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  1. Hi....my vote would go to Celebrity....I like their " can do" approach instead of " do I have to" approach. We can only cruise from the Uk...no more fly cruises for us....and I didn't find them brash in any respect and I also enjoyed the mix of nationalities . Yes drinks can be expensive but if you book carefully with a drinks/tips package included then the price for a superior product doesn't work out so much more expensive
  2. Hi...I have been " lurking" in the background reading all the comments...especially about the thread concerning refunds. I should have been on the same cruise as Andy....Britannia...19th April and no refund received as yet The question asked by the OP is " has my attitude changed towards P&O"....the answer is no it hasn't...they are behaving exactly as the have done before....stonewalling....ignoring...." you will do it my way and if you don't....tough...." attitude..... When I have mentioned on CC about P&O's dismal approach to " customer service" on many occasions I have had to dive for cover that I dare say something negative about P&O. I have cruised with different cruise lines so I am aware of other cruise lines customer service and I am sorry to say P&O are at the bottom of the list.
  3. Hi....sounds like you already have had quite a bit of " stress" going on in your life....why would you want to add more ?
  4. Jean....we have a cruise booked for September 2020 but if I change it and re book another cruise for a later date our travel insurance won't cover us for coronovirus which would be a major concern for us...in fact it would prohibit us from booking any new cruise
  5. Andy....great idea to arrange a UK holiday where we can all meet up and I have the perfect place & hotel in mind....what about a separate thread for people to put their names down....if you think yes then I will let you know place & hotel....if nothing else it will give us something positive to think about even though probably nothing will come of it.
  6. This is just a thought....if you need to phone P&O could you not phone them through Whatsapp so that at least you are not paying for the call. Even though I cruise with P&O many times....some aspects of it suit us...but when we have had " issues" with P&O before they displayed the same take it or leave it attitude so how they are handling this situation....badly....is of no surprise to me.
  7. Can't be a definitive answer to this question but all the signs are there that there is a strong possibility that they will not survive. Not sure how credit card companies will view vouchers when it comes to reimbursing so I would always always take the refund and forget the temptingless FCC that is now being offered if you cancel. If P&O cancel cruise you are then entitled to full refund but they may try to tempt you with FCCs ....be wise and take the refund.
  8. Hi Andy....well....seeing as I look only 25 I fluttered my eyelashes....swayed my hips....gave them a wink and hey presto....got mi refund . 😵 If you are asking me seriously under the new terms which they introduced recently and besides anything else are insurance would be invalid because we would be travelling against government recommendations . Now they are talking of isolating " us owd folk" for possibly up to 4 months!
  9. "Alternatively, you are also entitled to a full refund. If you are cancelling due to concern over an underlying health condition, your refund will be subject to providing proof of your underlying medical condition." Hi....I read that as over 70s entitled to a full refund as an alternative to the 125% FCC. There is a full stop after the short sentence ending in full refund. Second sentence applicable to people with under lying health conditions who are under 70
  10. Jean....not sure how feasible this would be and if actually it would work but could you book a future cruise but one which is low deposit and the least possible price....use your FCC then at some later point cancel the cruise....would you then be able to have a cash refund for your FCCs and just lose your low deposit...just a thought
  11. Hi Andy....we too are so disappointed to cancel.....I was so looking forward to seeing your " Jelly baby outfit". P&O are doing exactly the same cruise next year...April 21 ....which I told P&O I would change to BUT for same cabin grade....bog standard balcony....it is £300pp more and no way would P&O come to a more agreeable price so accepted the full refund which we could have because we are over 70.
  12. B.J. uses 3/4 words mantra that he repeats over and over and over again..."Let's get Brexit" done is now replaced with "Wash Your hands". Keep repeating it and everyone will believe what you tell them...Oh yeah 🤥
  13. The saying " A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" springs to mind. We will certainly take the refund and not rely on future maybes. We will not be out of pocket and no future possible hassle if P&O folds
  14. Hi....of course we are all " devastated" about the possible suspension of our cruises but for most of us we can re plan when the situation has improved and at the end of the day they are holidays/adventures...replaceable. I heard something on the radio ....LBC....last night that made me think how fortunate I am to be in the position to cruise or not to cruise...hard decision to possibly lose money but a London taxi cab driver told us about his situation....he has a son aged 15 who had cancer at the age of 9....recovered from that but it left his son with a weakened heart....what should he do....he said "I can't put my boy at risk". Easy answer is stay at home but he probably is on zero contract hours so no income which could go on for weeks/months. He also had had a couple of guys in the back who were talking between themselves and he heard them say that they were going to a conference but as soon as it would be over they would go home and self isolate because they weren't feeling well....he stopped the cab and told them to get out.. Now for that taxi driver and probably many more they are the ones who have the hard decisions to make. Chunner over
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