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  1. If one is in a PH or above, I know you can expect a drop-in by your butler on day one to cover requests/preferences, etc. My question: will one also get the same drop-by from the cabin attendant? When in a standard cabin I've always found it helpful to alert them to the pattern of our usual comings and goings. As our "flight pattern" is fairly constant, I think it both lightens their load a bit and can contribute to quality of service (not that that's ever lacking.)
  2. After reading this, I checked on our upcoming cruise, Nov 24, Serenity, RT FLL. The magician is the same as before, Doc Eason, but he is now a "Crystal Magician at Sea." What caught my eye are the additional performers listed under "Magic Presentations." Can't wait to find out what that is all about.
  3. Vince, huh, with your handle, I had you pegged for Howard county. Guess I should have aimed a bit farther to the west.
  4. Well, it was never California, but the casinos used to be "Caesars Palace at Sea." (And it is sorta Cali, as on any given weekend I swear there are more Angelenos in LV than LA.)
  5. We'll be in St Barts off Serenity later this year. I'd like to do a little very specific shopping the the Nikki Beach area, not far from the Eden Roc. Not interested in renting a car. Is it easy to get a cab from the tender pier area to my destination? Any tips are appreciated.
  6. Oh Vince, as soon as I saw those photos, I knew we were headed straight down the rabbit hole. (That's not a criticism, they were interesting shots. I just know this online neighborhood.) As to UmUm, I'll just say that my last time there is the first time I had the lobster tempura. And that's the first course I had that made me feel like I was starting to understand the joint. Better late to the party than never. I know you have more posts to come, and I for one cannot wait for your sharp-eyed (but fair) assessment of the condition of the ship.
  7. I would be a nervous wreck without the security of physical tickets on my person. To each their own.
  8. I had the same thought. If a cruise presents me with another excuse, um, I mean reason, for another liquid interlude, well, no need for fate to ask me twice. OTOH, we cruised with my FIL once. He was compulsive in acting like he believed the line would run out of food in the first fifteen minutes. Ah, human nature...
  9. It seems everyone has a service they like, and we've all had that "one bad experience." Here's the email I sent to Luggage Forward after the one time we used their service: Luggage Forward, I recently used your service to ship two bags from my home in Maryland to the Crystal Symphony cruise ship in San Francisco, then return them from the Manhattan cruise ship terminal to my home. The following all happened during this engagement: One bag (a Hartmann Tweed softside) arrived at the ship in SF with a one inch tear ripped in its side. I do not yet know if it is repairable. We were informed that, upon arrival in Manhattan, we would be greeting by the LF representative "just past Customs." After collecting our luggage we entered the terminal building and proceeded just past Customs. Right there, "just past Customs" were representatives for both Luggage Concierge and Luggage free. There was no LF rep to be seen, and no one (porters, Crystal reps) had any idea where one might be. I called the number on the LF tags on our luggage, and after several anxiety filled minutes, was informed of the following: We were on the upper level (arrival level) of the terminal building. We needed to go to the far end of the terminal building, take the elevator down to the lower (departure) level of the building, then exit the building to the street access area in front. There we found the sole LF representative. He was not located "just past Customs." He was located halfway to Twelfth Avenue. As we were staying a few extra days in Manhattan, we requested out luggage not arrive back at our home until after Labor Day, Monday, September three. (Below is a note from my travel agent telling me LF had been informed of and agreed to this request.) Instead, our bags were delivered back to our home on Saturday, September one. Where they sat outside, overnight, unprotected from the driving rainstorm we received that evening, until our neighbors noticed them the next morning and took them in. At least they weren't stolen by an observant passerby. This all happened with one use of your service. What compensation are you prepared to provide in restitution? In response, they repaired the bag (with any ugly vinyl patch) and refunded us about 20% of total fees paid. I won't be using them again.
  10. When you write "a luggage forwarding company" are you referring specifically to the firm Luggage Forward or one of the other services? You might get comments of greater value if you narrow your query to a specific company,
  11. Wrong. We are constantly told on this board Crystal doesn't discount upgrades, even to those inquiring onboard. So spare me about concepts that supposedly don't exist.
  12. Enjoyable read, lovely snaps. Very happy for them. But it really makes me wonder about Crystal's vaunted upgrade pricing integrity when a first time cruiser gets a comped upgrade to a suite.
  13. Oh, how interesting. Could you please expand on what a Thanksgiving dinner in UmUm consisted of?
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