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  1. This is DEFINITELY a personal choice that depends on YOUR "likes". Everyone must assess if it is worth it for themselves. While it is clear it's not worth it for "Bird" ( FYI, one of the most informed and helpful posters on CC, IMHO), only you know your habits. Would you want to drink 2 glasses of Vueve every day? If so, that alone would cost $336 on the regular package. ($20 upcharge per glass + $4 gratuity per glass) x 14 glasses If you plan on drinking beverages that are over the $15 threshold, or not included at all (water/coffees), you should do a little calculation and determine if it's worth it. We upgraded last summer on the Escape and it was absolutely worth it for US. (Based on what we actually consumed, we saved ourselves over $400 easily) We have already upgraded for our March Joy trip. Enjoy your cruise whatever you decide!
  2. We are on the Joy next month in an H6 (aft). We plan on spending most of our sea days up on the sun deck (weather permitting). When we were on the Escape Haven this summer, Gil and Curley were the main servers on the sun deck. They were incredible throughout the cruise. I certainly hope the staff is as amazing next month on the Joy!
  3. Yes. This happened to us on a past cruise as we bumped ourselves up to a higher category and then received the chance to upgrade from that other cabin. You will likely get a "new" offer to bid. This time, since you are in a balcony, you will have opportunity to bid on Haven category cabins. If you do not get an offer within 48-72 hrs, contact "upgradetechissues@ncl.com" We needed to do that to get the updated link.
  4. Home Departure City - Chicago Arrival/Destination City - LAX Airline(s) used - American Number of Connections - Direct Going - 1 Connection for Return Outbound Flight departure/arrival time - 2pm/4:35pm Return Flight departure/arrival time - 10:15pm/6:35am (next day) - connection in Vegas (not enough time there to do anything though 😁) Did You Pay for a Deviation (before or after cruise)? Yes, flying in one day early. # of Days Prior to Departure Flights Were Ticketed? Edocs available at 54 days I immediately logged into AA to add FF#'s, KTA#'s, and change the two of us to better seats. Very satisfied with the results. Booked cruise August '19, when it still had Free Air from Chicago. We had "looked" at these same flights (or similar) back when we booked and AA and United wanted over $500pp for RT ORD to LAX. Airfare never moved substantially, so all-in-all we got a great deal!
  5. Yes. I don’t recall the exact times but it is open each night.
  6. If you "prepaid" your DSC on your original cabin prior to receiving your upgrade, you do not get charged the "difference" of being in the Haven ($18pp-pd vs. $15pp-pd). If you do not prepay DSC, then your on-board account will get charged the Haven DSC rate of $18pp-pd. As far as "expected to tip the Haven staff", well....any tips are up to you. Saying anything more on that topic opens a Pandora's Box of commentary - I may have already said too much 🀣
  7. Great review! Thanks! We are on this cruise this March and staying in an Aft Haven. Very excited to hear that the Haven sun deck is bigger on the Joy than on the Escape. We expect to spend a good amount of time up there.🌞
  8. The Escape had the same feature and yes, you could turn it off.
  9. Complicated mingling of the cabins to ensure each one has a passenger over 21. Two of the teens are with their grandparents (1 per cabin). We were only going to get the drink package for those two cabins if Mock-tails were covered by the soda packages the teens would default to. The grandparents don't drink much any longer. I agree most bartenders will not care --- particularly if you are honest with them and slip them an extra $1 or two. However, the teens will likely spend most of their days apart from the various parents so will end up ordering their own drinks on most days. Thanks! J
  10. We are cruising next summer and have four minors travelling within a group of 12. Is there ANY drink package that the teens can get that will cover Mock-tails? Or are we stuck with the them paying drink-by-drink? As best as I can tell, these are not covered in the Soda Package. Have I missed something? Thanks! Jon
  11. Keep in mind that while the Cruise summary page will show that there are all sorts of offers, such as "free 3rd and 4th guest", not all sailings apply that offer. You may have priced a date that doesn't include that offer. Be sure to pay attention to the color coded boxes on the sailing dates Example below: Feb 23 sailing has Free extra guests Mar 1st sailing has $99 extra guests Mar 15th sailing has no extra guest discount
  12. Does anyone know how the beverage perk is handled/allowed if a two person cabin has one over 21 and one minor? We have this issue on a cruise next summer in two separate cabins. If the perk is taken, does the "minor" default to the soda package? I assume if this is done, they only charge us with the appropriate gratuities ($138.6 for the booze, $11.13 for the soda)
  13. We are on the Joy March 22nd sailing - Four of us in an H6 - Haven Aft. Final payment was Friday --- We paid $8300 Total for the four of us (plus two of us had free air) To book it today would be $11,300! --- without air promo. So, we're happy there..... Meanwhile, the August cruise I was watching, went up 45%. It was for a mulit-gen family vacation with six cabins. I had finally coordinated all the families so I could select a date. Was going to book all the cabins this weekend to surprise everyone at Thanksgiving. I hope there is a sale coming otherwise we are going to need to look elsewhere. ☹️
