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  1. A few years ago we cruised from Liverpool wit Thomson ( Marella) and on Thursday we cruise from Liverpool for a 3 night cruise with Cruise & Maritime. Probably not our first choice of cruise line but to go from Liverpool...oh....so very much easier....Come on you " bigger boys " of cruising look North and see the opportunities that await you!
  2. Good question....maybe the question should be directed at P&O. I often wonder do the " powers that be" ever try out their " improvements " and see how customer unfriendly it is ...it's a nightmare of a website now
  3. Wow....good prices....especially for the 35 night Caribbean cruise
  4. Hi...that certainly made me smile ....I too don't really believe in the " up there" but after a recent very " strange happening" to me it certainly makes one wonder
  5. Hi....same thing happened to our friends a few years back....travelled down the day before ....stayed overnight in a hotel about an hour from Southampton. After a leisurely breakfast set off and then on the motorway....possibly M3....traffic came to a complete standstill in all of the lanes....stuck there for hours on end not moving an inch and consequently missed the ship. We always travel down the day before unless we are on the P&O cruise coach.
  6. Unfortunately I have never cruised on the Oriana....sounds like I have missed a wonderful experience and neither have I cruised on the Aurora but that will be rectified next April. Is the Aurora similar in design and ambience to the Oriana and also does Aurora have the wide teak promenade deck and open teak decks ? I have cruised on the Oceana which I loved.
  7. Doesn't this show how different we all are and how we all look for different things. I like the Azura/Ventura layout ...I like being on P deck....not " hassling" with the lifts and handy for quite a lot of amenities that we want. Don't think I would like the Britannia as it has no promenade deck....a place where I like to lounge during the day....not a fan of being up on top deck with all of the crowds....very rarely go up there as we don't go to the buffet either. We have booked the Iona but not sure if it will be for us ....all those people....so I may consider changing that to something else.
  8. With Preregistering available with Princess cruise line for 2021....including September...just wondering when it will be available for P&O....I know it is usually in September but thinking maybe it will be earlier this year with Princess releasing their itineraries etc.
  9. Hi....it picks up passengers the day before ...9th October at Cobh for a 3 night cruise then on the 12th October it picks up passengers at Dublin for a 13 night cruise. I am considering this 3 night cruise but we sail on the Magellan on the 29th August....first time with C&M....so was maybe waiting to see what the ship is like although at the price it is probably worth booking it now.
  10. Hi....sorry I haven't cruised yet with C&M.....our 1st cruise...mini cruise... with them at the end of August. I have cruised with many different cruise lines....including MSC but because this with C&M was only a mini cruise and a good deal price I thought I would give them a try. So...in your case if it is a good deal and possibly a mini cruise then I would certainly give them a try....nothing much to loose have you. BTW....it isn't the cruise that sails in October from Bristol that you are considering is it?
  11. Hi....can anyone please tell me if C&M do an evening " excursion" when it is an overnight stay in Dublin.
  12. Hi....I have looked on MSC website for their AI prices but can't seem to find the answer . Can someone please tell me what MSC AI drink packages are now....alcoholic but not premium I know at one time they had 2 tier pricing i.e. over 10 days or so was a cheaper per day price but I think I read somewhere that doesn't apply any more.
  13. Hi....probably this thread is getting a little " played out" and for those of you who have yet to do your first cruise I am sure you will enjoy P&O and become addicted to cruising. For people who have done a few cruises and only experienced " minor niggles" then you will be wondering what all the fuss is about but when you start to experience P&O's stonewalling/ take it or leave it approach on more major issues then you start to become more negative towards the company...be it P&O or any company. The OP is already in dispute with P&O....as I am with the same problem and so any extra negatives on top of that then compound into a much bigger negative impression. While everything is going wonderfully well for you enjoy your cruising days but if you yourself starts to experience P&O's " customer service" and lack of Duty Of Care then you may remember the comments made on here. Like Op who is cancelling 3 cruises so are we going to cancel 3 cruises as we have come to the end of the road of dealing with their approach to their clientele. As I have stated before we had exactly the same change of POC with another cruise company...MSC but absolutely no problem with them....they refunded all monies paid ....no hassle
  14. Hi...your first cruise ...I am sure you will enjoy it and want to do more. You ask if people's expectations are too high..." champagne lifestyle on beer money"....no I don't think its that. Even if you go in a " travelodge" style hotel you do expect the TV to be working/shower to drain properly/no flickering light in bathroom ...one expects a certain standard in any grade of hotel and if it isn't you complain and expect problems to be sorted....sooner rather than later...not just have to put up with things. The OP has another disgruntle with P&O....as I have ....and sometimes when you already have a problem with the company other problems become moulded into one and you lose faith in the company. I have every sympathy with the OP
  15. Hi....good idea ....have mentioned it to my TA today and they think it could be a possibility....so if we have no joy with P&O will definitely look into it....thank you
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