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  1. Well now I don't feel so bad with my cheapo when it did the same darn thing on my first Oasis cruise! On that one I was on the Boardwalk, Deck 10 about 5-6 cabins from aft and grabbed the camera to score some pics.
  2. Awesome view from that cabin Andrew. That definitely looked like Chutney, but what flavor - who knows. IMHO it seems out of place on a cheese plate.
  3. OMG -- that ice cream party would do me in. The ones that look like toasted marshmellows could use a bit more browning for my liking though 😄 Awesome sunset photos, a few pages back, Andrew.
  4. I'd at first love the idea of an extended cruise, but then would be stressing about the cat and if the cat-sitter could extend their stay, did I have enough food for both of them, etc.
  5. Awe Bella, good pic of her and your view. Thanks John for keeping all of us updated on things.
  6. Hope you all had a great Labour Day on-board :). I'm jealous, it was only 23c here until the rain hit.
  7. Layers, rain jacket as well as shorts and t-shirts. I went mid-October and it was sunny/hot so was in shorts and t-shirts pretty much the whole cruise. One never knows what the weather will be :).
  8. Whew - checked out posts before I went into work this morning (early 4am) and came back to read 10 pages (I think). All those in the path -- thoughts are with you. John -- Bella -- she is just too adorable. Does she get antsy when any storm approaches?
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