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  1. Yep. Iona 14 nights Spain/Portugal November 2020, £719 inside cabin select at launch with a little bit of obc. Our friends got this, we booked to go with them the very next day and the best we could get was the same price for saver, which is still amazing... £51.35 per night. Andy
  2. I believe Pandora have recently pulled out of P&O, they are no longer on Aurora. They were trying to sell a cheaper version. I wonder why as they always seemed popular. Andy
  3. Well if Dave can lie around the pool in his tux, I am definitely wearing my Speedo budgie smugglers in the mdr... Yes, even on formal night!!! 😀 Andy
  4. It was definitely the yellow packets in the cabin recently on Aurora. I was using them frequently before heading off for afternoon tea with cream cakes and scones... Can never work out why the sweeteners are not making me lose weight???😀 Andy
  5. Totally agree. If silence was everywhere it would be like a morgue, but it's nice to have some quiet places. Andy
  6. I enjoy background music in some areas, it adds a bit of atmosphere. It also stops me having to listen to you lot moaning!!!😀 Andy
  7. I have friends in Sunderland Graham, good people. They don't like it when I call them Geordies though... Up the Mackems. Andy
  8. Yes, I was surprised how many when I moved down. Then again, the local team has had nothing to shout about for a while... Andy
  9. I will take my own Brian now you say it is ok... COYI... Andy
  10. I got mine from Matalan. £65, looks fantastic and very light weight. Not sure if I look like James Bond or Johnny English.... Andy
  11. I don't think you can, but sounds like it would be a great idea. They do sell bow ties and dress shirts in the shops but haven't seen anything for hire. Andy
  12. Fingers crossed for G407 or equivalent... Good luck, Andy
  13. Of our upcoming cruises, 2 are select and one early saver. This was solely due to a massive difference in cost, it was worth taking a chance. We have selected a grade which we will be happy with and the next 2 upgrade options are both acceptable, so fingers crossed. We have been lucky previously with early saver, but a bit of knowledge about the ships has helped. Andy
  14. That looks like good news for you, but obviously prepare for heavy traffic, Bassett Avenue was gridlocked last time. Coming in to Southampton has been more affected than getting out on the previous closures, so hopefully you will be ok. The Chilworth roundabout and exit from the M3 southbound was definitely closed previously as I was diverted, not sure about north bound though. Good luck and have a great cruise. Andy
  15. We made a similar 'mistake' when booking Britannia and were allocated an obstructed view cabin. It turned out to be G407, mid ship with absolutely no obstruction... They tried to 'upgrade' us to a non obstructed cabin above the live lounge... No thank you and they happily left us where we were. Hopefully you will be as lucky as we were. Andy
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