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  1. Most likely, it's because Puerto Vallarta's port only has three berths and all three were taken on the 26th. So to avoid tendering, NCL would just take the 27th and just shuffle around these two ports on the itinerary, especially since MZ and PV aren't too far from each other.
  2. I tend to err on the wild side of caution in any case, just because there's no telling how a day can go on a tour in any city. It's just my advice, but I definitely do not want to alarm OP and let them think they are in harm's way if they do pursue a 3PM arrival. All should be fine. (I also am not familiar with how well-staffed the terminal will be by the time it gets much later in the day)
  3. No, unfortunately, the gadget itself is not happening. The ship will only be getting all the wiring set up and whatever else needed to prepare for the actual Medallion to launch on Sapphire, likely in 2021. You will, however, be getting the MedallionNet wifi, beginning on June 4, per several articles online (earlier than the previously stated date of July 27, according to Princess).
  4. For Barcelona, all aboard time is 9PM for a 10PM departure. However, the regular muster drill is scheduled at 5PM and the late muster drill is scheduled at 8:30PM. With caution, I will say that boarding at 3PM should be fine, but time yourself very carefully and wisely to avoid anything from going wrong, so maybe opt for an earlier or shorter tour. The check-in process in Barcelona is similar to what you might experience in the US. Barcelona's cruise port, overall, is very nicely organized. The terminal that Princess uses in Barcelona is usually the one at the end of the long pier and is very new. There's good crowd control and little to no lines.
  5. PRINCESS CRUISES CAPTAINS LIST: as of 2/22/2020 The dates indicated include specific sailing dates or end dates (MM-DD-YYYY), unless not specifically deduced. They do not necessarily indicate the official beginning of their contracts. ***Note that Princess Captains tend to work on a "three-month-on, three-month-off" type of contract, although contract lengths are generally approximate and exact dates vary. [NEED TO PUT A FACE TO A NAME? VISIT THE GALLERY VERSION OF THIS LIST HERE: https://airtable.com/shrxRWxU4KBo3wswa/tblcdx0HVSHWxSfIW?blocks=hide] CHANGES SUMMARY: Most sailing dates updated Coral (future) Crown (future) Golden Royal Sea Star CURRENT STATUS UNKNOWN: Caribbean, Crown, Pacific SHIP CAPTAIN Caribbean Princess Mario Ciruzzi (as of 12/20/2019 sailing) Coral Princess Todd McBain (as of 2/6/2020 sailing) Paolo Ravera (next year's Antarctic season) Crown Princess Vincenzo Lubrano (as of 12/7/2019 sailing) Paolo Arrigo (confirmed for 5/9/2020 sailing) Diamond Princess all voyages cancelled until 4/29/2020 current: Gennaro Arma Emerald Princess Steven Lewis (as of 2/1/2020 sailing) Martin Stenzel (confirmed for 4/29/2020 sailing) Enchanted Princess Nick Nash (beginning 6/19/2020 sailing) Gennaro Arma (late-2020) Golden Princess Aldo Traverso (as of 1/30/2020 sailing) Grand Princess Jon Paul Bryant (as of 2/11/2020 sailing) Island Princess Rikard Lorentzen (as of 1/9/2020 sailing) Majestic Princess all voyages cancelled until 4/2/2020 current: Tony Draper (began 1/21/2020) Pacific Princess Goran Favro (as of 12/22/2019 sailing) Regal Princess Tim Stringer (until 5/2020) Fabrizio Maresca (returns 5/2020) Royal Princess Craig Street (began 2/1/2020) Ruby Princess Commodore Giorgio Pomata (as of 1/27/2020 sailing) Sapphire Princess all voyages cancelled until first AU sailing on 5/1/2020 current: Paul Slight (began 11/26/2019) Sea Princess Tony Ruggero (began 2/16/2020) Sky Princess Michele Tuvo (leaves 3/7/2020; returns 6/5/2020) Heikki Laakkonen (returns 3/7/2020; leaves 6/5/2020) Star Princess Christopher Lye (as of 1/13/2020 sailing) Sun Princess Diego Perra (as of 1/11/2020 sailing) TO MAKE NEW UPDATES TO THE LIST: DO NOT "Quote" the preceding reply! It creates a copy that the next person cannot properly update. DO select and copy ALL of the text, including the above headings AND these instructions, and the list below, from the most up-to-date list (the most recent reply with the list).  Go to the bottom of the latest post, to the "Post a Reply" box. Paste your copied text into that box. Begin making your modifications to the list. Please also swap out all existing changes from the "Changes summary" and place your own. Confirm that everything is correct! You can edit for up to 20 minutes. TO POST YOUR UPDATE: click the "Submit Reply" button, just below the list you are modifying. WHO ELSE IS ON BOARD? Cruise Director & Entertainment Director Maître d'hôtel