  14. Absolutely! You can share the bottle of wine with your wife without any issues.
  15. We purchased the plan on our August Bermuda cruise. We were in the Haven proper and put the plan to use often and got our monies worth without a doubt. We are upgrading again this March, when we are in a Haven Aft as well (Joy - 3/22) While it is true you can get plenty of bottles at dinner and bring extra back to your cabin, I'm not sure if they can give you an "un-opened bottle". Still wines can easily be recorked to carry back. To bring Vueve back, pack a Champagne Cork so you can "save" those bubbles. If you upgrade, DO NOT buy a 12pack of water. The bottled waters are free. We would both grab bottles any moment from any bar or restaurant throughout the cruise. The Haven and restaurants stock Aqua Pana (Italian still and sparkling).
  16. LOL!!!! Yes...that may be the case...on the flip side, I think they lowered at least the first specific fare I am looking at by $100pp. So they are doing some tweaking it seems.
  17. I can't find any Free/Reduced Air promos as of today! We were pricing several 2020 cruises last night and the promo was still active across many destinations and sailings. Today, it is gone on everything that we were looking at...Bermuda, Caribbean, Europe! Did NCL actually "end" the promo?!?!?!
  18. If you can print them, do so...but don't worry, the ports have tags there that you can fill out with your new room number. They will have your new room assignments in the system when you check-in, so it isn't the end of the world. If I were already out of town, I would try to use my hotel's printer to reprint if possible.
  19. We spent time every day on the Haven sun deck on the Escape two weeks ago. Both Gil and Curly served us throughout the cruise and they were incredible! They would either run down to the Haven bar or skip over to the vibe bar to quickly get us our drinks of choice. They were running drinks and food around like crazy, and even came around one afternoon with a HUGE tray of shrimp cocktail for everyone who was out. Not once did we need to get our lazy behinds out of our lounges to get our own drinks! LOL!
  20. Agree with @dcipjr We were in an H5 on the Escape 2 weeks ago and LOVED IT! We were just 2 (early 50's) and had no need for an "extra" living area of the H7. The H5's are in Haven proper. We walked out of our cabin (17708) and down the hall to the bar, up one flight to the restaurant, and up two flights to the sun deck. It was a perfect room for us. The balcony was great for morning coffee or just ocean gazing each day. We would stay in that room again in a heartbeat! If you plan on using the Thermal Suite, then the H9 is a good choice. Those are only 1 floor below the Haven area, so very easy access to the amenities. We met a couple on our cruise in an H9 and they loved the cabin as well.
  21. While it is true that the T&C say it's for new cruises only, I just applied two CN certificates to a March 2020 cruise which I booked back in June. I purchased the CN certificates on the Escape two weeks ago. Before I made the purchase, I asked the CN Manager on the Escape if I could use these on the cruise even though it was already booked. He assured me I would be able to and.... ...This Sunday, I went onto MYNCL and applied two of these as deposits on the March cruise. Easy as could be! I you are doing the "Double Up" deal, you will need to process each of the two CN's separately. (Note --- I was told on board, that I may need to "cancel" and re-book to get it to work, but I did not have to do that. The certs were in my account upon our return home and i was able to select in MYNCL as payment option)
  22. I just looked on NCL's site and the Sun and Sky both have a different T&C regarding the PPlus! On the Escape the cafe coffee's were included...
  23. At all the restaurants we were able to order liter bottles of AquaPanna (Italian still water) on the PPlus package at no charge with our meals. We did that at every dinner. We were staying in the Haven on the Escape last week and the Haven bar had that as well. We got a bottle every night before bed to help flush all the other alcohol out of our systems.πŸ˜‰ The other bars on the ship had the NCL branded water - also no charge if on the PPlus.
  24. The wine lists at the restaurants have a symbol next to each bottle that is free with the PPlus, so very easy to pick out. The funniest thing about having the plus package is that every time we would order something not normally part of the regular plan the server would start to say..."that will be an extra ch...." and then stop when they saw the "PPB" on our key card as we handed it to them. Another note, at both Le Bistro and Cagney's the wine stewards came over to uncork and decant the wines without asking. At Le Bistro, he actually tried to upsell us to a "better" Chateauneuf du Pape when he brought our original bottle to the table. He wasn't forceful, so I was fine declining. He happily opened what we ordered and continued to discuss wines with us throughout dinner.
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