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  1. I simply cannot believe we're subject to another thread on this fine whine.
  2. Some on this thread are one step away from: "American motorists kill more people every year." -Gert Frobe as Auric Goldfinger in "Goldfinger." And he was talking about nuclear destruction. Death is nothing to be sanguine about.
  3. Scott (Lish), Well. No jokes, glib remarks or (half) witticisms from me this time. Just a sincere thank you for taking us all along on your (semi) wild ride. When you took this cruise, heck, even when you started composing these vids, the world was a different place. Your project, which began as an entertainment, ended up as something far more substantial: a diversion, however brief, from a world that has seemingly overnight become a much more scary place. While I appreciate your self-deprecating humor, don't you dare sell yourself short on the nature of your a/v contribution to the mental health of some of us. So I shall take comfort in the knowledge that sometime, somewhere, you will: Sail on, you Merry Band PS: Louis called and said "You know, I had that line in my original version of "It's a Wonderful World." The producer took it out. Shows what he knows." You would have been disappointed if I closed without one last rim shot.
  4. Now this raises a point I've been wondering about for a few days. Most (probably all) travel insurance policies have an exemption list for companies (cruise lines, etc) they will not cover, i.e., those deemed too shaky financially to insure against trip interruption, etc. I would expect to see that list grow in the future. Interesting to watch.
  5. Aw, for once, just let it go. Yeah, you.
  6. Scott, "Reports of my Death are True" Yeah, I fell for that with Bobby Ewing on Dallas. Not biting this time. Pretty sure Suzie's tshirt slogan ends with an expression in Scottish. What does it say? Is it something naughty? (I hope it's something naughty.) Muir Woods and the Colonel Bogey March: don't think you've used that one before. Clever and appropriate, very well done. Thigh chafing: use baby powder. Trust me on this (don't ask.) Thanks for the scenery, hi-jinks and general tomfoolery. As always, Sail on, you Merry Band
  7. Roy, So sorry for this outcome. Well, it gives you the opportunity to start planning your next circumnavigation. I have complete confidence in you Phileas. If anyone can do this, it's you.
  8. Scott, Oooooh, hi-jinks. I was really enjoying the tomfoolery at dinner in the Churry, but was very disappointed you cut the scene before we found out about Drew's meat. (You could resist the joke, I am made of weaker stuff.) The penny ceremony reminded me of the whole "Heart of the Ocean" thing from Titanic. Without the zillion dollar gem. And the ship sinking part. Ok, it was nothing like that. Movie night. I still crack up at the address: 2-2-Twain. Ha! The approach to the Golden Gate means this whole entertaining adventure is approaching its denouement (that's right from my word-a-day calendar.) Big sigh. But until then, Sail on, you Merry Band
  9. Lish, OK, search on "David Byrne on SNL." You'll like it. Might even use it someday. "Yanked from Catholic school at age eight." Ah, a fallen angel. You two really are perfect for each other. We fought to a draw on the Latin. I'm withdrawing from the field, bloodied but unbowed.
  10. You were in such a hurry to publish this cynical take you didn't even bother to give the amended policy an even slightly plausible misinterpretation. That's impressive, even for Cruise Critic.
  11. Well, now we know why Apple skipped the iPhone 2 and iPhone 9. Very clever drib, very clever.
  12. Yes, Serenity's are operating as per usual, but looks like the the whole webcam facility for Symphony has been taken offline.
  13. Lish, More outstanding scenery. "And you may find yourself In another part of the world" Da-Da-Da-Dum Da-Da-Da-Dum I do love your little Hitchcock cameos. The Louis Armstrong estate called with another cease and desist order. I think this time they mean it. You really outdid yourself with this episode's soundtrack. Diverse, witty, fun and just good music. Now, he didn't say it explicitly, but it sure sounds like Drew was an altar boy. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, That explains a lot, at least to this former altar boy (Latin mass and all, baby. I performed my ancient rituals straight, no chaser.) So tell us Drew, how many times did you get into the altar wine when the priest wasn't looking? It's ok, we all did it. Every job has its perks. Until next time, Epucati Estis Super Solvit Cohortem (If I just cursed in Latin, blame Google translate)
  14. Roland4, Was there anything in the announcement that named the ship for the WC? I'm just wondering if this amounts to a tacit admission that the new ocean vessel won't see service by late 2022, or if I'm reading too much into this?
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