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  1. I agree, this is very devastating, both for the ship and the new company that took the ship on. They just transformed Pacific Jewel last year to Karnika and it is sad to see what came of that venture, especially as the pandemic worsened in India.
  2. Yep, thanks for sharing. Several members here called it and I agreed. The official press release is here. All Star bookings have effectively been zapped from the booking system and we can expect the deck plan, bridge cam, etc. to follow suit shortly.
  3. I agree with what you've shared. As for your question, people on here have thrown around the idea that the concept of the Medallion will eventually be fully implemented into whatever form of mobile communication you have so that an extra "device" (like the small medallion disc) would no longer be needed. And phones will definitely be changing in the next 20 years but Carnival Corp should also be able to adapt to that (well, hopefully, given its resources and access to experts), so I think that's what will most likely happen.
  4. By your definition of Grand-class (meaning ships only including Star and before that), Grand Princess will be the lone ship that you might be able to enjoy as she'll be the only one with regular deployments from a US port. She'll be sailing out of Alaska in Summer '21 and Los Angeles after that. You can also find other rare voyages on smaller alternatives, like Island or Coral.
  5. Handwashing is also one of the most basic ways to combat the spread of norovirus so it baffles me Princess wouldn't want to mandate it for the sake of avoiding outbreaks of that as well. "Encouragement" doesn't work. How many PR disasters do they want to keep going through?
  6. If you could share some snapshots of the email, that'd be great! Carnival's own app (the Carnival Hub app for CCL) has a lot more functionality and other competing cruise lines also offer more that can be done, so I still feel Princess has a lot to catch up to when it comes to the actual app (especially when users have consistently noted how glitchy it's been for them). But those apps also function in conjunction with the options and flexibility those lines offer, which differs from Princess' more traditional approach to cruising, so I'm interested in seeing how Princess will tweak its operations (and consequently, the app and Medallion). For example, it's highly likely that guests will be asked to reserve seats for theater performances so I'm eager to see how Princess will execute these functions (which Princess seems to not be able to do well ever since they launched their app and the Medallion).
  7. Barring nothing significantly happening to Carnival or Princess in the coming months, I really do believe Enchanted will be one of the first vessels to restart operations and that's because of how technologically advanced and modern it is. There's the most opportunity for flexibility (moving around furnishings, allocating adequate rooms and facilities for emergency purposes, taking advantage of Medallion technology, etc.) with their newer vessels, and they will also allow for more guests given the larger amount of space available than that on smaller, older vessels. You're right that we might not know if cruises will even start by January but I think at least one Princess ship could probably be doing something, whatever that may be by then.
  8. Hi! Welcome to Cruise Critic! Emerald and Royal both have mini-golf on their own deck 19s. Emerald's mini-golf is called "Princess Links" and Royal's mini-golf is called "Lawn Court." They're a very small area on the aft of both ships, so if you've been on other lines with more elaborate set-ups, be prepared to be a little disappointed.. Hope this helps!
  9. Some videos and pictures below -- 1) Here, Princess Hotel GM Andrea Magrin posted this of the ship leaving Monfalcone for the first time post-delivery. You can hear the Love Boat horn there somewhere. 2) Here is the ship while she's freshly docked in Trieste, Italy, where she will be tentatively docked for the next two months (more or less). 3) Another look at the ship leaving Monfalcone 4) And here's a vantage point from one of the essential crew members onboard as they came into Trieste.
  10. Ok, so almost two months after I started this thread, we seem to have tentatively resolved the questions that still existed at the time. 1) Crown has now been confirmed to move to Los Angeles for the summer of 2021, meaning she will reappear on the West Coast for the first time on a regular basis since 2016. Press info: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23595-princess-confirms-first-west-coast-summer-program.html Someone else also posted pictures of the TA spreadsheet, which has more itinerary and pricing info: 2) To make this happen, Crown is now replaced by Sky, which is now doing a mix of British Isles and Baltic cruises, all from Southampton. 3) Grand replaces Star in Alaska. 4) Regal replaces Grand because of #3. This leaves Star Princess as the ONLY ship that has yet to be filled up with an active schedule following spring 2021. From what I've seen on CC, the speculation is that she will be saying her goodbyes and likely not resume operations for Princess again ---> emphasis on speculation <--- but I think this theory makes a lot of sense so we shouldn't be too surprised if it happens. She's likely gone as we know it and we'd be really very lucky to have some farewell transpacific before she heads to P&O Cruises Australia.
  11. Thank you for this! Princess wouldn't describe this on the official deck plan and this was puzzling me forever. Well, from the looks of the venue, it's probably nothing short of a gastronomy / "chef's table"-ish kind of a deal, especially considering how intimate it is and how there seems to be a possible 'stage' space of sorts in the middle, and also that there's been a growing presence of "tech-y" cuisine options on cruise ships in recent years.
  12. You're right, this could be it -- it's a good guess and it might also be a new part of Camp Discovery. Thanks for this. We'll just have to wait and see.
  13. Here's a new video posted by Cruise Passion. It features quite a few interior clips (Crooners, Princess Live, dining room, some cabin shots, Bellini's, Good Spirits, Lotus Spa, Piazza, etc.) I don't think I can really recall what might be shown at 2:45, so if anyone figures that out, let me know! Some of the venues, particularly Bellini's, seem to look even glitzier than before. In one of the shots of Bellini's, you can also see "Gigi's Pizzeria," which is a renaming of Alfredo's; the decor of Gigi's doesn't look different though, and you can find a generic blurb about it here on the Princess website. Crooners also looks nice -- it's definitely a departure from the dark wood/brass vibe seen on older ships and uses a lot of neutral tones and reds. We'll just have to see how spacing of the seats will go under social distancing precautions. Otherwise, much of the rest of the decor does not seem to differ much from Sky at all, as expected.
  14. Yes, I read about that back when the press covered his exit from Princess. I was somewhat shocked because he had really become one of the faces of the company when it was going haywire during the Diamond fiasco. The stuff given to the press painted his departure prettily, but there was honestly so much going on behind the scenes that resulted in several Princess (+Carnival Corp) execs exiting that I'm positive the crisis definitely had something to do with it all.
  15. Yes, Captain Nash is indeed, now Commodore of the fleet. Interesting that Commodore Giorgio Pomata retired -- I wasn't aware of this and it was definitely very low-key (we'd probably otherwise see some press about his storied career any other year) and I can't help but think that the Ruby Princess fiasco might have played a bit of a role in accelerating his quiet retirement from the company. And Swartz reiterated what was announced last year, that Captain Gennaro Arma (now known as the famous captain from Diamond Princess) will be the other captain of the ship when Commodore Nash rotates out. I'm curious to find out who the godmother/father will be. We'll probably be waiting several months before that's announced.
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