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  1. The post you are referring to says the "expenses" were denied. Sometimes people only cover the cost of the cruise. Maybe extra things like airfare, hotels, etc were what the insurance company denied. Trip Insurance Store reminds me to notify them of any new expenses we might be incurring before boarding.
  2. Did you ever save any of your paperwork welcoming you on a cruise?
  3. A post about Celebrity allows for comparing how a similar thing is handled by the two sister companies.
  4. What bothers you more, the complaint the OP has about losing perks, or your complaint that someone else you consider undeserving is getting something you think only you should get? Why do people worry whether someone else gets something, too?
  5. Southwest changed it over a decade ago from flight segments to points based on amount spent. It used to be 16 flight segments for a free ticket. Using the SW Visa card got you one flight segment for every $1,000 charged. And if you earned something like 8 tickets in s year, you would get the companion pass for a year. One year, I was 2 flight segments short of my 8th ticket, so I drove from Fredericksburg VA to BWI and flew to Norfolk. Walked across the terminal to a departing flight back to BWI. Then drove home. We haven't paid any attention to their program since they changed it because it was intended to reflect the change in their target audience to business travellers rather than bargain vscationers like us. But I haven't griped about it, either. Just have fond memories of playing their system.
  6. I don't know...the tone of the first post pretty much seemed like a matter of life or death.
  7. Seems pretty easy to check an invoice and notice it says NRD. The OP obviously knows the difference, does all their own work in finding bookings, and agrees to a price drop without wanting to know the details or checking the paperwork for price & payment info? Seems very strange disconnect between their usual pattern of total involvement and inattention in this case.
  8. Please read my post #338 where I made it very clear I was not talking about these people, but instead about people who disregard rules and endanger rescuers as well as themselves. You can be offended if you want, or you can read through a thread before getting bent out of shape.
  9. Bidding on an upgrade will not allow you to be careful on cabin choice. No changing afterward. People say that the ones under the pool bar are among the noisiest, so one of those could well be the one assigned in a bid if successful. You should look at a variety of cabin reviews in the S class spreadsheet pinned at the top. Find a deck plan, see what numbers have a likely busy venue above them, then go to those numbers on the spreadsheet, and look at the comments about noise. I did that with the Reflection A1 we had that was under the bar that reviews said was noisy, and before final switched to an A2 under Persian Gardens. Very quiet--and cheaper. If noise is a concern, I would just pay for an upgrade to a cabin of your choice. edit: posted at the same time as @jelayne
  10. @Pushka My mistake in not being clearer about the adventurers I was calling nitwits, but I thought the references to Yellowstone and Grand Canyon made it clear. I am talling about people who ignore trail signs, disregard guides, decide rules are too "nanny state"ish, or otherwise get into dangerous or fatal situations from which intrepid rangers or EMTs have to pull them at risk to themselves. Like the pair who tried to bathe in one of Yellowstone's hot mud springs last year or so. Not at all like the poor souls on White Island, who likely simply believed their excursion was safe or it wouldn't be available. Sorry for the confusion!
  11. People who decide to be adventurers and manage to get into danger also cause rescuers to be exposed to substantial danger. Their families don't give a hoot about any waivers that were signed when they demand helicopters to take off, or bodies be recovered from whatever fate some nitwit met off Yellowstone's, or Grand Canyon's, trails. Stupid people do things that result in decisions restricting others from having the opportunity to make the same mistakes
  12. Anyone who wants to see boiling lava and steam vents should stay on land and go to Yellowstone. It is rumored to be overdue for an eruption, but the USGS says it is likely 100,000 to 125,000 years away from a super eruption, and if an event occurs in any foreseeable future, it is likely to be a steam blast, not lava. By then, of course, the Earth will probably already be uninhabitable ("WALL-E"), and so maybe space cruises will come by to land pax on excursions to view the eruption wearing forcefield suits or something. Meanwhile, it is safe if one is not an idiot and wanders off the walks and paths. But anything ejecting stuff out of superheated vents might include rocks or other debris--indeed, one recently ejected decades of trash people had tossed in. The mind boggles...
  13. It is more helpful, and makes the thread a lot easier to read, if you edit the quote to only a particularly relevant sentence that is the subject of a reply. And better yet, just use the user name of the person if it is a general reply.
  14. Brian Braun's "High Seas Drifter" (part 4 of his Cruise Confidential series) is a fascinating look at the life of a cruise ship art "auctioneer." The sleazy company he worked for has been replaced, but the tactics used seem very similar to what you all have described for Park West. Especially how they make much of their money on shipping "free" art.
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