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  1. A cloudy morning here 9C, although forecast says is currently sunny, probably is above the clouds! Hope to finish off removing Ivy from lower wall today, the unexpected rain late yesterday afternoon stopped my work on it. Once that is done just one more area to be removed, which in a more awkward spot behind the rockery. Once that is done then I will tackle killing off the rootstock, have found a few suggestions online so will try the safer versions suggested. As hawthorn hedge not yet in full leaf will trim the top of it before it gets too high, have checked there are no birds nesting in it. I think they may have realised it’s a killing ground for the local Sparrowhawk who sits on garage roof waiting for an opportunity to strike.
  2. That certainly was the case this evening, one even abandoned their plan in the program and fell back on his existing business.
  3. The length of time the preauthorisation lasts is determined by the Merchant Category Code assigned to Merchants by the financial sector. Codes are then classified on risk, cruise lines are in the high risk category which may result in higher fees being charged to them. https://www.merchantsavvy.co.uk/knowledge-hub/mcc/
  4. We have been watching, tonight will be the time to face Claude and see their plans ripped apart, most of them in this series have not impressed me at all I would have fired more each show, but that would have left a gap in the schedules for few weeks. 😂
  5. Bob Dylan is on my list. I limited it to 10, but there were a number of other songs that could be added. Could include songs by Wet wet Wet 🤣🤣
  6. Another wet and dreary day, feel for one of my volunteer colleagues doing a members tour this morning, trying to explain a site and point out overhead features not easy when the rain is pouring down. Tomorrow looks dry with temperatures reaching the dizzy heights of 18C. However for fun I have put together a rain related playlist to add to my phone. 🤣 1. Here comes the rain again - The Eurythmics 2. It’s raining again - Supertramp 3. Who’ll stop the rain - Creedence Clearwater Revival 4. Why does it always rain on me - Travis 5. Purple Rain - Prince 6. Rain - The Beatles 7. November Rain - Guns ‘N Roses 8. A Hard Rains gonna fall - Bob Dylan 9. Raindrops keep falling on my head - B J Thomas 10. Singing in the Rain - Gene Kelly Apart from last 2, all the others are in my music collection be that Vinyl, CD or Digital.
  7. 64 years of following Wolves throughout the good times and the bad, but getting a ticket nowadays is almost impossible unless a season ticket holder. My neighbour at the time I started to watch them, was a first team player at the club. I thought this season we would be in a relegation dogfight with our previous manager leaving on the eve of the season starting, limited new squad members and having to sell our best player in order to satisfy the heavily weighted FFP rules. But we drafted in Gary O’Neill, I thought at the time not the right appointment, but I was proved wrong no relegation battle, on the edge of possible European football next season, although with a small squad and injuries this might no be possible. Already we have the vultures from the top 6 eying up our best players, even though they still have a number of years on their contracts.
  8. Perhaps it’s time for the CMA to conduct an investigation into travel insurance especially for those with medical issues, to see if they are being treated fairly or not. Being charged £15 additional premium for something such as a bacterial infection is ridiculous, what next being charged for the number of times you have had a common cold? I am, like many I am now looking at the packaged bank account route for travel cover, starting with my current bank.
  9. It’s UAE that own Man City, not Saudi, they own Newcastle Utd. If I was a Forest or Everton fan I would be angry that the accusations against City and Chelsea have not been dealt with as fast as the accusations against their individual clubs, it seem extremely unfair and the EPL seem to be favouring the clubs with money and influential ownership against the smaller clubs.
  10. The Dark Arts of the travel insurance industry are a mystery to me. I recently has a stay of 24hr in hospital due to a swelling in my cheek due to a sinus infection, which was drained, plus my wife had an alteration in in her medication. As they needed to be declared I went online to notify the insurer as a result there was an increase in premium of £15 for me and £1.93 for my wife. Why I was charged £15 additional premium for an infection which has cleared and no follow up needed is beyond me.
  11. Eclipse wasn’t visible from here in Shropshire, if it was we wouldn’t have seen it due to the rain we had around 8pm last night. I love my Yaris Cross, possibly the best car I have ever owned and the first automatic, certainly uses less petrol than any previous car and more comfortable I feel less stiff after a long journey. I would buy it again. We are thinking of driving to Southern France in September so the ultimate test for a long journey. My wife owns a Yaris as well and loves driving it, especially with the 77mpg she is currently getting. Hope you find a car that suits your needs.
