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  1. I have enjoyed learning more about Mario (RC) and Mama Lee (Crystal) on these videos
  2. Our window just open but then tomorrow is our 1 year date.
  3. It was really good and they are like us....they are wanting to CRUISE!
  4. April 2019, it was a family cruise (daughter, husband and granddaughter). We visited Grand Cayman which is my favorite port. We did the submarine tour, no AC so everyone was really hot and ill after the 1 1/2 hour tour. The guys wanted to hurry and get back on the ship to watch a first release movie (Disney). Which husband has watched a few times since returning. My daughter was just hot. Me, I wanted to walking around and take pictures and just enjoy being there. I was so disappointed. I was really upset I couldn't enjoy it. I told my husband when I got home I hope I can cruise soon because i
  5. I don't use a TA so how do you know if a cruise has been discounted?
  6. Dealbreaker for us would having to fly out of the country to cruise. We have visits Disney World twice and had to wear the masks not too bad unless it's 90+ degrees. Plus we both have worked every day since this started so we get the social distance/mask wearing.
  7. We are talking our first RC cruise on the Jewel in April 2022. Where can I find the menu for the Main Dining Area (evenings)?
  8. Thank you for this post. We will be sailing on the Jewel April 2022 for our first RC cruise. All these good posts about this ship makes us feel so much better.
  9. We think it's going that way so we are looking to get our first shot soon. When your company/boss tells you that they "strongly advise for you to get it" we think we might better to keep our jobs. Yes, if it means to be able to cruise again...YES we will get it.
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