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  1. I have to defend the reception staff on Oceana, they were an absolute joy. We had a noise issue that they handled perfectly, moved us (almost) immediately and sent us a bottle of wine as an apology. They were always smiling and overly helpful, a real credit to P&O. Andy
  2. No, still served by the P&O waiters, just the coffee that is Costa. Andy
  3. Thank you for putting things into better words than I can. We were at the 8.15 captains reception and was sure the senior officers were not introduced, but am now doubting myself?? We could not see him and passengers around us were chatting all the way through, so my attention was more fixated in getting annoyed with them.. I do remember his awful jokes though, Dutch cheese is made backwards and something predictable about a Belgian waffle... He made Neil Turnbull seem like Peter Kay😊 The Captain's Remembrance day service was fantastic, truly respectful and emotional. We sometimes forget that many if not most of the senior officers have a naval background. Andy
  4. Perhaps we are not as early risers as you Sue... I was probably eating somewhere when the seats were taken... Andy
  5. No noticeable noise, just the usual drawer slammers that you seem to get on every ship. We love Aurora and enjoyed this cabin, wouldn't hesitate to book it again. Andy
  6. We did try, but there is only a few seats that were always taken. Andy
  7. Only used the buffet a couple of times, but definitely had mushrooms on the last day. Compared to other ships, we thought the buffet food was OK, just didn't like the layout. Andy
  8. We had mushrooms in the buffet. The poached eggs in the MDR were atrocious and the service chaotic at best. I think they had a large amount of new staff as nobody seemed to know what they were doing, unlike club dining where it ran like a well oiled machine. They are still playing that 'out of order' game, but on the lifts as well as the toilets. Andy
  9. Oh we had a shower cap, unless it was a weird shaped condom😊
  10. Same again, just the captains speech. Andy
  11. Yes, Amazon I believe. Fantastic product. Andy
  12. Forgot an important one.. No 'golden triangles'. They had small, rock hard bits of fried bread, but nothing like the heavenly, fat soaked doorsteps we used to get... Andy
  13. Just to confirm a few points that have been discussed on here recently. Most have already been answered, but just in case anyone missed them... Not criticisms as we had a fantastic time, just our honest findings... You do not have to take your life jacket to muster anymore. This does help when leaving, but it is still a pain as too many people are still squeezed into inadequate spaces, frightening to think what could happen in a real emergency!! Face cloths are no longer provided, but are available on request. No turn down service on the first night. Not an issue for us but others weren't happy. Oceana does have an egg station in the buffet, but the poached eggs were very poor throughout the ship... Very unusual for P&O. Porters are still available on arrival, but perhaps not as many... We were halfway across the concourse with our luggage before finding one. Marmite was not available... I don't eat it but asked in the buffet to be told no. The jam and butter now is either already decanted or in glass pots, no plastic pouches as previously. The tea is PG throughout the ship. Captains welcome was on the last sea day...? Rumours spread that they were not having one due to cutbacks and hastily arranged it after complaints from passengers. The captain denied this, but who knows. Main toilet doors are now wedged open, so no need to open them with paper towels anymore. The downside to this is the smell in the public areas. Often toilets were blocked with the maintenance guy walking around with his plunger out uncovered... Didn't seem right to me. MDR lunch menu is still too limited for us, although it was well attended on the first sea day which made service chaotic. That will do for now, I'm sure I will think of more points and will add them later. Andy
  14. Definitely missed a crows nest or equivalent on Oceana. The adults only champagne bar is outside Le club and below Winners, so anything happening in either or both of them makes it an uncomfortable place to sit. We never had this problem on Britannia. Andy
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