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  1. Thank you Graham. If Sue manages to book this cruise, maybe we could talk about a taxi share nearer the time. Andy
  2. Good luck in the new job Sue. We only booked this cruise recently as it was a very keen price. Hope to see you on board. Andy
  3. I am pretty sure the trial is just on Britannia in preparation for Iona. Recent travellers have said Ventura is unaffected. Andy
  4. They are open 21st March until 10th May 2020. That suits us as we are overnight in Rotterdam on Britannia in April and were looking for things to do. Andy
  5. I can do the same on my Barclays app, on the odd occasion a customer insists on paying by cheque.. Yes, they still exist... Andy
  6. We sailed on Aurora just before and just after her refit and hardly noticed any difference. The families on board were perfectly behaved so when they weren't there it was hardly noticeable... Contrary to popular belief, Aurora was not filled with old fogeys after she became adult only, there was a great mix of ages. As you say Ranchi, there are always other options. Andy
  7. Good point about the mobility, we have to research heavily for new ports as Michelle cannot always walk too far or cope with steep inclines. Fantastic that you can go from your home port Dai, that would definitely be a deciding factor for us. I am sure the other lines are great, but factoring in cost, ease and familiarity, P&O wins for us at the moment, but I am sure we will jump ship in the future. Andy
  8. We keep looking at other cruise lines, but like you, just don't seem to push the button. The deciding factor for us is do we have one Celebrity etc cruise or 2 or 3 P&O. I know they are not 3 times more expensive but the better/longer itineries have a cost, so the budget for 3 early savers to the usual places can equate to one 2 week cruise on RCCL. All that said, we still love P&O and find the familiarity comforting and are still managing to enjoy most of the ports. The European Cities should be treated like a trip to London, you have to go back numerous times to see it all and then see it again and as for the Fjords, I could never get bored of visiting there. We are happy to stick with P&O for now. Andy
  9. Pie, mash & liqueur?. . I'm in. Andy
  10. Other cruise lines seem to manage it, Iona is not the first big ship. It won't be for everyone but it all comes down to how they manage the space. We are looking forward to it, it was cheap enough and if we don't like it, we won't book again. Andy
  11. Great points, but, although they are pushing Azura and Ventura, the prices don't seem to be dropping that much? Perhaps that will change. Still seeing bargains on Oceana obviously and Iona, even Aurora has 7 nights for £428, but haven't seen this level of decrease on these 2. Andy
  12. I would look exactly like these young, fit guys in the pictures Dai😊 Cracking jackets though, I am definitely going down this route... Andy
  13. That's the route to go down Dai. Us men should make a conscious effort to Jazz it up a bit on formal nights. I saw Pet's jacket and would love it. I'm going sparkly, off to do a Google search... Andy
  14. There has been a very large tender floating around for carpets, but it is a big ship, so this doesn't mean everywhere will be replaced but my guess would be many public areas as the majority of the specified designs are too jazzy for cabins. Andy
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