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  1. delgirl


    have been looking to book a cruise on iona next summer. Being put off by the amount of passengers it can carry onboard. Been on QM2 3 times 150,000 tons 2669 passengers. Iona 180,000 tons 5220 passengers. Cannot get my head around it. Its not that much bigger for their to be double the amount of passengers. How are they going to create the space needed or is it just about how many passengers they can pack onboard. Other option is Arcadia but have read a few negative reviews so am unsure about that.
  2. I phoned to make a point. Also thought they could refund my credit card. Just not sure if I want to pay in a cheque for £1.75, but I may do so, it does need to stop happening.
  3. Just received my credit card bill for our cruise on oceana and lo and behold the day after our departure there was a charge for £1.75. Phoned up p and o merely to make a point. He said it was probably something out of the mini bar or we'd purchased something. Told him we did not use our card on the last day as we spent the morning in malta and had a tea with our lunch. I also checked the fridge before we left our stateroom as I had read about these charges, and there was 2 bottles of water still in there. (we never have anything out of the fridge). He said he would send me a cheque in the post! I said is it worth it for the amount but then said ok do that (whether I will cash it in!!) I also remarked that a lot of people are complaining about the extra charges I said if they charged extra on most cruises they were onto a nice little earner as not everyone can be bothered about such a small amount and wouldn't complain. Must admit he was very nice about it and said he hadn't had any phone calls for a while about the overcharges so thought it had been resolved. He also said as he was sending me a cheque it would be classed as a complaint about p and o. I told him I was only phoning really to make a point as it shouldn't happen.
  4. have phoned p and o mostly about plane seat no not showing on e-ticket and mentioned cruise personaliser he said they realised it had gone down and were working on it.
  5. Does anyone know if the cruise personaliser is down every time I try and get on today it is saying access denied you do not have permission to access this site. Hope its just a glitch as I havn't printed my e tickets yet and we go in just under 3 weeks.
  6. We purchased our seats for the aeroplane to malta quite a while seat numbers are showing up on cruise personaliser itinerary view but seat numbers are not on e-ticket. Is this normal or should I phone pando.
  7. on p and o website for our cruise it says 1 black and white night and 1 tropical. On cruise personaliser it says 2 black tie evenings. Is tropical classed as a black tie evening. Confused!!!
  8. delgirl


    Is there plenty to do in heraklion or would it be better to do a ship excusion. Seen an excursion to spinalonga and elounda for £52.00 each wondering if it is worth the price. Also we are going in August so walking about in the heat maybe a problem.
  9. Have just been given cabin A528 on a select guarantee. Obviously midships hb grade but under pool area. Do you know if there is a lot of noise coming from above. Not too bothered but would like a little info before we go.
  10. We had the same when we booked for oceana, apparently if you book the lowest grade (a balcony in our case) you just get a guarantee but with select promises (ie, onboard spend and we picked our dining times). If we had paid for the next grade up it would have cost us nearly £100.00 more each, just to pick our cabin. As we are not bothered where we are on the ship we left it as a guarantee. We still have our £150.00 onboard spend per cabin so am quite happy.
  11. we are going to do the ship excusion to the acropolis don't know whether to do acropolis only or acropolis and plaka, only £4.00 difference. The one just for acropolis is for 4 hours starting at 8.00am the other one is for 6.5 hrs starting at 8.30am. We are going in august so am concerned about the heat, but don't want to spend all afternoon on the ship. Suggestions appreciated.
  12. We have the same problem going to valletta in august this year don't land until 6pm. Our travel agent phoned p and o and they said all early flights were already booked up as this was very early january I was quite surprised they did say we could change our flight out to another airport which had availability in the morning but it wasn't cost affective as we would have had to pay admin charges for changing our flight and as said airport was alot further away we declined!!!
  13. when we went to katakolon in 2016 we did the olympia tour, it was very good. Can't remember price but was on queen victoria so there tours are usually more expensive than p and o. In santorini we did the winery and oia tour. When you do a tour in santorini the price of the cable car is included. mykonos we just walked about and went inside the windmills.
  14. have been given my choice for table time and size if it was a saver fare wouldn't be showing yet. did a dummy run of booking on p and o website and it stated that this grade were guarantee only but still have all the benefits of select fare. I was just wondering why it didn't show up as a guarantee balcony.
  15. We have booked a select price balcony cabin but because it was the lowest grade showed up as a guarantee, was okay with this as we have no preference where we are on the ship. On cruise personaliser says guarantee but the category is blank, also there is no mention of our onboard credit on there, is this normal or should everything be on there.
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