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  1. yes the royal has a small prom deck with about ten teak loungers on both starboard and port stern....i spent a lot of time there but of course it is way too short for walking much and the starboard stern was smokers heaven which was no big deal when moving with the wind but not so great when in port if wind blew the smoke back towards the bow...but at least it is a pleasant place to sit close to the sea without having to look through dirty plexiglass 15++ floors up
  2. 1. Walking on an indoor treadmill has little resemblance to walking an open air promenade deck hearing the ocean nearby, feeling the air temperature and ocean breezes, pausing to look out at the horizon, watching birds and the occasional sea life close up. 2. Walking indoor corridors is about as exciting as going to a local Holiday Inn and walking up and down the hallways. I tr to walk about ten miles a day , five in a.m and five in the p.m......try walking ten miles in the corridors or on a treadmill. Not my cup of chai. 3, Walking an open air uncovered sport deck 15 or so decks above the sea looking through often dirty plexiglass with 8 laps to a mile in often windy or too sunny conditions is not the same as walking a nice promenade deck a few levels above the sea looking through open air rails , seeing, smelling, and sensing the ocean mere feet away. 4. Sorry but I really don't buy the argument that new designs have much to do with lifeboat placements. Seems to have more to do with using a good chunk of what could be a proper prom deck to add extra square footage for the shops. 5. Recently spent a month on the Royal. Really missed a proper prom deck. . 6. Continue to try and pick cruises on ships that still have a proper prom deck for walking as well as nice teak or lounger chairs to sit , relax, and enjoy being close to the ocean. More shop space selling a variety of stuff that i have zero interest in may make the bean counters happy but not me. 7. Obviously prom decks are not important to many cruisers. On the other hand it does seem important to many people. Only real solution seems to sail on older ships that were built in a time when a cruise was more about a connection to the sea and not about seeing how many more shops can be crammed inside. 8. Bottom line is i do make a conscious effort to pick ships with proper prom decks and will continue to do so even though the options no doubt will continue to diminish as more ships are built at the instructions of execs who seem to think more people are interested in floating shopping centers. And they are probably right. I guess one good thing about being older is that hopefully I will still be able to find a few older ships that provide what many of the newer ships don't provide.
  3. I' I'll take your word for the difficulties but I will continue to think it is sad that the beautiful Hawaiian Islands don't have a more vibrant cruise industry...one full time ship charging prices way higher than many/most other destinations in my estimation is a shame. Thanks for all the information you have shared.
  4. I have little doubt that sufficient protections would be included in any exemption passed by congress to make sure that the environment and safety concerns would be adequately protected. You make it sound like an exemption is an all or nothing proposition which it does not need to be. You also seem to miss the point that IF such an exemption were to occur that hawaii could very well have 3 or 4 ships (as NCL originally promised) year round in hawaii.....so if there are 4 ships here and each is doing 4 cruises a month that is 16 sets of port calls...PLUS additional stops for repositioning ships doing the pre-post alaska season runs to from hawaii. Anyway..i wish you well and am sure you are well versed in current maritime laws. Perhaps the pro Jones/PVSA bunch should hire you as one of their lobbyists.
  5. There are many many businesses in the USA that compete every day with products imported from other countries...there are also many USA businesses that sell their products to these same countries....it's called trade. as for safety...... cruise ships that take on passengers at U.S. ports, the U.S. Coast Guard requires these ships to meet the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Give Hawaii a waiver from the PSVA and see how fast the prices drop and the inventory and brands of Hawaii cruises increases...ask the shoreside vendors who provide , food, fuel, shore excursions, tee shirts, food/beverage, etc etc if they prefer having one ship based in Hawaii or several and see how they feel.
  6. That is why i would like to see a waiver from all the provisions re US crew, US flag, etc....level the playing field and let the cruise lines compete in Hawaii and see what that does to hawaii interisland cruise prices. I suspect that some CCL / RCCL brands would be based in Hawaii year round and the overall pricing would decrease dramatically.
