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  1. and from a third perspective: BMS GEMİ GERİ DÖNÜŞÜM auf Instagram: „ASTOR 🛳 . . . . #vessel #scrapvessel #recycle #shiprecycling #astor“
  2. RCI being in a dire situation probably generates some extra money by selling the above information to other merchants. Standby for extra emails in your inbox 🤑
  3. I had no other payments than cruise fare and taxes/port fees. Got a tax/port fee reimbursement which did not match the paid taxes/port fees on the invoice and got my cruise fare in 5 installments. That multiplied by 6 more cruises to be refunded was a 3 month bookkeeping nightmare. Nothing matched the figures on the invoices. Last they tried to shy away with some 80 to 120 $ for ea cruise- probably they thought I forgot to keep track (which I did most time) but strong intervention by my TA made them pay MY loaned money
  4. W-H-A-T ? You enjoy dining in CK with all your Pin adversaries? Are you getting older and wiser , or is it just catharsis????
  5. or new welding gas container 😎
  6. As a reminder: I asked for senior staff only. I got news from a hotel director. He is at home and says he receives 0 salary now. That is a wow for me as I did not expect that. Hope when some time in the future cruise ships are manned again they find enough hotel directors and such senior staff to operate.
  7. Those staff not currently based on a ship, but staying home: up to/down to what level of position senior staff still gets a 365 fixed salary in today's Covid world? I guess captains, hotel directors? food&beverage directors?, chefs? cruise director?, guest service manager? Anybody knows?
  8. I guess you booked in Germany. The consumer rights are way better than what happens in the USA with refunds. My German-booked cruises which have been cancelled were reimbursed ea in one installment after 7 working days, my US booked cruises took 120 days in increments
  9. You better read the posts fully before spreading assumptions and fake news. Also I think I have a pretty good picture of what is going on here in Europe- what is possible and what is deniable. All my observations w/r to RCI's evil refund strategy come from my own 6 cruises that I booked in the USA (I have 2 residencies, one in the US and one in Europe) way before March 2020 and which had been cancelled by RCI. I would not be so naïve to book any 2020 sailings especially with RCI's unacceptable tactic of delaying reimbursements and currently we have no 2021 bookings. (Although I have
  10. You obviously do not read all threads here, especially those who are subject matter related and where the ugly face of RCI's refund diatribe was and still is discussed plus the full payment issue for cruises that will never happen. I was affected by myself- my TA called zillion times and the false promises of the company drove and still drives anybody crazy. I had to FIGHT for refunds for 6 cruises and after lies and delay tactics got refunds in up to 8 increments per cruise. It is RCI`s new trademark - false announcements of refunds and after 125 days sending incremental moneys expectin
  11. This company has already lost its credibility by cheating thousands of loyal customers with their evil refund strategy as discussed in various threads here. RCI has to live with non-transparency and further actively lying to customers in order to receive "free" loans for cruises they still sell but knowing they will never take place. The collection of down-payments and final payments are part of their strategy to survive. But it is no excuse and already sheds a light on their integrity. The company officials on the flag officer deck know exactly what is and what will go on until early 20
  12. Dumping useless personnel like the hotel director and .......
  13. This is the duration of a traditional Italian hour for the workforce
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