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  1. They will hold the ship or get you to the next port if you book with the cruise line. Was on a Royal Caribbean excursion that was 45mins late and they held the ship. Mayan ruins tour out of Cozumel. We did Scenic Santorini & Oia on Your Own. Enjoyed it quite a bit. Big advantage is your tender goes to the ferry port, you get a bus to Oia, and then bused back to Fira. Really recommend the earlier tour, lots of people showed up and we were glad to be leaving. Tour guide was awesome, lots of info about the island. In Bodrum we did Turkish Cultures in the Contemporary World. It was a pretty decent tour. Very long bus ride, no way was it 40mins to Etrim. The rug sales pitch was not too bad, but we had a few people interested in buying so we just enjoyed our coffee and snacks. We dyi’ed Rhodes and Mykonos. Unless I’m traveling a very long distance from the port I’m fine with a 3rd party tour. Any well reviewed tour group is going to be aware of the importance of getting you back to port in time. I also will never book a tour, ship or 3rd party, that doesn’t give me a couple of hours of padding before the all aboard.
  2. Feel bad for the folks that got cancelled. I am really excited to see the new itineraries. Got cancelled on Brilliant, and it looks like I’ll have a chance at a redo. Now we just need to know what’s up with Brilliant Lady.
  3. I’ve been pricing out a few Celebrity itineraries now that the cost is close to VV’s new prices. It’s hard to beat the number of itinerary options Celebrity has, especially for me on the US west coast. It’s not worth the hassle of flying to Miami for the short 4-5 day trips VV is offering. Hopefully when Brilliant launches we have more options in the US market.
  4. Glad I have a least one more rockstar cabin booked. Our March 2025 cruise the cheeky corner went from $6k to $15k. My big concern is seeing folks priced out of the sea terrace category. If the make up of the sailors dramatically changes, it will not be high on my list of vacation plans. Virgin was able to gather a really great group of people on their cruises.
  5. Just got off Valiant on Sunday and talked to a crew member that was on Resilient with us this summer. According to that person about 50% of the Valiant crew is from Resilient’s launch crew. Things went very well, it definitely felt like a busy ship. On the Rocks was difficult to find seating if a band was playing. The new trick is Draft House sometimes has the music piped in from downstairs. One downside is Pink Agave After Dark was a total bust. The restaurant was packed at 9pm and they were still seating folks after 9:30, so that only left the very small bar area. We had dinner reservations at 9 due to a late excursion in San Juan. Not sure if this event will work with night capacity ships, especially with a late departure port like San Juan.
  6. That sucks, check point 5 they were mixing Precheck and regular. Check point 4 looked nuts. Hope you get some food, safe travels.
  7. Wish they would have mentioned this before we were on board. I would have also looked into booking the HoHo Bus if I knew they had a 10am slot as well. $35pp for a day pass at the International wasn’t bad though.
  8. @ceilidh1, that was a lot of fun. Think liver recovery will be rescheduled for the 10th. A really great group of people aboard and Virgin is killing it at handling an at capacity sailing.
  9. We got them as well! My wife is super excited, she collects nutcrackers.
  10. Noticed that this morning. Was sitting outside having breakfast and had a few bugging us. Maybe they boarded in Puerto Plata.
  11. We passed her yesterday and she’s been stalking us since. Our deck 8 is almost level with her bridge.
  12. Always a gorgeous sail away in Miami. Cheers!
  13. May have to try a burger. I wanted to try a lobster roll this trip and it was really tasty. I had the barrel aged new fashioned and the gun powder dram. My wife had the infused rum and the whiskey sour. That whiskey sour was amazing. Our waitress was a sweetie and brought us a taste of the hard root beer. That’s a bummer about the charge to see the walls.
  14. Looks like an amazing day. We got checked in and had dinner around 11pm. The gastro pub next to the Hampton Inn has some pretty good cocktails. I have to agree, Loteria is so much fun.
  15. Super excited we get to see him again. Was a cool surprise this morning.
  16. So Cal looks so good, may try it out tomorrow night after we check in. Really want to make a stop there at some point this trip.
  17. Looking forward to this cruise! We’ll be in Brickell Thursday night, half day of work tomorrow. Hope your travels go smoothly.
  18. The tags are really not necessary but I still make my own and use the plastic tag holders. It takes a few seconds to change the cruise details, print, and then cut them out. I just duplicate the column and fold it half for a double sided tag.
  19. We use ship eats every day except for the last day. I setup the next day’s order while we are getting ready for dinner. The food and options are really good. The only problems we had was getting our specialty coffee. I order regular coffee and two specialty coffees so I think that’s where the problem is. I just order a Red Bull or beer and put it in the refrigerator. If you’re a soda drinker they’ll deliver cans that you can put in your refrigerator, no charge on those.
  20. I dyi my luggage tags for Virgin, just like having a backup tag on the bags. Easy enough to make them in excel.
  21. I rebooked my canceled Brilliant Lady cruise for March 2025. Man that’s a lot of days to go.
  22. It’s been easy to move around a reservation when you board and when you are sailing. I just put reservations in around 7pm and move things around as needed. I would rather focus on getting the events I wanted to do booked rather than trying to do everything as soon as I board.
  23. The ability to book brunch the last morning finally opened up at the at the 45 day mark, we are rockstars this sailing. Lots of folks having app issues this month.
  24. Exactly, the only day I wanted to schedule. It will work out since they hold spots for booking after boarding.
  25. Love a late brunch at The Wake, Razzle Dazzle does a great brunch too. We just let our room steward know we were packed up and going to have breakfast. The Galley was hectic on disembarkation day the one time we tried. Something odd about our upcoming December cruise, no way to book breakfast on disembarkation day. Most of the rockstars were locked out of booking online when reservations opened so I opted to wait for red glove to reach out the next morning. Tons of spots open for TW and RD every day of the cruise except for the last day. Even the agent we spoke to was surprised nothing was available. Easy enough to book when we get onboard.
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