  7. I don't like the Jones or PVSA acts....seems you do. I am sure we can both find all kinds of reports supporting or opposing change. Common sense tells me that if there were more ships sailing round trip from hnl that it would ultimately result in lower prices via competition. Trying to compare ships sailing to/from hawaii with 8 or so sea days involved is a very different product than someone flying into hnl, doing a 3, 4 , 7 ,10 or 14 day cruise around the islands and then flying back to the mainland. These type cruises would result in many more pre/post cruise stays and pump a lot of $$ into Hawaii tourism rather than people doing a 15 day round trip from YVR etc with only 5 days or so actually spent in the islands. I like open markets and competition.
  8. not sure i need to check... i have noticed that living in hawaii for 45 years.....though there are definitely some expensive places in the caribbean as well....
  9. A quick check shows average balcony rates on Pride of America 7 day Hawaii cruise at around $2500 per person plus port over the next six to 12 months...the average balcony on an NCL 7 day caribbean cruise is typically about $1000 plus port with some dates sold for less than $500 a person. NCL has a de facto monopoly which allows them to command these very high prices. The caribbean has lower costs and lots of competition. Hawaii NCL has higher cost and little if any competition. I would also bet that shore excursion sales in Hawaii are significantly higher dollar values than a caribbean cruise. The local cargo companies in Hawaii, primarily Matson, have lobbied long and hard to make sure there are zero cracks in the Jones Act and the PSA. Many estimates say that the Jones Act restrictions raise the cost of living in Hawaii by approximately 15%. Jones and PVSA are ancient (1920) laws that need to be amended or repealed but are supported by millions of dollars poured into politicians via lobbyist groups. For a more detailed read try this report.... https://www.cato.org/publications/policy-analysis/jones-act-burden-america-can-no-longer-bear#introduction
  10. ..used to have america hawaii cruises the last of the ships built in usa in 1948..they ultimately died and ncl ran a lot of hawaii to kiribati 10 day cruises with many sea days to get around pvsa...silliness... ncl promised hawaii several ships a year but now has one that charges 2 to 3 times as much as a caribbean cruise....nice to have a monopoly in one of the most attractive cruise destinations on the planet. sad
  11. The reasons that hawaii only has one ship doing interisland cruises is the monopoly that former senator inouye gave to NCL ....he could have used his power to get hawaii cruises exempt from PSA act but instead got snookered by NCL to give them in effect a monopoly on interisland cruises...check the prices on a 7 day hawaiian NCL cruise compared to a typical 7 night caribbean cruise to see the true effects of monopolistic pricing...darn shame as with a waiver for hawaii there would no doubt be several cruise ships based permanently in hawaii doing 3, 4, 7, 10 & 14 night cruises around the islands.
  12. Sloppy....but princess is not the only one that puts out info full of grammar and spelling mistakes. How long does it take for one or two people to proof read before printing? It's one thing to miss a few mistakes in a casual email but when you are printing something for thousands of people to read why not get it right? Just shows a lack of pride and/or professionalism which seems to be disappearing from many corporations/individuals these days. My old english teacher would not be amused.
  13. As a frequent walker i have said before there is more to the no jogging than noise to the cabins below...the vast majority of people using the prom deck are typically a bit older and often mobility challenged...most people are out for a slow stroll as they stare off into the ocean often semi oblivious to other people on the prom deck...as many ships have made the prom decks more and more narrow there is also the safety concern of joggers running into the stroller group...i have seen it happen.....even when just walking i often have to be very alert to keep from walking into/hitting the strolling bunch as they step back to take a pic etc. There are valid reasons to restrict jogging/running on prom decks. Of course many think the rules don't apply to them as they are "special".
  14. i thought so and tried forward camera channel for announcements but didn't work on my tv/cruise for all announcements....a few yes, but not main captain announcements...maybe a glitch with my tv or the system....
  15. just imagine what a two week land tour with hotels, meals, transport would cost compared to doing it on a cruise.....
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