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  1. https://www.bbc.com/news/52847648 A nice review (from last May) by BBC Reality Check of various false vaccine conspiracy theories generated and/or spread by Alex Jones, Roger Stone, a Russian Communist Party official, an Italian pharmacolgist, etc.
  2. It could not have been about your original post which had no politics at all! The discussion bent away from cruising when certain hyper-sensitives got all upset because someone was citing to something on CBS, which broadcasts 60 minutes, which is obviously a mouthpiece for Satan.
  3. You will know when the vaccine has reached its full effect when you get the reception without the cell phone. Watch out for the data plans, though, because Big Pharma is known to overcharge.
  4. Can someone please tell me how to block certain posters? Does the option only appear on the desktop version of CC? I cannot find anything on my mobile version viewed on my Samsung Galaxy 9. This thread desperately need to allow us to play "Whack-a-Poster".
  5. @harkinmr We were spared having having to lose my 91 year old mother to Covid only because she passed away 2 years ago. But we were with her through her final 36 hour hospitalization and had a chance to say goodbye. I grieve for anyone who lost a lived one while having to stay separated because of this damned virus (even if I know why it would have been necessary). Science has taught us the foe, and has helped show the way toward defeating it. I hope you find solace in knowing that any suffering your mother might have had is over, and that she lives on in your heart and memories.
  6. I am glad you guys have it all figured out. Sorry I spent time listening to all those idiot scientist and doctors, or reading all those stories about some of the half-million who died here in the US, or perused the actual data about masks developed by researchers all overcthe world. I should have just used logic!
  7. They aren't leaving unvaxxed in the lurch! The area of evacuation is the northern end of St. Vincent. The W Post article says there are about 5 to 6,000 people affected by the evac order. I feel pretty sure the St Vincent govt will help the locals get south safely. But sure, some people need to trash the CDC.
  8. The problem with bad ones, though, is that someone has to be the first victim and all the research in the world won't find anything out. When the biggest cruise forum forbids sharing information about TAs, it sets up other people to unwittingly make the same mistake. The silliest advice I have seen to new cruisers is to talk to people on your cruise. That still leaves the first cruise to be arranged with little information. I have also discovered a number of cruisers who keep their TA a jealously guarded secret due to the "special" perks they (claim on CC) to get. This
  9. @BAYA : When you booked through this TA, did you read the terms of your contract with them? Was there a section absolving them for any responsibility or liability for errors made in undertaking bookings for the national company? And did the national company of which the TA was a franchisee somehow absolve itself of any responsibility for bookings by franchisees? I am unwilling to hire any company that tries to force me to assume responsibility for their mistakes. Finally, why did you choose this TA? Knowing the answer to this question (price better than others, friend of a friend
  10. Number of people worldwide who got Covid but don't know exactly how: Hundreds of thousands
  11. Trying to lose weight is fighting a few million years of evolution. The development of agriculture was just in the last 10,000 years. Before that, people ate as much as possible when food was available to store up reserves for times of famine. We are so sure we are all self-determined, but we are still creatures with instincts developed for our survival. The glut of food in our lives (here in privileged and food-abundant USA, especially) doesn't mean our biological instinct to eat goes away. This is also why the body reduces its caloric expenditures when someone diets--the surviva
  12. That article was fascinating! So much work has gone into everything. One aspect that was surprising was that distribution of the vax by UPS and FedEx was the least challenging part: "... among the 20 million packages delivered daily, thousands of vaccine shipments were a rounding error." Makes sense, but I remember people had worried so much about that, with rumors about shipping companies not having enough capacity.
  13. Yes, certainly makes no sense for public health authorities to be involved in protecting people from a worldwide disease. We should have travel agents doing it.
  14. Can't help pointing out the irony in the baby steps for cruising not including babies!
  15. Many people here seem to not understand that "essential industry" is not primarily measured by how many people are employed. Cargo is essential because the goods are vital to life and the overall health of the economy. Various items of cargo do not meet those standards, but I doubt anyone whining about the CDC wants to pay 100,000 more government employees to travel worldwide inspecting cargo ships to exclude Nerf balls. Every job is essential to the person who has it. Most tellingly in this thread, there are so many people attacking the CDC for what it has done and who are demand
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