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  1. I beg your pardon for not making my point clear: anyone who has the financial capability to put thousands of dollars at risk on an expensive vacation has the luxury of being patient. The refund delay may be inconvenient, but to you it is nothing more.
  2. 1) Cruise lines are starved for income. Any income. 2) They're desperately trying to figure out how to generate that w/o causing illness among both crew and passengers (both bad for business.) 3) The safety measures implemented to respond to point two will be tolerable to some pax, not so to others (we're in the latter category.) 4) This is all perfectly obvious, but we will all keep beating this dead horse. 5) This too shall pass. We just hope to still be around when it does.
  3. Oh, come on, really? If Crystal announced a 90 day deposit free program and then, say 45 days in said "never mind, your deposits are now due immediately or we're cancelling your reservation," that would be bad faith. But to announce a program with an expiration date, run it thru (and past) said date, and then supersede it? That's just doing business. I can appreciate frustration in these times, but there is a serious loss of perspective by many hanging around this board.
  4. IIRC, the 90 day no-deposit offering had an initial expiration of Sept 2 (I paid a bit of attention because we booked under those Ts&Cs.) So Crystal let that ride for a while. I'm sure there are many factors in play with this decision, but the assessment that things are just a "little" less unsettled than four months ago is part of it. And yes, things are still plenty unsettled.
  5. Vince, I just want to say I appreciate all your good faith efforts with regard to replying in these matters. But I fear you are bailing the ocean with a tea cup, my friend.
  6. Huh. Well, I do apologize. The meaning behind the written word is treacherous, even for Shakespeare. With regard to your post, brevity may be the soul of wit, but not always the most clear of intention. But "way out of line?" We must agree to disagree.
  7. eroller: Enough. Just enough. One in eight American families currently don't have enough to eat each day. Worse I'm sure in many other countries around the globe. So get your "offensive" right outta here. And get in line for the return of the money you were fortunate enough to allocate to a luxury cruise. You'll live, with a full belly.
  8. I will bet a bottle of hand sanitizer Roy is already working this into his next around the world adventure.
  9. IIRC, about 30 years ago, General Mills acquired Green Giant for several hundred million dollars. At the time GG's physical assets comprised one or two old out-moded processing plants. But they had that name, and that image of the big green guy who was very plant forward in his mode of dress.
  10. In retrospect, this seems perfectly obvious. I mean, given the recent misallocation in the market for commercial toilet paper vs residential toilet paper, mashing together a freight line with a passenger line would be even more daunting, no?
  11. Don't even get me started on Peachtree street(s) in Atlanta.
  12. The OP's use of bold font made his post especially persuasive to me...
  13. Which is more plausible: Homer devouring a rack of KC ribs, or arguing the proper level of hops in the latest seasonal IPA? Yes, definitely Missouri Homer.
  14. Well, yeah, but which one was Homer in? (And I don't mean the one in Alaska.)
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