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  1. We usually ask to have the minibar emptied and the stewards have always been very obliging. We fill it with our own water and grab and go desserts for midnight snacking... Andy
  2. Many Southampton hotels offer a parking package for cruises. Chilworth Manor always gets good feedback whenever this question is asked, it is a Best Western just on the outskirts of town and provide transfers. Have a great time. Andy
  3. Yes, and if you ask your cabin steward to empty the minibar, which he or she will happily do, you can fill your fridge. Andy
  4. Will we have another Amsterdam fiasco? It seems a bargain to visit such a beautiful place. I would happily pay it, let's hope the cruise companies give us that option rather than remove it from their itineries. Andy
  5. Loving the updates Peter, thank you for dragging yourself away from Andersons to post.... Glad you are having a great time, shame about the weather but good to hear P&O have delivered on the entertainment. Andy
  6. Fantastic price Jean. It doesn't matter what you pay, as long as you are happy with it. I love a bargain but am equally happy to pay top dollar for something I really want. Andy
  7. With the uncertainty over the UK economy and the factors you mentioned above, I was surprised there are still bargains (IMO) to be had and the base prices have not increased by more. Large companies do not usually need much of an excuse to hike up costs. We have to remember that they need to fill these huge new ships in a competitive market, so bargains should always be out there somewhere.
  8. Blimey. How will you cope in the snow in your flip flops... Have a fantastic time, it sounds amazing. Andy
  9. How confusing.... Surely they should be advertising the bottom line price? It was advertised last night from £399 but no reduction when we input our details. Andy
  10. I'm hoping it stays at £399, we will have to wait and see.
  11. Just checked P&O website, still saying from £449 for the one we booked, G028. It was £399 when we registered last night. They took our deposit and the email says £798 for both of us. We shall see.... Andy
  12. Fantastic prices, just goes to show if you monitor the prices and are ready to book you can get a great deal. They jump quite quickly though, we pre registered last night for Iona December 2020, 7 nights £399 each, this morning it is £449... Unfortunately, we cannot do longer cruises at the moment but do fancy the Carribean at those prices. We will keep dreaming for now. Andy
  13. Not to everybody's taste, but we enjoy P&O and think they are good value. Each to their own I suppose.
  14. How do you cope without 20 pairs of shoes, even if you only wear 2 the whole cruise? Apparently she needs choices... Have a fantastic time. Andy
  15. Yes is the simple answer. From about 7.30 I believe. We don't do it mainly because I am not carrying Michelle's 25 bags of cocktail dresses and shoes down the stairs!!! We tend to have breakfast then a leisurely stroll off around 9.30, but we only live up the road so no rush for us. Andy
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