  12. A wet and windy morning here, not as bad as yesterday evenings squall, when we had strong winds and torrential rain which last about 20 mins before it abated. Reports of a number of trees being blown down ensued. Yesterday had been a very windy day as Storm Kathleen made her presence known, I did however manage to weed one the borders in the garden as well as sort out some shelves in the garage, the ones just inside which have accumulated all sorts of bits over the last 12 months, now have bagful o f rubbish to take to recycling centre all Ithaca a number of boxes and a broken lawnmower.
  13. When I was in hospital in February, the biggest problem was finding beds for patients who need to be admitted, thus causing blockages in A&E. The big issue is finding places of care or care packages for those who need them after a stay in hospital. The an in the next bed to me was fit to be discharged however he could not return to his home as he would be unable to look after himself and need a place in a care home for a few months whilst he recovered, he had been waiting 3 weeks for such a place. It’s the lack of social care and investment in it that causes many but not all of the issues within the NHS.
  14. Norovirus can strike at anytime of the year, our neighbours were on a summer cruise, not with P&O when they caught it.
  15. Awoke a 5:30, tried to get back to sleep, but hunger pangs made me get up at 6:15 for tea and biscuits. Currently 7C and raining at the moment. Have a volunteer shift this afternoon weather permitting, the site is quite muddy in parts and spend much of the time telling visitors to avoid certain areas and to watch their footing, in the 3 years I have been at the site never known it to be this bad.
  16. Well that was an expensive first mowing of the lawn this year, my trusty 10 year old Bosch lawnmower gave up after I had done 75% of the bottom lawn, the switch that you hold just snapped off in my hand and it just stopped. A quick trip to B&Q and got a replacement, another Bosch, very similar to my old on but much lighter, plus 15% off weekend, so if was going to break it choose best weekend to do so. Quickly assembled and finished off both top and bottom lawns, (our garden is terraced as we are on side of a hill)
  17. Looking like a sunshine and showers day after yesterday’s deluges, my drive got flooded yesterday after the new garage doors were fitted. Appears the soak away is struggling to soak away as the group is saturated and nowhere for excess water to go. Flood warnings have been issued for rivers locally yet again, lost count how many times this has happened in the last 6 months. Looks like tomorrow is a rare dry day, so I will mow the lawn as grass is currently at least 4 inches long. At some point will need to jet wash patios as the wet weather has encouraged most, lichen and other slimy things to grow.
  18. Just saying Christianity used existing pagan festivals and repurposed for their own agenda. The similarity in the words of both events are clear Eostre & Easter.
  19. Easter said to originate of the pagan festival of Eostre, celebrating the Anglo Saxon Goddess Ostara who was believed to be the bringer of spring. Christianity then came along and repurposed the festival as they did with the Roman Festival of Saturnalia, which took place over a few days at the end of December.
  20. Started off a nice sunny, but cold morning, garage door installers arrived at 8:15, starting early due to forecast this after. The new doors are now on, they are just finishing of sealing frame etc and it’s started to rain, but they are carrying on regardless. They have taken the old doors away, so saves me having to get rid of them. Just hoping for a few dry days after Easter so I can a skip to dispose of old raised beds, decking boards, rubble and other accumulated rubbish behind the garage, I can then access the walls to remove the spreading Ivy and then repaint the rendering on the garage. The question is when are we going to get a weeks worth of dry days?
  21. We visited the cemetery when we spent 2 weeks in Nova Scotia back in 2008 and also experienced out first ever hurricane warning. Visiting the cemetery I couldn’t help thinking that my great great Aunt could have been there had her mother not been taken ill 2 days before she was due to return to the US, she never used the tickets for her young daughter and herself. I learnt about this story when I connected with my cousin in the US who is descended from the daughter. Martha, my great great aunt expressed her feelings of relief, but also great sorrow of the loss of so many of the passengers she never got to know.
  22. A wet morning, and a wet day ahead according to forecast, so no gardening today it would seem. Boiler service this morning and a committee meeting this afternoon, plus some research on holidays ideas for late June, that’s my revised day ahead.
  23. Lady came to pick up staging with her husband, she drove but needed crutches to walk, he husband was blind. Fortunately they had an electric people carrier and the staging went in the back with no problem. She is having an accessible greenhouse built so she can get in the greenhouse to tend the succulents she grows, the staging is just the right height for her when she is in her wheelchair. I am glad the staging is going to be put to good use, I didn’t really want to take to the recycling centre. In the 4 hours it was online I had 5 enquiries about it, never thought greenhouse staging would be so popular.
  24. Quite a pleasant sunny day here, putting together new greenhouse staging, put the old staging on a local sales page free to collector, within 15 mins had 3 enquiries, first one is on her way to collect.
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