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  1. Latest lie at >70 days: "we cannot refund the port fees and taxes because we (RCCL) are also waiting to be reimbursed by port authorities". On the other regular fare refund no new words from RCCL
  2. We L&S'ed here in Germany from Allure 31 August to same date Harmony 2021. So it is applicable for all Europe cruises (before cancelled by RCI), especially for DACH customers to include you. You might not find a knowledgeable RCI rep in continental Europe anymore, as they have permanently closed the DACH, French, Dutch, Barcelona/Spain offices and sacked the employees , starting before corona. All closed and shut down permanently for DACH 30 June 2020 Good luck and Schaun mer mal
  3. Refunds for 2 cruises still missing after 75 days of chewing RCI. Had 4 different lame excuses, the last one, "we have to wait for taxes and port fees to be refunded to Royal from authorities, than can refund customer" Cheating and lying is Royal Caribbean`s new business model
  4. The automatism is not correct. Here -refund requested >70 days ago, TA calls each week and keeps me in the loop (we are cruise friends) but 2 days ago they bluntly lied that yes, they see the taxes and port fees still owed to me, but they cannot reimburse because they are themselves waiting from port authorities to be refunded. What a nonsense and true lies. They did not pay taxes and fees in advance for my March 24 cancelled and requested cruise not even when I paid the deposit in early 2019. Why do cruise passengers for the exactly same cruise received their taxes and fees in time? RCCL is so dishonest
  5. Yesterday a phone rep told my TA that the port fees/taxes are not coming because RCCL itself is waiting for the port fees to be refunded by the port authorities. OMG the lies become so ridiculous. This is really unworthy a so called world class company
  6. RCCL cancelled cruise 24 March, I requested a refund 24 March for a b2b and------ even the taxes and fees were not refunded after now 70 days. TA got a hold of RCCL and was bluntly lied at "we (RCCL) are waiting for the ports to reimburse our paid port fees and taxes."........
  7. Day 70 here as well and no final payment for 2 cruises , for one not even the taxes and port fees
  8. Royal Caribbean must be in a desperate state by now. I received a second partial refund (2-digit figure) for my 24 March Royal-cancelled and refund requested cruise. Still owing me high 3 digit figure (including all taxes/fees). On my other (b2b) 24 March Royal-cancelled and refund requested cruise, no news after a partial payment early May. Still owing me a 3 digit figure.
  9. Does the shareholder credit roll over ro new booking when applying Lift And Shift?
  10. What constitutes a Suite Lounge drama please?😯
  11. Did any C&A requested or stated that they should get priority refunding? No. Only you implied it in post #37 in order to heat up the discussion. For the few suites, again, you know exactly who I mean....
  12. We know of a gentleman, always posh dressed, chasing women who meets his future GF on each and different cruise
  13. You refer to a C&A member status but forgot the few stiff upper suite guests if you know what/whom I mean. Waiting for refunds for 3 RCCL cancelled cruises. Requested the refunds 24March and got limited partial refunds after 47 days. One cruise taxes/fees still missing, for all 3 cruises missing rest refunds in the high 3 digit numbers. Other than cruise fare, no miscellaneous expenses booked
  14. You sure the Pinnacles did not spread the virus?
  15. Applied for refund March 25, received now 3 partial refunds for 3 RCCL-cancelled cruises. One cruise's refund is taxes/fees missing, the other 2 are missing parts of the cruise fare paid (we have no other expenditures like cruise planner). A total of some 600$ are missing. TA called and emailed, with no definite answers what and why this happens. At least I know that my anger grows and grows. We also will not book any more cruises until the monetary discrepancies are fully solved and reimbursed.
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