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  1. I agree it is crazy what people are doing. I think the biggest problem is caused by them assuming that they themselves will be the ones bearing the risk. If they unknowingly contract the virus, they may well pass it on to others despite those people taking numerous precautions. Everyone here agrees that we cannot live in bubbles and insulate ourselves from all possibilities of exposure. So it makes sense to act as responsibly as possible so others don't have to live in bubbles either.
  2. Son is TSA. Everyone thinking it is only window dressing isn't involved in processing thousands of people a day. The abuse they get is unforgivable. Following the guidelines, like wearing masks, is not tough. The convolutions people go through trying to justify their outrage over masks, or TSA, or being asked to socially distance, or being tested...
  3. I am sure all of you "personal responsibility" would then feel it is perfectly ok for someone quaratined in their cabin for noro to wander around the ship. After all, anyone who catches it assumed the risk..Nope, not the fault of the carrier.
  4. The guy in the article did not blame his friend. His video before he died admitted he was stupid. That does not absolve the virus-positive friend from his own responsibility to act intelligently. If a drunk drives into your lane, and you die when your car flips, you might be responsible for not wearing your seatbelt that could have saved your life. But the drunk killed you.
  5. "More likely"??? Absurd probability theory here. But, ironically, your suspicion of 12 asymptomatic (or presymptomatic) carriers all happening to attend the very same event would be a compelling reason to be more careful, not less. You, like they, are downplaying the risk--killing someone. Thanks for emphasizing our point.
  6. Bought my very first tux before all this started. Wore it to a Christmas party, but the 4 planned cruises all have gone away. Phooey!
  7. @drsel Just a note on recommendations and even published complimentary articles: I long ago learned to do internet searches for comments about both products and service companies. I try to choose only those that have many many comments, pro AND con. I then immediately filter to the lowest ratings and read those with an eye to the types of issues I care most about (customer service, reliability, accessibility for follow up, etc). I have found that good companies can have both, but the best companies tend to have responses to criticisms (not just "Please call us"). I have hired highly recommended companies that screwed me because I did not actually call their references (most people don't) or I would have learned those people had later problems. Incidentally, in this way I discovered a "cruise-approved" power strip on Amazon recommended by someone on CC. Almost 1,000 positive ratings, which was unusual for these things. Only 2 negatives, both of which said that "Christine" in Customer Service had solved the problem. Of the first 20 positive ratings, 16 had language praising Christine, and those were in 4 different groups of identical wording. I checked the poster who recommended it here. I think that was their only post. Reported the fraudulent ratings to Amazon and saw a couple weeks later that the product was no longer there. Anyway, the moral is to be leery of on-line ratings in general, and always realize that your experience can be better--or far worse--than someone else's. I wasn't a Pres Reagan fan, but I do like "Trust--but verify!"
  8. A guy in California who tested positive had no symptoms so, like you, he thought he could not infect anyone. So he went to a BBQ party without telling anyone and infected 12 people. AND KILLED ONE OF HIS FRIENDS. The virus spreads through breathing. And the risk is killing someone. This is not hard. https://www.the-sun.com/news/us-news/1072204/truck-driver-covid-party/
  9. Did you click on the alleged link in the email? Mine has no link, just "click here" which does nothing. Or did you call?
  10. My email is identical to the one above. We want the 100% refund. Guess what? The "click here" to start the refund process without having to phone is not an active link, or even an inactive link for that matter. So, guess it is the phones after all. Along with cruisers from 6 months of sailings that are cancelled. Darn, we were sitting so pretty...
  11. We could go there with these rules, flying is a 2.5 hr direct flight, and we would stay at our timeshare at Atlantis. The biggest difference for us would probably be having groceries delivered. If we don't go where people congregate, the mask requirements would be not much different than here in US. The travel insurance question might be an issue depending on if they require a medical repatriation policy. We have health insurance that is good overseas, but doesn't have medical emergency travel coverage. As has been pointed out, the questions about implementation will need to be answered. People talking about cruises: this doesn't seem to be an invitation to ships, I think. That will likely be a whole different set of rules many months away.
  12. Yes, that was my point. I edited the sentence that you highlighted, but forgot to change "identifying" to "preventing"! I guess it would not stop some notwit from travelling anyway, though, hoping to slip in. No fixing stupid. But all the more reason to require masks, I guess.
  13. Just a note about the 72 hour pre-flight test requirement: I don't think the purpose is to guarantee that all visitors will arrive in Aruba unexposed to the virus. As people point out, there are many avenues for acquiring the virus on the way. A test 72-hrs prior to flying would, however, be clearly helpful in identifying anyone who tests positive from arriving at the island and transmitting to others along the way. Most people don't get tested in their day-to-day, so anyone who tests positive would likely be seeing that result for the first time. No, a negative result doesn't guarantee a virus-free Aruba. But not testing can virtually eliminate any chance of early identification of virus carriers and will guarantee that someone who could have been kept away gets through. Aruba did not keep their infection rate down by being stupid.
  14. I mentioned shots of Lysol as a joke, unrelated in my mind to the reference by the Prez. So, of course, someone needed to take a potshot about it. Please let it go, on both sides. I should have said Jack Daniels or Vodka! (The tequila suggestion was appreciated, too!)
  15. For both washing and hand sanitizer, there is a recommended amount of time for rubbing your hands thoroughly. Hand sanitizer can kill or deactivate the virus, but if you miss some they are still there. But washing is considered better because the act of rinsing while rubbing also helps remove the virus and its remnants from your skin.
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