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  1. My mate is in trouble... His wife sent him out with the instruction to get some of those pills that would give him an erection... He came back and handed her some diet pills... Boy, is he in the dog house... Andy 😊
  2. Go, enjoy for as long as you can, isolate on return... Simple. I would take 2 days away with the possibility of more over nothing at all.. Andy
  3. Unusually for me Harry, I just didn't get the supposed humour. Too cringey and crude, even for my liking.. Andy
  4. I wouldn't have bothered Pete, the weather down here is shocking, sail away would have been terrible, you are better off at home.. 😊 Andy
  5. Sometimes Wowzz, you just... Make me wanna SHOUT... 😊 Andy
  6. Pauline always looks so elegant Graham. Andy
  7. Michelle had a similar experience today in our local farm shop.. She has barely been out since lockdown but the farm shop has been really well organised, only allowing one member of a family to shop etc. Although the signs are still up, nobody was policing it today and there were groups of 'feral' kids just running around. One of them pushed the trolley into Michelle, almost knocking her over. She wasn't hurt but it gave her a bit of a shock... The parents and staff did not say a word. Hope you are OK Josy, it's not pleasant... Andy
  8. We would in theory. Love the atmosphere on a ship, but not sure the atmosphere could be anything like it was anytime soon. So maybe not for now.. Andy
  9. But what if I had an accident and it wasn't my fault, or was mis sold PPI... How would I know these things??? 😊 Andy
  10. We only have 2 bins and a bag for garden waste.. Feeling cheated... 😊 Andy
  11. Nice to hear from you Harry. Keep safe and keep in touch.. We do worry... Andy
  12. Kutis in Southampton, that a lot of you will know, have joined in with the free meal idea. Ironically, the owner is great friends with Rishi's parents... Andy
  13. Has 'The English Lady' been around lately? She lives across the water from me, so always looked out for her posts. Andy
  14. Our friend Moley is a fantastic source of knowledge who is reliable time and time again, but I do feel there is sometimes an understandable, industry led optimism/positivity in some posts. We are all worrying about further lockdowns and confusing tiers, but apparently we can go cruising soon? Things can change on a sixpence, so I don't doubt the information but I think there is more hope than reality at the moment. Andy
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