  6. Not happening yet as she's just about to become a Medallion ship this March. Time will tell, though, in this next decade. Otherwise, I echo many of tcdcruiser's sentiments. I also cruised on Grand in October 2019 and found she's still maintained her charm and makes a great vessel for being outdoors, although cruising out of SF means it'll be chilly anyways. We thoroughly enjoyed the crew we interacted with and many of them seemed happy to be on Grand as well. I will say that there's a few things I was not a fan of: Her age is definitely evident -- for example, there were leaks in the Horizon Court and it's unfortunate, but to be expected. Furnishings were also probably mostly new from the March 2019 dry dock, but not all necessarily looked or felt modern, so it's debatable. Crooners felt very worn to me, and the carpeting throughout the ship did not seem like it was largely refreshed. Her elevators were very slow and old, and don't make as obvious of a tone to indicate they've come, so make sure you scurry if you're waiting for one. This might have more to do with cruising out of SF, but Grand was the "least stable" ship I've been on so far, and most of that was due to the Pacific and weather I cruised in (so it's not entirely Grand's fault)...but it was still one of the most uncomfortable journeys I've taken and many crew and passengers alike showed their discomfort in their faces pretty easily. I hadn't taken any seasickness meds so if you're prone to it, bring the meds. With the dry dock, cabins were minorly refreshed, so you have the new beds and the new lamps with a USB outlet on them. As mentioned, TVs are great. I don't actually have a very strong impression of the entertainment, and the assortment of activities seemed to be less and maybe even a little less refined than what you might see on other "more prestigious" ships in the fleet. The production shows are some of the older ones in the fleet. But this is all nitpicking, at best, and many others seemed to be enjoying themselves. I think the food in the dining rooms was comparable with, and possibly even better than, that of other Princess ships, but note the Horizon Court closes at 10:30PM on this ship, if that matters. IC & Alfredo's were fine. All in all, I think you'll honestly be fine. No need to psychologically prep yourself or psyche yourself out for this trip, because you'll end up leaving the trip feeling worn out and loathing the experience altogether. Find what you know works for you and try to make the best out of what you have, and I'm sure you'll have a great trip.
  7. In case you hadn't already stumbled upon them, I did some digging for you and found these threads discussing some of the experiences in-depth. Hopefully, they may be of some help. (A live blog done where the poster spent some time in the Sanctuary -- page 5)
  8. Additionally, you may find some success with the "face" site for a roll call as week-long cruises (at least in North America) tend to be more popular with families just wanting a week-long vaca/getaway, and the demographic overall may not be aware of/visit Cruise Critic as often.
  9. Would have made for some nice memorabilia! Especially at how onboard activities, experiences, and staff have changed. (though scanned, of course - I don't think I could manage to keep boxes of Princess paraphernalia either)
  10. Yes, I agree, though nothing's likely to change if heads in executive and managerial positions don't start rolling, but I definitely don't see any of that happening any time soon. I feel most sorry for the crew involved in the crossfire. Hopefully something sooner or later can light a fire under the corporation's [bottom].
  11. If your voyage occurs on or after October 16, 2020, then yes. Currently, not yet. However, it already has MedallionNet, which is the advertised faster wireless internet.
  12. I have not personally been in these rooms, but did some digging to find you some info. For D739: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2380074-aft-vista-suite/?do=findComment&comment=51179151 (Also has a little bit of commentary on the suites) For C750: https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/contributor-album.php?c=Anne Hayes&ship=Sapphire Princess For C755: https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/stateroom-details.php?ship=Sapphire-Princess&cabin=C755
  13. Hi, I found it through the "find your roll call" feature, but I believe there was some arguing on it and was subsequently removed due to violations of community guidelines. Not a mod, so I can't speak to the official reason, just making some quick observations.
  14. It depends on when you are looking to cruise on the Crown. Anything after November 2020 is (likely) a safe bet that you (probably) won't face any generator problems because it will have already gone through a dry dock. But the generator problems right now are basically causing the ship to sail slower and so, therefore, it will miss a port and experience altered port times, and possibly miss more ports when taking additional weather circumstances into consideration. This season, it's doing 10-day Southern Caribbean itineraries, so it's mostly been missing Princess Cays (and more with bad weather/rough seas) since early-January. Search the multiple Crown threads on CC here to see what people are experiencing, or peruse the roll calls for Jan/Feb 2020.
  15. WFM AKA "World Fresh Marketplace" which replaced the former layout and design of what was known as "Horizon Court" on the Caribbean Princess. It debuted in 2017 (pictures).
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