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  1. I agree, the three for free sale suits us best. My wife may have one drink per cruise, & I certainly don’t drink enough to warrant the extra cost of two “free” drink packages. The pp tips, obc, & choice of room location fits us perfectly.
  2. It appears that Princess is taking the temperature of their cruisers regarding their travel plans for 2020. I received an email asking me to take a survey regarding my 2020 travel plans in light of the COVID-19 virus. They asked about my thoughts of international & domestic travel, cruise travel to various parts of the world, airline travel, & if travel to various US cities would change due to health concerns. Sounds like perhaps they want to consider future redeployment options. Scary times.
  3. Thanks. Kind of figured that but never hurts to see if anyone was able to use OBC.
  4. I’m interested in pre booking a couples pass to the Enclave for the entire cruise, but only see payment options for PayPal or credit card. We have lots of OBC to use, & I know that space is limited, so want to order early. Has anyone been able to book pre cruise using available on board credit?
  5. They are no longer doing the Rock Show. I spoke to Oskar, who was in the show when we sailed Regal’s repo, & he said only 2 of crew who were performers are still on the ship. Bummer! But Beatle Maniacs did a theater concert tonight which was fantastic, & they are doing another show in the piazza on the last night of the cruise.
  6. Thanks for the entertaining ride-along. We’re boarding today. Perhaps I missed it, but did they have the rock concert in the Piazza, with the very talented staff performing? It was our favorite show on our last Regal sailing, & it was packed!
  7. We’ve seen this system before. Stony Brook University Hospital has had it for a number of years; so much easier!
  8. I like the way you think!!!😂😂 And Tom Brady is not a fish.😉
  9. Don’t know about the egg drop, but I saw the sign up for the Escape Room on the Patter that was posted on the first day. Sign up is at the Outrigger at 7:30 on the first night. I’m pretty sure the cost is $8 per person. We’re looking forward to trying it next week. Never done it on board, but know a few who’ve done here at home, with good reviews.
  10. Thanks, but I can’t seem to find where Princess says it uses their cuts of meat. Never mind. I hadn’t read the later responses when I posted. Thanks.
  11. Where do you find this? Can’t seem to locate this on their site or the pdf of the Crown Grill menu.
  12. Everyone has their own opinion. IMO, it doesn’t get any better than bay scallops. So sweet!
  13. We’ve gotten these notices in the past, & have always found that once at the pier, nobody has mentioned anything about a boarding time. We just get there when convenient for us, & have never had a problem boarding. I think they figure thst if some follow the times, it will spread out the boarding process.
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