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  1. I guess I can try and see what they say. If it had just said delay of arrival past 3 hours I wouldn’t be thinking of it. But in the actypolicy it said departure too.
  2. Muster happened in the afternoon. Around 4pm. They made announcements that we were late so I doubt there was any expectation that we were leaving after midnight.
  3. Just started a new thread in the link you posted earlier. Thanks!
  4. Hi, If I read my policy it seems to say that if we have a delay in departure from port or arrive late to port of more then 3 hours, that I could made a claim for travel change inconvenience. My ship left the port about 8 hours past the scheduled time. I am not sure how to make a claim as ncl front desk won’t give me any letter or anything proving that we left late as they said no insurance would cover late departure only late arrivals. Since our first place was nearby the ship made up the time so arrived on time. I do however have an email now from the port of Vancouver ops department with their date timestamp on when they recorded our ship leaving. Has anyone ran into this before? Thanks!
  5. Yes, mine covers changes in ports too. Btw, thank you for your suggestion earlier. The ops manager from port of Vancouver has emailed me back to confirm the time that the Jewel left their berth and a snapshot as well. They have also sent me another contact as well to see if that will help. Not sure if insurance will take it, but it can’t hurt. :)
  6. Check out Nationwide choice cruise. This is a cruising specific insurance. To be honest it’s the first time I have ever bought travel insurance and I saw this one mentioned before with cruise critic.
  7. According to the policy it says if delayed from leaving or arriving at a port after more then 3 hours is one of the things it covers. If claim is accepted I get about $200pp. Can only be claimed once
  8. Yes, we are in Alaska now. I had the nationwide cruise insurance where it said delay of departing for a port for longer then 3 hours was covered as shipboard inconvenience. But the front desk said they won’t give me a letter to say that the Jewel left after the scheduled departure time so I am not sure how I would file a claim. 😞
  9. Don't know if it helps. On May 5, 2019, NCL is doing the reverse. Tokyo to Vancouver on the NCL Jewel. My brother and I have been discussing the last few days if we want to jump on one of them or not. Thx, Debbie
  10. I currently have an inside ID gty booked and we were given the option to bid for an upgrade. Thx, Debbie
  11. My sister was checking each day on the cruise planner and it happened that a spot for 2 opened up and she grabbed it about 2 weeks before we sailed. I went in literally 5 min after she booked and it wasn't available again. I have no idea if it has opened earlier for others. But on embarkation day there were plenty available. But I heard soneone mention in the elevator that they went on the 2nd day and nothing was available.
  12. We were there at 10:30am and walked on within 15 min. We were not the first, so I assumed boarding started before then.
  13. I think the app probably worked better for you then us. Whenever we tried to book a reservation to anything it gave us an error and told us to try again later. After trying several times across the first few days, we gave up. Btw, my sister did manage to get a North Star reservation before we boarded. But by the time I logged into my cruise planner they were no longer taking advance reservations.
  14. As an FYI. My family booked too late to get reservations for ifly, etc b4 the cruise. What we did was book after we boarded the ship. They had crew available to help book in the Box office on the 4th floor. The same folks who are helping to book Northstar and ifly have access to also help you make a reservation to the Puzzle break room. Thx, Debbie
  15. I am currently on the Anthem. It was free when I did it earlier this week. Thx, Debbie
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