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  1. Are there any threads/live reviews for folks on the Anthem Bermuda sailing? Hope they are having a great time. I'd imagine it's a unique experience.
  2. A fake mustache so that she isn't recognized by anyone.
  3. Thanks. Probably also helps for me to quantify "moderate." Up to $500-600 a night, considering we are a family of 5. I've never done the AirBnB thing. Will research that if hotel options are infeasible. Thanks for your help.
  4. Departing on Ovation on 8/7 and looking for a place to stay for 2-3 nights before the cruise. We are a family of 5 - two adults, and kids aged 10/7/3. Looking for a recommendation on where to stay - ideally looking for moderate-priced options, within reasonable walking distance of Pike's Place Market, ideally with a nice view (either City facing or Mountain facing). Most rooms fit 3-4 folks, and I haven't found any hotels that guarantee connecting rooms. So looking for a place with a larger suite and/or connecting rooms.
  5. My 7 year old begged us to drop us off a few times. We typically like having our kids with us, but she wanted some time with her new friends. She loved it.
  6. They're pretty easy to spot. Typically they are ones without people sitting in them.
  7. That's what I did. Handled via PM. I don't need a public blast fest. Just want my issue addressed.
  8. Our kids are 10, 7, and 3. We are sailing on Ovation of the Seas on 8/7. Very much looking forward to it. No Glacier Bay but a solid Alaska-lite itinerary out of Seattle. Huge ship with most of the bells and whistles. Best of both the kids and adult world hopefully.
  9. I sent an email to guest relations about an unresolved issue from a December sailing. Took 12 days and several Twitter messages to get a response. Social media is really the way to go, IMO.
  10. This is all correct, but I'd go further to say that nearly all shows and venues (other than the adult comedy) will have open seats when the performance starts (and throughout). Not something to lose a lot of sleep over, IMO.
  11. We are booked on Ovation of the Seas for the 8/7 sailing. First trip to Alaska in 30 years for me, and now includes the wife + 3 kids. Looking for one of the true "bucket list" type tours they offer - darn near as expensive as the cruise itself! Currently booked on the Helicopter Trip to Norris Glacier + Dogsledding, but also looking at the Seaplane to Taku Lodge. Interested in opinions on which to choose. I've never been on a helicopter before, so that would certainly be unique. Also unsure if Norris Glacier has particular appeal over Mendenhall Glacier. Apologies in advance if this is a common thread.
  12. A disturbing trend, for sure. My connecting staterooms on the 12/29 Oasis sailing were recategorized TWICE, leading to a bunch of time wasted trying to negotiate something remotely comparable. It took WAY more effort than it should have, considering the first cabins were booked and paid WELL in advance. This is not similar to airlines overbooking, where you might get a seat moved a few rows, get a voucher for a flight a few hours later, etc. This is a very expensive, week long vacation, booked well in advance, with customer who often book their cabin class/deck/location for specific reasons. It's simply not acceptable to bump or move guests without an overwhelmingly generous offer (that they are equally welcome to decline).
  13. Of course they do. It's called competition. If one cruise line consistently provides crap service, people will go elsewhere. It's a very competitive market. The only consolation I find in the fact that you remove the pre-paid gratuities upfront (whether you pay them later or not) is that you waste time out of a great vacation to stand in line to tell a hard working person that the nominal expense above and beyond your cruise fare isn't appropriate for another hard working person. Good on you, pal.
  14. Well actually yes they are. And far more easily recyclable.
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