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  1. I guess it is implemented for a more agile communication with/for the Turkish beaching pilot?
  2. We cruised typically 12 weeks/year with RCI. And now- we do not miss it at all. A lot of land-based resort- and cabin vacations more than substitute cruising. Plus-- our last cruise was with Majesty. RCI made it very easy for us to not shed tears over stop-cruising. We did not enjoy at all the MJ slimmed-down "C&A program" further torpedoed onboard by RCI and the executing hotel director (discussion was on MJ thread here). It was a waist of money, and--- RCI made a strategic mistake with all of our refund diatribes , waiting up to 115 days after incremental reimbursements. Coupled all communications with lies, deceptions and other cheap excuses. We are off to board TUI in Hamburg and Crete. We observe RCI on their moves to get us hooked again...
  3. Stella Artois? Is it again wife beater time?
  4. Alright, back to the subject matter: I think US cruising in early January is only allowed on Route 66 (speculation)
  5. At this point, this functionality is only released for suite guests
  6. Around the horn with Argentina and Chile plus a cruise ship based in Hamburg with Norway Fjord cruises
  7. So within 5 weeks (later) RCI was not capable to refund " the missing 100s"? Is it fair to say Vicki Freed is a liar and cheated her agents in the quoted webinar?
  8. I'd like to see 7-14 day cruises from/to Hamburg, Elbe River passage, Northsea to Norway
  9. Hehe, would you share with us which Pin gave you a chewing out and what the tingler was about that you hate this group or are you just a normal Debbie Downer ?
  10. Please do not insult Europeans as he is a Brexiteer
  11. You will never survive with a half glass full in the desert. A half glass empty is a more realistic perception😛
  12. Your statement about Cuba fares being the highest is typical twangster fake news. Here in Europe the Cuba RCI runs were extremely cheap. That's why we booked b2b2b😝 The world of RCI does not revolve solely around Florida. Also why do you mention Pinnacles as a reference group with respect to your one Cuba cruise. Would you please explain us?
  13. The Empress now in Souda Bay is like a tiny star already in reach of that massive black hole. It doesn't take a long time and the Empress is scrap matter.....
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