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  1. That's the key Cathy, if the staff wear masks or shields, it makes the customer not wanting to be the odd one out. I hope business is going well and continues to do so. Andy
  2. Obviously wasn't referring to you Daisy😊
  3. 100% compliance down here Graham, everyone seems to have embraced it. Andy
  4. Just watching Line of Duty and remembered a down syndrome lad is in it who was on an Aurora cruise with us. You couldn't get him off the karaoke, he was having a whale of a time. Andy
  5. I really feel for you and everyone else suffering because of no cruising. Hopefully it will get back to normal(ish) soon. Andy
  6. I looked at the report again and the reference to the large ships was when planning was approved a while ago, so it might have changed. It would be nice to see any ships sailing out of Southampton at the moment.. Andy
  7. Cheers Avril, the voice of reason again😊 I am getting visions of Hyacinth Bucket' and candlelit soiree... RICHARD.. Andy
  8. Thank you Annie, finally someone who gets my sense of humour😊 Andy
  9. Just read this as have been working for a living... You obviously haven't read many if not any of my posts. Not here to argue, was just pointing out that none of us are immune.. Andy
  10. I read somewhere it was designed to accommodate ships with 4,000 plus capacity? Andy
  11. No risk of covid in a suite Wowzz. It must have its own private aircon, kitchen crew, house keepers etc and butlers who don't share with the other crew. Money does not buy immunity, even Charlie got it and he is minted... Andy
  12. We have December 2021 with a low deposit on Iona at what we thought was a good price for select balcony, but are still only hopeful we will go. A fair bit needs to change/settle, but hopefully we have plenty of time for everything to be sorted. Andy
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