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  1. We're looking at a private charter on Cozumel in early Jan. Any idea if this bans all visits to El Cielo, for example, or if it's specific to the reefs? Not knowing the area well, would the boat still be able to land at a spot that allows folks to get in the sandy bottom water and/or swim to the beach?
  2. Obviously you don't go on a cruise if you're worried about motion, but how rough is the water on a private boat tour down to El Cielo? Definitely considering that for our family, but the wife is a bit sensitive about small boats in open water. Thanks!
  3. Taking a look at Royalton Sands vs Hyatt Ziva. Anyone have opinions?
  4. Yes, that literally nobody reads. Not questioning whether they can do it, but whether they should do it. It's terrible customer service, and wholly unnecessary.
  5. Spoke further with RCCL on this matter today. A few takeaways. Their "revenue department" has basically instructed them to dig in, and that they should not be offering ANY compensation for the swaps. The reclassification is not necessarily a function of adding more cabins, though in this case it likely is. Sometimes they decide to change a double room to a triple or quad (perhaps based on group bookings). For whatever reason, this holiday sailing has gone through this a bunch. When I half-heartedly joked "at least I can't be moved around again," he said "probably not, but you really never know." Didn't realize there was this much unpredictability in a confirmed reservation, that has been fully paid, and within 90 days of sailing. Extremely disappointing, and makes me question my loyalty for sure.
  6. How is the food? Included or separate? We are trying to figure out our plan for Falmouth on New Year's with 3 kids, ages 10/7/3. Sounds like a nice option.
  7. I assume it's because Guest #1 and #2 in a cabin cost more than Guests #3 and #4. At least in my case, where I have 3 people in the second room. They make more money selling Guest #1 and #2 in a new room, and free up the slot(s) by nixing the ability to have a 3rd or 4th guest in existing cabins.
  8. Update: Two hours and fifteen minutes on the phones, including an escalation to a supervisor. They've clearly nixed a bunch of the cabins that hold 3-4 people, so the 2nd of our connecting rooms with the 3 kids was the issue. First I was told there was simply nothing that could be done, and we would just need to get two rooms next door - that's simply not an option with small kids. Ultimately, they "found" two connecting rooms on Deck 8 (instead of Deck 12). I was told "the good news is that it won't cost me any extra." Needless to say, I would expect moving 4 decks DOWN to a much higher traffic deck would be less desirable and, therefore, less expensive. I was told there would be no price accommodation. I asked why other people couldn't be shuffled around to accommodate us - perhaps there are sets of adults who don't really NEED connecting staterooms, for example, and could easily get by with nearby or next door cabins. I was told "we can't possibly do that" - but of course, why could they move ME so easily? At the end of the day, I have almost no leverage. $4500 in flights non-refundable, cruise nearly sold out, actually cancelled a hold we had for Norwegian Escape for the same week, etc. At the end I asked if there would be any goodwill/compensation, and the answer was a hard no. I asked for further escalation, and that will result in a callback within 24-48 hours. I am so beyond frustrated by this. We're also booked on Ovation next summer and I am seriously rethinking that decision. My platinum status may be pretty low but I am a relatively young cruiser and have been a loyal traveler many times. The representative did indicate that "quite a lot" of people were affected by this, so I'll be interested to see if there is more fanfare. Frankly, if I had followed their direction to "wait 1-2 weeks," I would have most certainly been SOL.
  9. We have (or at least had) connecting standard balcony cabins.
  10. Beats me. I booked last December or January. Was contacted in May/June with exact same "issue" - cabins reclassified, so need to change cabins. Now contacted again, inside 90 days. The response is that I need to wait 1-2 weeks to be contacted by their special team with a resolution. Why they didn't wait to notify when a resolution was available is beyond me. Now I just sit and wait nervously. I may not be as frequent of a cruiser as I would like to be, but I am RCCL Platinum, which isn't nothing. I have been a loyal fan for many years. This sours me big time. And hopefully all turns out well, but not happy about the agita.
  11. Maybe so, but this is the 2nd time in 4-5 months that they have recategorized MY cabins for the SAME sailing. Just don't know how on earth that happens. And I am going to be super ticked if I end up with crappier cabins because I really have no recourse. $4500 worth of non-refundable airline tickets, hotels lined up for the days before the sailing...oh and I can't wait to go. But this is tremendously frustrating, especially when they email you 1-2 weeks before they are able to talk about a proper resolution.
  12. Booked on holiday sailing, and this is the SECOND time we have been contacted by RCCL that cabins are being reclassified and that "We recently noticed that your stateroom's capacity cannot accommodate your party. As a result, we'll need to make a change to your stateroom." We booked a long time in advance, chose our staterooms extremely carefully, and absolutely need connecting staterooms to accommodate our kids. They did an initial reclassification during the summer where I had to pick new cabins - at the time, if was far enough in advance that there was some decent selection. Now we are talking about a holiday cruise, fully paid, less than 90 days away, etc and they've told me I need to wait "a week or two" to be contacted for resolution. That's extremely frustrating. I know the cruise is nearly full for a holiday sailing, we have $5k worth of airline tickets purchased, etc. Any experience with this or thoughts on how to proceed?
  13. Love the video, but I'd probably edit out the schlong and balls suntan lotion gag.
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