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  1. We did this 3 weeks ago with jet2 and found it great , again we were staying at airport hotel so quick bag drop around 7 pm then early morning flight walk straight through to security . Flying from Newcastle to barbados in February again staying at airport hotel so great to know we can do this again
  2. NYE people dressed formal for this as well as usually one formal night per week , this was the norm few years back , things are getting less formal now . Last cruise i did was celebrity and they had dress to impress night and i wore dinner suit , I changed it for something less formal after there were not many at all in dinner suits
  3. we docked in there a few year ago and you had to fill forms in at immigration at port , you do realise if you have cuban stamp on passport you are not allowed in USA on standard ESTA visa for a number of years
  4. agree fully , prices have gone daft , we allways liked the atmosphere of marella ships but they do not compete with the bigger players ie celebrity , princess , royal caribbean etc , do realise you get drinks package but pricing cruise prices higher than those other ships mentioned good luck with that one
  5. every time we have been caribbean with princess , we have booked flights indipendently which involved getting out of cabin 8am last day , breakfast then making your way back to airport for an evening flight ie waiting hours around an airport , unable to go anywhere because of suitcases , We said we would never do this again so allways round off with at least 2 days at another resort. We think marella do have the best itineries and the ships have come a long way, allways a better atmosphere and as much booze as you want
  6. Indeed 3 wheel scooters are very unstable , even the ones with 2 wheels close together at the front . I would recommend autofold scooter , they are 4 wheelers folds automatic with keyfob , take up little space ,can be manoeuvred like a wheely case and uses a very lightweight lithium battery which could be taken off scooter and charged in cabin if required
  7. The last cruise we were on did show a live match . The world cup final England v Italy , it was shown on pool deck on the big screen , the captain had to sail close to shore of sunderland to get tv reception . First cruise the ship had done since covid (true story) . Premiership games we have allways had to watch ashore , may of changed by now
  8. We visited this port on discovery around 4 years ago and there is a short walk into town , not that much there , few shops cafes etc
  9. just done round trip to Jamaica premium class on dreamliner and its good .
  10. You have to vacate your cabin around 8am then you can use all ships facilities , they did used to offer a cabin that you paid for you to use until pick up . Or cabins were made available for usually 30 - 60 minute slot so you could get changed , showered etc . This was free and have known pick ups to be as late as 6pm
  11. morning all booked on iona 10 september g231 heard nothing about obc
  12. Good morning all , cruising on P@O for first time on this cruise line ( though cruised on many other lines) Iona in September . Will be purchasing drinks package for two . Having thoughts about buying shares , given the drinks pack price will work out at £546 for 1 week .If purchasing shares now would the OBC be eligible for this cruise and how many to buy for this as will plan to use P@O more regular .Many Thanks
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