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  1. Just recently came back from Fyords and sailed with Fred Olsen , I always thought of these as an older persons cruise line however it was great . Sailed from our local port , 5 nights included Alesund and Olden where we climbed the Briksdal glacier . We had very smooth crossings and 28 degrees weather , included drinks pack and cabin with picture window , We did not go balcony as assumed it would be cold . Yes an older smaller ship but spotless and first class service and great food .
  2. I sailed on Arvia in February and did not like the booking carry on , We found it not too bad if we had pager so could get by , it was the likes of some venues were booked fully for the two weeks , still we have booked again for next March and will book in advance 710 club etc , anybody know when these can be booked please
  3. There are two side by side as i remember on Arvia in Brodies beside pool table , ship must supply darts
  4. They used to always used to do an offer toward the end of the cruise where you could fill the bag and it used to cost around ten pound to wash and dry as many clothes as you could fit in the bag , which i always used to do .. until all my brand new clothes got shrunk as they use dryers
  5. Done this many times with TUI , try and get Madeira for New years Eve , the firework display is well worth it , must of been around 6 cruise ships docked off Funchal when we did it a few year back
  6. Wrong cruiseline pal , P&O do not have didgem cars ,water slides or balcony inward facing cabins sorry
  7. interesting having just done Arvia we were going to do it again next winter but no flights from Newcastle airport , Po seemed to have fallen out with maleth and their lies the problem , They have built this amazing ship which sails around the west indies but seem to be having difficulties getting people to the ship. Relying on TUI as the charter seems to be having its issues after all they have there own ships and landbased holidays holidays to fill , Thomas cook airlines gone which leaves which long haul charter flight company
  8. agree the NCL ships are very good , remind me of princess , also for solo travellers there is the solo section with your own lounge and only solo key holder section , nice cabin with double bed which our teenage son loved , this was on the epic which is a bigger ship but price wise it was good
  9. Just returned from Arvia and we were going to get the drink pack but we had £600 obc which we then had to top up £360 for two weeks we also brought on a few drinks as we drink a lot by night so i did not think it was worth it
  10. My partner and i took 2 bottles of fizz 1 bottle of malibu and 1 bottle of gin on arvia 3 weeks ago in suitcases , at a few ports we also brought on beer and wine in carrier bags no questions asked
  11. just came off Arvia last week and hardly any kids for 2 weeks
  12. we had to use safari for the app , mind the app never seemed to work well for all six of us
  13. One of the deal breakers for me was that as part of the cruise pack it flew from our local airport NCL which is a great and rare thing. Newcastle direct to Barbados
  14. They seem to be doing more fly cruises I know they do a two week fly cruise around canaries and sure i have seen med too , as part of the package they used Tui for flights .
  15. Yes we too have looked at Ambassador after seeing their boats on last few cruises , Marella have had loyal past customers me included but think they have priced themselves out also still awaiting phone call or mail regarding two issues last February .
  16. They do the whole cruise and flight as a package
  17. Well after many years and cruises with marella going as far back as destiny and spirit we decided to give P&O a try this winter and having just returned these are my thoughts . We first clapped eyes on Arvia last winter docked in beside her in Antigua making the Discovery look like a dirty tug boat . Arvia worked out cheaper than TUI . Only thing that was missing on P&O was free drinks pack but with £600 on board credit that took care of that , we still required £360 top up for two weeks for two week cruise but still working out much cheaper . The ship is in a different league to any TUI ship also the food , restaurants bars etc , only downside was ship may be to big for some and itinerary not as good but on a ship as big as this sea days are not a problem . give P&O a try
  18. hello not looking for a lecture but as an occasional smoker does anybody know the locations of these please
  19. Done this itinerary a lot with TUI , all great ports and walkable to shore bar fuerteventura where i would recommend a tour as not a lot at port . Madeira is a great spot and you dock into Funchal where you can wander the capital . afternoon tea or gin at Reids palace hotel is a must on the balcony overlooking your ship and sea
  20. In summery how much daily is this and does it include drinks please
  21. I agree I only use as come with PE package , years ago the club lounge used to be great , away from the masses and screaming kids and more stags and hens , usually quieter in the airport main bar , however there is talk of the aspire at Newcastle getting a refurb , see what happens
  22. When going through Manchester we were supposed to be on cruise but approx one week before leaving it was cancelled due to covid and we went to land based holiday in Jamaica , The following year we were flying through Newcastle on Tui cruise and again flew PE both times included lounge and fast track
  23. flew TUI PE last 2 years once Manchester it does include lounge access
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