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  1. This is fantastic... I wondered what we were going to disagree about now tipping and drinks packages have gone by the wayside.... Dress code, of course... Long may freedom of speech and the right to our own opinions continue. Andy
  2. I am not a buffet fan either, but at least I would have an option or I could pay an extra few quid for the Beach House if I am right in thinking that the dress code is not enforced there? I do agree that another free dining option might be an answer, but it is only a couple of nights. Andy
  3. Rigid enforcement or watered down? It can't be both... If your objection is to rigid enforcement but it is not being enforced, then you have no objection. A big attraction for us is to be able to dress up for a couple of nights with people who want to do the same, so if P&O stopped it, our draw to them over other lines would be gone. If other passengers did the same, this would affect their bottom line. We all know the rules and if we don't like it, there is plenty of choice out there. It is only 2 nights from 7. Besides, if I didn't fancy it one night, I would choose an alternative, many dine in the buffet every night, these ships are big enough to cater for everyone. Andy
  4. Saw Agonising..., (Sorry, Astonishing) on Britannia last year. Was not sure if the volume was too loud, but the screeching was unbearable. We found it a total waste of time, I am surprised it is proving so popular. I feel for the cast as they obviously work hard creating a bit of a fiasco. Andy
  5. I'm intrigued Jean, please share the middle name you don't like.... Andy
  6. Well said. It's a bit like a school uniform, we all abide, some in designer suits, some from Matalan (me), but we all look smart. Trainers are not smart, no matter how much they cost. If you don't like the dress code, book another cruise line, there are plenty of options. Andy
  7. We did think the same as we like the smaller ships, but took the plunge with Britannia and loved it, so will give Iona a go and am looking forward to it. We may not like it, but at least we would have tried and it is not costing a fortune to try. Andy
  8. That's fantastic, so glad you were looked after so well. We were on a table on Aurora with a lady with very severe dietary needs and the staff could not have been more helpful. Glad to hear positive feedback concerning something that affects many people. Andy
  9. I think demand is the key, the smaller ships are becoming more popular with the seasoned cruisers who are looking for a more traditional holiday. We have noticed the jump in Aurora prices, but the key is, if they don't sell at the increased prices, they will be reduced and if Iona does prove to be popular, the prices will increase. These are the benefits and pitfalls of fluid pricing. Andy
  10. We saw Sinbad from Brookside on Britannia, but that was in the Limelight at an extra charge. Surely he counts as 'well known'..ha. We have seen a few 'been on X factor' stars.... In general, the entertainment is hit and miss, but we have been fortunate enough to see some excellent 'turns', as well as some terrible ones. Andy
  11. We have just booked 14 nights on Iona for November 2020 to Spain etc for £719 inside saver and 7 nights straight after to Hamburg etc for £399. Wasnt sure if we wanted to go on her, but at them prices, couldn't resist. Andy
  12. The TVs on Britannia are much better than the rest of the fleet, we have managed to watch a few good films and some old comedy repeats to pass the time when we just wanted some quiet time in the cabin. The reception was fine all the time we were in the Fjords, we had more trouble in the North Sea on the way back. Have a great time, with or without the telly... Andy
  13. We too are big Britannia fans, but now treat Aurora as a completely different holiday. We find her more peaceful and relaxed as we never seem to queue for anything and can find plenty of quiet areas for a cheeky Hendricks and Fever Tree. The crew never seem as rushed and have time for a chat, it's interesting to hear their stories. Now I just sound really old, I'm 53 ya know... Andy
  14. Funny that, it took us a while to get used to Aurora, we didn't like her at all at first but, in time she grew on us and is now one of our favourites. Andy
  15. We always go early and have always been lucky, but as Pete said, no guarantees. Your luggage is taken as soon as you arrive and it is not the worst place to wait if you have to. They have a great system in place and they genuinely do try to board you ASAP. Good luck and have a great time. Andy
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