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  1. Nor are these pointless posts.... talk about thread drift !
  2. $2,000 is an increment of $1,000 last time I checked 😀
  3. Agree.... but personally, I don't want to get ill, mildly or even asymptomatic. I'm ok with some additional protocols to prevent that.
  4. I'm with you on the full vaccination protocol...... but unfortunately there will be additional protocols needed. Remember, the vaccine is not a 100% guarantee you can't pick up the virus (particularly a variant) in some port. I admit the chance of that happening is extremely slim, but all it will take is one person to bring it back onboard, and even if everyone else is vaccinated, you'll see chaos on the ship.
  5. No specifics about vaccinations in that announcement.... just screening.
  6. As @aliaschief pointed out.... the current vaccination requirement only pertains to the recently announced cruises from Greece. Nothing announced regarding departures from the U.S., although everyone expects an announcement soon. When it does come, I would expect it to include some onboard mask wearing requirements in certain areas or circumstances.
  7. You may have missed your window to transfer your booking. I'm not sure how strict HAL is with respect to the 60-day window. Copied from the Reservation Transfer Request Form: Direct bookings may only be transferred to your TA within 60 days of booking as long as (a) the request is made outside Final Payment period and (b) the booking isn't paid in full.
  8. Unless of course the CSO is extended beyond 11/1/2021 and that 7 night stipulation isn't revised or removed from the extended order. Hopefully, there won't be any extensions, or better yet, the current order gets lifted prior to 11/1/2021.
  9. Even if you grant them permission, I seriously doubt the airlines will attempt to modify their IT infrastructure to directly access the thousands of healthcare systems that exist in the U.S. to look for vaccine records. Until a country-wide universal vaccination passport system is developed (unlikely anytime soon), the "paper card" is all they will have to rely on.
  10. I see all the Rotterdam sailings as well this morning 5/1/2021 @ 8:50am EDT
  11. You might ask the same question on the roll call thread for this cruise..... I looked and not much activity on the roll call.
  12. There will be a small number of crew & staff, through no fault of their own, who will not be able to receive the vaccine due to medical reasons, hence the 98%. Also, vaccine availability in some of the home countries where crew/staff reside is not that plentiful, hopefully that will problem will diminish over the course of the year.
  13. @Flatbush FlyerThen why are you even on the HAL forum? Not getting enough attention on the O forum?
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