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  1. Hi....I have looked on MSC website for their AI prices but can't seem to find the answer . Can someone please tell me what MSC AI drink packages are now....alcoholic but not premium I know at one time they had 2 tier pricing i.e. over 10 days or so was a cheaper per day price but I think I read somewhere that doesn't apply any more.
  2. Hi....probably this thread is getting a little " played out" and for those of you who have yet to do your first cruise I am sure you will enjoy P&O and become addicted to cruising. For people who have done a few cruises and only experienced " minor niggles" then you will be wondering what all the fuss is about but when you start to experience P&O's stonewalling/ take it or leave it approach on more major issues then you start to become more negative towards the company...be it P&O or any company. The OP is already in dispute with P&O....as I am with the same problem and so any extra negatives on top of that then compound into a much bigger negative impression. While everything is going wonderfully well for you enjoy your cruising days but if you yourself starts to experience P&O's " customer service" and lack of Duty Of Care then you may remember the comments made on here. Like Op who is cancelling 3 cruises so are we going to cancel 3 cruises as we have come to the end of the road of dealing with their approach to their clientele. As I have stated before we had exactly the same change of POC with another cruise company...MSC but absolutely no problem with them....they refunded all monies paid ....no hassle
  3. Hi...your first cruise ...I am sure you will enjoy it and want to do more. You ask if people's expectations are too high..." champagne lifestyle on beer money"....no I don't think its that. Even if you go in a " travelodge" style hotel you do expect the TV to be working/shower to drain properly/no flickering light in bathroom ...one expects a certain standard in any grade of hotel and if it isn't you complain and expect problems to be sorted....sooner rather than later...not just have to put up with things. The OP has another disgruntle with P&O....as I have ....and sometimes when you already have a problem with the company other problems become moulded into one and you lose faith in the company. I have every sympathy with the OP
  4. Hi....good idea ....have mentioned it to my TA today and they think it could be a possibility....so if we have no joy with P&O will definitely look into it....thank you
  5. Hi....my deposit is more than the 5% but there is noway I can go on this cruise....unless I want to spend 2 full days on the ship....not quite what we had in mind when we booked. I am still pursuing it with P&O but it may come to it that I will cancel and like you docco walk away from the other 3 cruises we have booked with them....end of the line with them for us too
  6. Wow...looks great....shame it has gone but I wonder if where the ships dock if it is any where near the ferry pick up point. Someone made a comment on here that where the cruise ship now docks is the " dark end of nowhere". We have a cruise booked in July with the overnight stay in " Amsterdam" and have been waiting to see how they " cope" with the change of POC as I have asked two specific questions which have now been answered and unfortunately not favourably as to my medical needs. P&O's attitude is very much a take it or leave it attitude as to this issue....same issue with MSC was handled totally different....full refund of all monies paid....no hassle. Think our days of cruising with P&O have come to an end.
  7. Hi....how can you tell which are Peninsular Club cruises for Winter 2020/2021....I haven't received a brochure from P&O. Also the prices shown on P&O website are the prices already discounted or is there an additional 5%/10% off ?
  8. Hi....I am over in England so my prices will be in Sterling. My pricing for cabins are £80pp inside...£90pp outside....£100pp balcony....anything under them prices are what I consider a good price. Best cruise price was on Caribbean Princess 12 nights round Britain cruise....inside cabin...£399pp
  9. Hi....thank you for the info....we are actually considering P&O Britannia but the Royal/Regal are the same deck plans ....if I am not mistaken
  10. Hi....I know that it is an obstructed view cabin and I have seen photos of view from balcony and restricted view doesn't look too bad at all looking at the photo Just wondering if there are any " unforeseen negatives" in this cabin...excessive noise from wherever/whatever etc. etc. Thank you
  11. Hi....I know that it is an obstructed view cabin and I have seen photos of view from balcony on the corresponding cabin E319 on Royal Princess and restricted view doesn't look too bad at all looking at the photo Just wondering if there are any " unforeseen negatives" in this cabin...excessive noise from wherever/whatever etc. etc. Thank you
  12. Hi....below is the reply that I have received from MSC this morning. Good morning, Thank you for your email. Please be advised that if you book a cruise now it will be under the current terms and conditions, therefore you would still have the option to include or remove the service charge after you sail. Should we be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind regards Stefania Esposito Booking Management MSC Cruises Ltd 5 Roundwood Avenue Stockley Park – Uxbridge - UB11 1AF Phone Travel agents (UK): 0203 426 3000 Phone Direct (UK & IRL): 020 3426 3010
  13. Hi docco....you are very much a person after my own heart....if an " injustice" is perceived then you see it through determinedly but of course not everyone is like that...they prefer to take the " easier" road and go along with what is doled out and just think that is how it is. Some years ago I took on a major high street TA....made a mistake a few posts ago and named it ...my post was removed so hopefully how I have put it will pass " muster"....they changed my flight times for " operational" reasons to a time which was totally unacceptable even though it was in their T&Cs that they could but I had told them at the point of booking that I didn't do night flights. Took me months of " wrangling the bone" but eventually they returned my monies paid in full
  14. Hi....I think you have made some fair comments....cruise companies should make a stand and if it is only 8 euros then some way of " absorbing" that extra charge for future cruise should be found BUT as someone in an earlier post said the 8 euros could be the start of an ever increasing charge. The discontent is happening because of cruises already booked and P&O are not handling it very well. Some will accept the change of POC...no problem... but some of us won't accept being " fobbed off" with no clear reasons as to why. I have written to P&O with 2 clear questions and I have received a phone call from P&O...even though I booked through a TA...at the moment they don't have the answers but fully understand that I need answers so they are keeping me informed and have said that when they can answer my questions they will take into account my individual needs....so we shall see what the outcome is.
  15. Hi....yes other companies are doing the same but other companies are dealing with it better....
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