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  1. If a cruise stops exclusively in EU ports, the VAT of around 25% must be charged to all onboard purchases, which of course is not as much of an issue on Regent with many things included. This is one reason ports like Tangiers and Gibraltar are added to western Med cruises.
  2. I know Guatemala requires at least 6 months on any passport from the date of entry. Many other countries have the same. The ship must have all passports meet that requirement, hence the ship wide rule for 6 months. Personal checks are avoided this way and passengers can travel more freely between ship and shore if it is known that all are in compliance. I hope your renewal comes back really quick!
  3. The level 4 designation made by the US government has no bearing on the answer to this question. The levels are made for US citizens to make a decision whether or not to visit a particular country before they leave home! Once you travel to another country, you will abide by the rules set by THAT country. The best place to find out their rules in in that country’s specific website. And as has been mentioned, any individual cruiseline may make a separate arrangement with a country. If the ship’s shore excursions are refundable and you don’t know whether it’s bubble excursions or not, book one at every stop, and then cancel within the time frame if you can do the stop independently.
  4. I’m going to look crazy on my upcoming international flight. Between my noise reducing headphones, sleep mask and “covid” mask, I’m going to have lots of stuff on my head!
  5. The two times are for different purposes. The first is clearly what time to be back onboard I am one of many people who enjoy watching on deck as the ship leaves port. I may not be onshore at all or have taken a morning excursion, so the boarding time means little. But! I do want to know the sail away time to return on deck. Lastly, we sail often on Windstar’s sailing ships, and occasionally they are able to raise the sails as they leave port. They play some uplifting music. It is one of my favorite parts of cruising.
  6. Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait for the rest of your review.
  7. We had a great time at the beach in Malaga (actually Torremolinos short cab ride) in 2019 at this beach bar. We rented chairs and umbrellas for the day. It was easy to get a cab back to the ship. The Sangria and music were perfect. https://www.playamiguel.es/
  8. I don’t need a tracking device for my cruise. Regent can just access the chip implanted with my vaccine. 🤪
  9. This is why we have avoided sharing a table in the last couple of years.
  10. No ship from Regent has yet arrived at the Miami port. You might have some luck looking at other lines here who have already have people experiencing how they are handling returning ships. Crystal? Getting to the airport will probably be the least of your time. On any given day though, there may be 10’s of thousands of people disembarking and heading for the airport. The airport is another matter, we were just there three weeks ago and I can only speak for the mess that is American Airlines. Even in the business class line, the check in process was extra slow and laborious due to all the document and app checking. Surprisingly, security at TSA precheck was up to snuff. I guess except for the sudden increased volume, their job hasn’t changed much! I know that’s anecdotal. I would suggest leaving plenty of time!
  11. Actually, if you read the post directly above yours, you will find that that is the exact website I have recommended…
  12. We once did a 14 day transatlantic (no stops) on Windstar’s 300 passenger Windsurf with 33 passengers and 175 crew members. It was like having your own private yacht. I’m still trying to “recreate that high” to this day! Having said that, we hate lines and crowds, don’t care about shows or nightlife, so I understand that experience isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.
  13. Good to know. We were disappointed at the list of beers for pre-stock.
  14. Please add a listing for the newish Splendor in the drop down menu for ship reviews. (Sorry, don’t know where else to post this)
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