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  1. Obviously, there should be signs requiring people using the pool or hot tubs to take all their stuff with them into the water.
  2. Not all balconies have sofas. We were in a balcony on FOTS that connected to another cabin. The door to the other cabin, while it stayed locked because we weren't with those people, was between a chair and the bed.
  3. I don't envy the OP here. Even if he gets a cabin for 3, he has to move away from his parents' location. Probably at higher cost. I suggest family counseling because there is no solution that works to eliminate some bitterness somewhere. It is a shame that sister doesn't see the upheaval she is causing.
  4. Here is the language on Celebrity's website: "Military Savings Offer applies to 4-night and longer cruises departing 06/01/19 – 05/03/21. Galapagos itineraries are excluded. At least one guest in the stateroom must be an active, retired or veteran member of the United States or Canada Military. A valid U.S. or Canadian military ID must be presented at the pier to validate eligibility. If eligibility cannot be validated, you will be charged the current standard cruise fare or otherwise be denied boarding. Savings Offer amounts are per person and based on stateroom category. Savings applied to cruise fare at checkout. Offer applies to first and second guests in the stateroom." The language seems to assume that all veterans have IDs identifying themselves as such, but that is not true. Many of us are veterans who are not eligible for VA healthcare and so we never receive an ID card. The VA website now has info on how you can get a Veterans' ID Card for presenting to merchants and others who offer some benefit (Lowe's has 365 veteran's discount; many others do so on Memorial Day and Veterans Day). The Royal Caribbean website specifically mentions presenting an ID or DD 214 to prove service. I have a reduced-in-size copy of my DD 214 in my wallet. Celebrity, when I called, said that was sufficient. Then no one asked for it.
  5. The military discount does not always apply to prices during certain "sales" events.
  6. When is your cruise? We decided to do the Bamboo Beach Club (not the VIP side) on our Allure cruise leaving Oct 27. The rum tour didn't sound very special to us because it is not the actual distillery (we enjoyed the John Watling's tour in Nassau), and we decided not to tube for 4-6 hours! So, just a relaxing break. Also responding to help you get bumped back up- Someone must have done that tour...
  7. I can understand why, because in a busy lot if a car comes along when you are getting ready to back up, you don't know if it will stop. Then you don't know if it is waiting for you or someone else. So you have to check again for other cars, all the while trying to be mindful that the waiting driver has allowed enough space. Like many other driving situations, things go faster if a waiting car uses a turn signal to make its intent clearer. Simply put, a nearby car requires a bit more caution, not to mention how the huge SUVs and pickups nowdays limit visibility.
  8. I did a search for Sabra in Total Wine stores. Not available apparently at the one near the Ft. L terminal, but it is nearby (@ $46-47):
  9. Caremark sometimes restricts local refills to 30 days if the 90 day script is available thru Caremark mail order. I get 2 generic drugs for free from Caremark that would actually cost more at Sam's.
  10. How does it work for the 2nd leg of a B2B?
  11. @SNJCruisers This is the first I have ever heard that being positive detracts from a conversation. Sorry I ruined it for you. I will try to be more negative in the future when someone asks about fun things to do.
  12. In all places, or was it better at the coffee shop?
  13. Just remember that the water temp in late December in Nassau will be lower, around 75° F. If it is cloudy or rainy, it will be pretty chilly to have a total water day planned. Blue Lagoon was a lot of fun for us in a September visit, but we were in the water almost all day. Atlantis has beaches and the water park, but there is also a great catacombs-like aquarium and other places to visit that are more indoors. Other people will have to tell you how the fees compare, and the extent of the tour at Atlantis because we have only explored it while staying there.
  14. If someone were to ask what seats are best in a particluar Broadway theater, people who hate that theater should not reply because it is just static. The OP will be a newbie and is not asking IF s/he should disembark. The negative responses are just static. The thread has provided a lot of great ideas. I think we will try out that rum tour! OP: If you decide on Atlantis and do the water park, check out the big pool on the northwest side. It has big stone columns in the middle that are cool to sit on in the shade, and a couple of grottoes with cascading waterfalls that are like a massage when you let it flow on your neck and head. 40 feet away is an entrance to the big current to tube through rapids when you want. And a peaceful beach is across the walkway. Very relaxing!
  15. Well, since good experiences in Nassau is precisely what the OP was asking for, that seems to be a pretty compelling reason to not answer if someone doesn't know any. @hcat, if you go to Atlantis I hope you have a good time. We liked it so much we bought a timeshare in those pastel 4 story buildings right next to the Atlantis marina!
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