, every one, assumed reliable testing. An excellent article in the NYT in the last week of March illustrates how the testing failure put the US about a month behind in detecting and controlling the spread at the early, most critical, stage. Dr. Fauci's comments quoted here, and Trump's early confidence, were no doubt based on the CDC's belief that the systems in place would work as designed. It might not have prevented everything we see now, but it might have flattened the curve at a crucial juncture.
  9. Ironically, you'd better make sure it's real...
  10. If you were the guest on "What's My Line?" I would have to say that you are....me!
  11. The problem I see is that they will only be pulling in some small percentage of normal revenue until all thr FCCs are used up. If they were smart, they would make them good for, say, 3 years after full cruising begins again. Draw out the usage over time to generate customer loyalty and encourage new cash bookings. Heck, let people who book new cruises with cash trade in part of their FCCs and receive OBC (usable, say, at $300 per cruise) and points. Something imaginative to reduce the FCC confusion and negative feelings.
  12. @SRF https://www.transportation.gov/briefing-room/us-department-transportation-issues-enforcement-notice-clarifying-air-carrier-refund
  13. If it was actually bacterial, the Zpack should have worked before 2 weeks was up. So it was probably viral and untouched by the antibotic. However, some respiratory viruses weaken resistance to bacterial pneumonia and other upper respiratory bacterial diseases. So giving you a Zpack may well have prevented a secondary infection.
  14. Wiki is like any other source--when the content seems fishy, I check it out. I often read many useful and interesting facts. And sometimes see stupid things But I don't argue with people about it.
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