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  1. It will be interesting to hear their stories. A previously regular poster on here (Hamish) did back to back Ventura over Christmas then the Worldie, so hopefully he will give us some insight. I wonder if they realise the severity of what they are coming back to.. Andy
  2. I know Cornwall fairly well, but have always wanted to explore 'Vera' country. Might be the time to buy that camper van I've always wanted.. Andy
  3. I wish we could all be as forgiving as you Avril... 😊 Andy
  4. Holiday? We get a percentage of a basic wage, which we are grateful for and probably no jobs to go back to. We are worried sick, losing loved ones and livelihoods. The 2 of us who have reacted badly to this are not constant bashers of certain people and try to contribute and help in a positive way where possible, so definitely not looking to constantly criticise people. Just take a look at the positive threads on here. 'National holiday at the publics expense' Implies a jolly up, all paid for. That is not reality... Andy
  5. None of us seem to be far from a vulnerable person and have our own struggles. Our daughter has not seen her Mum for 5 weeks as she works at the hospital and won't risk bringing anything home... Michelle is 'grounded' and I have only popped out for medicine etc, getting almost hosed down when I return. Some holiday.. Andy
  6. Can't wait Graham, it is what it is, but it certainly does not feel like a holiday... Andy
  7. If you were a regular visitor, you would know that I defend Harry on many occasions and usually have good discussions with him, but that does not mean I am jumping on a bandwagon or bullying anyone if I disagree with his comments. Harry has a habit of saying things to stir the pot. Sometimes I agree with him, this time I don't.. We all argue occasionally, so there is no sense in your comment of who's face doesn't fit. Andy
  8. You can't make these outrageous statements and expect everyone to agree. We are all struggling and your patronising comment of expecting better from me is downright insulting.. Andy
  9. Half the population John.... That's 30 odd million of skivers taking public funds with no regard for the NHS.... Andy
  10. Nonsense Harry... Your snide comment implied we were all sitting on our backsides having a holiday on public funds... Far from it... Andy
  11. Oh Harry... Another grenade dropped.. Yes, because we all want this and are living it up... We are grateful for the governments help, but nobody chose this and to be housebound with, in some cases a drastic drop in wages, possibly no jobs to go back to and the real worry of our loved ones dying, it is hardly a holiday... Us who are Furloughed etc are just as grateful to the NHS as you are... Andy
  12. Hi, Others are better placed to advise than me, but thank you for asking. Andy
  13. Thanks Brian, your knowledge is better than mine. Andy
  14. Glad to see positive stories, I really hope it works out for you. I love the sound of telephone dating to find a cat, good luck with that also. Andy
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