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  1. Hi....all depends on what your own circumstances where like " back in the day".....I compare our early years of marriage....rented council flat to start with....second hand and hand out furniture...holidays....if any....basic rented caravan...old banger of a car and certainly not much eating out at " restaurants"....eating out was done at our parents house....takeaways....occasional fish and chips.I compare that with our own children's lifestyle who have young children.....modern house which is updated every few years....2 modern cars.......holidays about 4/5 a year including abroad.....takeaways on quite a regular basis....seeing top artists with a night in a hotel....things that we could only dream of doing. I am not saying life isn't hard for them but so it was for us....in different ways so I feel that the " luxury" we missed out on then is ours to be enjoyed now.
  2. Hi....not sure if this a reputable site or not but I think one thing for sure is that some sort of virus will eventually more than decimate the world population at some point. In the medical journal ....Vaccine....as far back as 2003 they were aware of a potential pandemic that could possibly emerge from China ....or in that area....which could be derived from animal influenza viruses and that it could spread rapidly throughout the world. Whether this Coronovirus will do that remains to be seen.
  3. Ha ha....that made me laugh....good un.....pity that you've bagged first to be the black jelly baby though !
  4. Gee Whizz....this all very technical....glad I am taking my disposable plastic head to toe coverall....Andy is taking his CSI " outfit"....even though.....according to Andy.... we will look like Jelly Babies!! 😁
  5. Hi....not sure how feasible this would be but would it be possible to use the cruise connect coach from Birmingham or Warwick....possibly by taxi to either of those then the cruise connect coach....if it can be done then it saves any anxiety....messing about or staying overnight on your own....especially with it being her first cruise
  6. Many thanks for the info....we have insurance with Nationwide and knew it covered cruises but didn't realise that you could upgrade the cruise section. In the current circumstances it is well worth it ...£40 for the year or pro rata for cover for remaining months of annual policy.
  7. Andy....seeing as we are on the same cruise in April I know where to come if I run out of bikkys....I will just follow the biscuit crumb trail to your cabin 😁
  8. Anti bacterial/virus cleansing wipes to clean all handles/remote control/light switches etc in the cabin....just in case they have been overlooked. Always done it not because of this coronavirus Digestive biscuits
  9. Absolutely worth spending extra time in the Southampton area....its a wonderful area. So much so that after our first visit....day before going on a cruise.... which was an overnight stay in Brockenhurst we now come down every year for at least a week and stay at a wonderful place in Brockenhurst....there really is so much to see and do and Brockenhurst has a really good train service and in the summer a really good sight seeing bus that takes you all over the New Forest....not to be missed. If you book an extra week you still won't see and do all that there is in the area
  10. Yes we use Interscruise from Preston....mainly been Ellison's coaches
  11. Hi....I agree only ever known 2 formal nights on a 7 night cruise....love your descriptive " turn of phrase" As another poster put if you want a more casual approach to cruising choose a different cruise line....there are enough to choose from. I can never understand why people knowingly choose a cruise line that know beforehand that it won't be the " right fit" for them and then complain and want to have it changed to their wants. 😕
  12. Hi....what have they reduced them to....on our up and coming cruise it still shows 2 per week as they have always been
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