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  1. I see this happen every time I fly. Why spend money on Doctors? Just take a flight! Its a miracle! Hallelujah!!!!
  2. Maybe you are not taking the right cruise. Every short cruise I have been on has at least one "way too drunk and almost naked" female.
  3. My preference would be Allure. I like the pool in the Solarium. (no Solarium pool on Harmony). I enjoyed Mamma Mia more than Grease. As far as the ports, how important are they to you? Been to them all and thought st. Kitts was lovely but thought st. Thomas was a little underwhelming with excursions. Enjoyed walking Old San Juan in P.R. and visiting the Forts. Last time we visited st. Maarten they were still dealing with hurricane damage, but so was st. Thomas. They are both great ships Harmony is a little more updated but that wouldn't stop me from booking Allure.
  4. She is having the scooter delivered to the cabin. I didn't know that there was any other option. I will ask her about seeing if she can pick it up at the terminal instead. It sounds easier. Plus it gives her a little more practice time before scooting around on the ship.
  5. Thank you molsonschooner-I need to make sure I take a pic. with my phone so I can remember all this great information. If I don't write it down or take a photo I surely won't remember it by cruise time!
  6. Yes, you will survive and have a great time. five nights are not full days so I agree about no drink pack. You will do just fine buying an occasional drink on board or at coco cay & key west. Having your own wine will also help.
  7. Thank you. I will look into purchasing a door wedge. I know from experience that sometimes when you ask the steward for something it never appears. I never take it personally. They are way to busy. How does disembarking work? Do I need to go to guest services to make arrangements? The scooter will remain on the ship and she will be getting a wheelchair escort back to the terminal. Do they stay til we are through customs, or are we on our own once we get off the ship?
  8. Thank you Snit 13- I am feeling much more positive with all of the helpful advice.
  9. Thank you so much, kearney, spookwife & ptod -all of you have given such great advice. I hope things all work out well. Not sure if we will get off the boat for any excursions, even coco cay. She is much older than I am and I would just love for her to have a wonderful time on her first cruise! Luckily she does enjoy gambling and a drink here and there!
  10. Thank you. will get on whatever elevator shows up with any spce in it!
  11. Thank you Charmy98 for all info. Glad to hear that in most places she will be able to park and walk a short distance! and, Eek, never thought someone might take it on a personal joyride!
  12. Can anyone out there with scooter experience give me a few tips on how to navigate Mariner of the Seas with a "scootered friend?" Where do you put the scooter when you go to the Schooner Bar? Can you leave them at the door so to speak? How about the Dining room? What about the Casino? or Windjammer? or Venues for the shows? Is there a special place for the Muster? Can a scooter fit through our cabin door? I booked us a Grand suite for November and am now starting to worry about everything! Will we encounter "the mean" folks in the elevators? I have cruised many time but just never noticed where all the scooters go once on the ship. I am always understanding when people have disabilities but have seen others be less than nice. Am I worrying too much? Appreciate any help you can give😃
  13. We still have them in Volusia county, but they are on the decline. Nothing like the last couple of weeks. Yes, love bugs are a nuisance but, they don't bite or sting. They are just "looking for love"
  14. I like the baked alaska. I very rarely find it anywhere else.
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