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  1. Our experience wasn't that of the waiters chatting, they were absolutely rushed off their feet. One barman and 2 waiters in a packed Metropolis was nowhere near enough. In contrast, our cabin steward couldn't have done more. Wherever he was in the corridor, when he saw us coming, he would stop what he was doing and open our door for us. Andy
  2. That explains a lot, thanks Elaine. We had never seen so many tables left dirty and a complete change of attitude from a lot of the crew as they seemed under too much pressure. Definitely not what we are used to from P&O, but it was our first New Year cruise. We still had a great time though. Andy
  3. We can all only speak as we find and obviously for the amount that complain, P&O must have an issue with this. Our experience differs though. On Oceana when we had a noise problem, when we first complained we were undoubtedly fobbed off. We complained again later the same day as the issue was not resolved. Within an hour, we were visited by the CSM and moved that evening. Wine, chocolates and a letter of apology were in our cabin on returning from dinner. We couldn't have asked for any more and it was all done with a smile by the reception team. Perhaps we were just lucky. Andy
  4. Dai was replying to my comment about Ventura John. Sorry to cause confusion. Andy
  5. Nah, we just started doubling up... Andy
  6. Valid point Dai. As we got off, a lot of new crew arrived, so wonder if that had anything to do with it. 45 minute wait for a drink in all the bars was about the average, never had that before, but it was the shortest cruise we have done. Andy
  7. So sorry you had such bad experiences, let's hope they sort out the issues in the refit. We were on Ventura for New Year and, although not perfect, (P&O never is), our experiences were a contrast to yours. The ship is in good condition, our cabin was spotless and our steward a delight. The food was good if not spectacular and the service was a bit hit and miss, (too many passengers for not enough staff) but we still had a great time. Andy
  8. I know Colin the carpet fitter, he is dragging the job out in the hope of seeing Gary Barlow.. He won't be happy when he finds out he isn't on til July...😊 Andy
  9. Congratulations. I'm sure you will have a great time. Andy
  10. Yes, but you have about a 1in3 chance of seeing him on 2-3 cruises... I feel sorry for the maiden cruisers, hopefully they will do something for them. Andy
  11. They are in the theatre... He is musical director for the 710 club, so wonder if he will do anything in there. Andy
  12. Just seen 7 nights on Iona during school half term for £440... I guess cheap will be a main selling point then... Andy
  13. Heathrow to Southampton is a better journey than Gatwick, but still wise to get an earlier coach. You should be able to drop your luggage early and pop across to town, but you will easily be able to board from about 12.30, regardless of your allocated time. Have a fantastic time, Andy
  14. Being the new flagship, I'm sure you will get the best entertainment and service. It will be great for many people. Andy
  15. The problem is, if anyone can get them, nobody will believe anyone who has them. Unfortunately, there are some people who may take advantage. Medical fraud is the new benefit fraud and I think these people start to believe it themselves. Andy
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