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  1. Flying into Long Beach is a joy compared to LAX. It just might be inconvenient from FL.
  2. I'll see your Rubber Ducky and raise you a Bob. He goes camping with us on a regular basis...
  3. Dave, Nice photo. Nicer find! And right off the end of Cable. Thank you for both the photo and the distillery...
  4. Spent some time in Monterey for the Rolex Motorsport Reunion. This car, Porsche 904, was beautiful. The lady who drove it in the races was having a nice time and not thrashing an iconic car.
  5. It is a great trip. Forward on Deck 10 (I think) is an open deck with a great view forward. It tends to get crowded but is worth a visit.
  6. Have not used them. I do you Lensrental.com on a regular basis and have never had a problem. They seem to have a larger variety of gear.
  7. We took our own judge along and he did personal renewals for the other ten couples in our group, including one couple that had been married the day before we boarded the ship. Passenger Services reserved the Wedding Chapel for us and we had a great time.
  8. Rental? I have used Lensrental.com several times. They have good prices and great service. If you know what you need/want they most likely have it.
  9. That will work, but it is a close fit due to the size of the rail. I used it and mounted to the divider between our balcony and the neighbor which was a lot more stable. Last time I gave up and used a small tripod strapped to the balcony rail.
  10. We had a great trip. The crew was outstanding. I asked one of the engineering officers about the motor repairs and he told me that they did not cut a hole in the side of the ship. He said that they were able to accomplish the repairs though existing access routes. My white sportcoat is on the way to the cleaners and I'm looking for a new pink crustacean.
  11. Lots of spray paint cans and a few drums of Bondo. Good as new.....
  12. Oh. Maybe I should pay attention a bit more.
  13. Well, the webcam says enroute to Florida, Marine Traffic indicates she is undergoing sea trials off of Grand Bahama. That seems to make sense after major repairs.
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