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  1. Where would I still be able to get/request the bob marley? I'll be on adventure
  2. Might be a silly question, but if I booked an excursion to Universal through the cruise line from 12:30 to 8:30pm, does that mean we leave Universal at 8:30pm or is that when we return to the ship? TIA
  3. Jumping on this: my boyfriend and I both have the drink package. Would one of us be able to go to the bar with both cards and get two drinks? Or would we both have to be present?
  4. Hotel I understand completely. I have only cruised out of a port by me so I never think about that as a cost, although it is one for many. Excursions should have been refunded as RCCL said and I thought you do not pay for a rental car until you pick it up, but I could be mistaken or some companies are just different! Of course, I would also be unhappy with the circumstances, I'm just unfortunately not sure what else RCCL could have done. I love the YOLO mindset though!! Make your vacation count!!
  5. They might be giving "only" that much back in flights, but they're also refunding the ENTIRE amount paid for the cruise along with giving future cruise credit in the same amount. This is essentially getting a free cruise because you're getting your money back as well. I wouldn't be that upset about losing a few hundred on a flight when I'd be getting thousands back in cruise credit
  6. Also, I'm sure you can tell the crew member who gives you the escape room backstory that you have claustrophobia ahead of time so they can be on the look out for you. They are all there to make sure you're having fun!!!
  7. Pretty sure OP meant "get" and not "buy". If they have the drink package, the question was whether or not they could get two drinks at the same time and one drink is given to someone who does not have a package
  8. I am officially signed for the class! Still debating whether or not to keep the restaurant reservations, but there is no harm keeping them until we decide
  9. Is it always at 10am? I see the class but that seems to be the only time available. Would I be able to switch the time on board?
  10. But they do...if they don't have the cabin available to upgrade to, they cannot offer the upgrade
  11. I know on the menu it lists prices for half rolls and for full rolls. Does anyone know how many pieces come in each size?
  12. The $49 is the price with the discount. Without the discount is is closer to $70. They ALWAYS show you the discounted price instead of the regular
  13. I would say paired with itinerary and ship choices, this would be a great time to try out Royal. The itinerary seems great, you have a great snorkeling option, and freedom class has some great ships. Really hard to go wrong there
  14. Someone quoted me above and said it’s possible, but this is what I am hoping for
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