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  1. Not really concerned. Actually will be shocked if the cruise (Lisbon to Miami) is a go. If it is a go we are planning on being onboard. But if it is cancelled we wanna book a trip anywhere that will have us...lol
  2. Its probably about that time when we should hear about September....I hope they just go ahead and announce October as well since we have an October booking.
  3. Things like passing a passenger in a corridor isn't an issue! Thats like people wearing a mask driving a car by themselves! Common sense is what we need
  4. New month, should be hearing an update on further suspensions soon
  5. Jjg34219

    Use of FCV

    Our TA was told two different things before and after applying the FCV to our rebooked cruise. First it was it could be used for anything, after booking it was had to be used prior to sailing for just about anything, the difference beingbthe use before sailing
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