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  1. Thank you for your quick reply...any 7 nights on the Oceana in April or September....I am trying to avoid BOB
  2. No brochure...no pamphlet...no leaflet...nothing whatsoever has come through my letterbox :(( If some kind person can give me an idea about Oceana April/September 2021....7 nights...northern ports
  3. Thank you Kenhem for the info...I was thinking that the 14th October was open for booking so we have a week or so to peruse the future itineraries and prices
  4. Hi....first of all apologies if this has already been answered but am I correct in saying that from October 14th booking is open for April 2021 onwards. I know many pre register their cruises beforehand but how can you do that when you don't know the comprehensive list of cruises/ships available and more importantly the lead in prices. Previously itineraries and prices have been available to pre register a couple or so weeks beforehand. Tried to look on P&O's website but their new fangled website is so hard to navigate
  5. janny444


    " Widows tend to be a lot bigger than the portholes of yesteryear." Hi John I know it was a slight omission and unintentional but it did make me smile...in fact it made me laugh out loud 😁
  6. Hi....think I must be stingy as I never ever consider buying bottled water ....I do exactly what I do at home and add a drop or two of cordial/squash to a jug of water....preferably lemon....I always though that the water available in the buffet was safe to drink but maybe I am risking it
  7. Thank you for your replies.... had a look on Celebrity website at the drinks packages and it doesn't seem to make it clear that the non alcoholic package is included in the Classic drink package....I love my latte and cappuccino coffees so I need them in my drink package
  8. Hi....does the Classic drink package include premium coffees ,teas & soft drinks ?
  9. daiB....thank you for the info....done a bit more digging and found the itineraries. Prices have certainly increased....last year on the Discovery for an outside cabin it was £89pppn with tips and drinks package....the lead in price for an inside cabin would have been less than that
  10. Oops....think I am on the wrong thread
  11. Hi....it isn't regarding what is spent on board....as you say we can all forget the odd extra drink that we ordered. The extra charge goes on after your final statement on the last evening and doesn't show on your credit card until you get home so unless you order a drink after the final statement which is delivered to your cabin ....sometimes very late evening and costs about £3 or so it is an unaccounted extra charge.
  12. This extra charge has been going on for a few years. A couple or so years ago it was happening then. When it happened to us I phoned P&O about it and they gave a little extra OBC for our next cruise.....think the extra charge was about £3 and they gave us £5.When I asked where the extra charge had come from they mentioned something about possibly the mini bar....which we never use. From the response at the time it was obvious that it is standard practice and because it is only a nominal amount most people just accept it. But when you think about it if 50% of the cabins across the fleet on every cruise have this extra charge put on then it is a " nice little earner" for P&O. They can well afford to give the extra £2 " compensation"....P&O are well aware of the practice but because everyone isn't shouting out loud about they choose to let it continue....why wouldn't they ....it' could be a few extra ( thousand) pounds into their coffers.
  13. daiB.....would you mind telling me when Marella depart from Newcastle next year....I have looked and looked but can't seem to find their cruises from Newcastle for 2020.
  14. Unless the prices are just too good to refuse!! 😁
  15. The latest P&O Cruises collection is coming soon, and with more new holidays to choose from you will soon be soaking up the thrill of travel that’s filled with exploration, laughter and good times. From sailing away on a well-earned weekend break to embarking on a journey to iconic destinations, it’s not long until you can take your first look at all of the amazing holidays on offer. To make sure you get the pick of the bunch, here are some key dates for your diary: Register your interest: 8am Monday 14 October to 4pm Sunday 20 October 2019 Add the date to your calendar GOOGLE APPLE ICAL OUTLOOK YAHOO On sale exclusively for Caribbean, Baltic and Ligurian tier members of our P&O Cruises Peninsular Club: 8am Monday 21 October to 8pm Tuesday 22 October 2019 Add the date to your calendar GOOGLE APPLE ICAL OUTLOOK YAHOO On general sale from: 8am Wednesday 23 October 2019 Add the date to your calendar GOOGLE APPLE ICAL OUTLOOK YAHOO
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