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  1. I see no valid reason that a cruise ship cannot designate a few book shelves as a take one leave one for cruisers. It cost them literally zero as books will be donated by passengers and replenished by passengers. I also think there are many, me included, passengers who would attempt to keep the books orderly and even toss damaged ones. I have stayed in many hotels, hostels, etc all over the world that have small areas for take one leave one. Often a lot of travel books are left there along with a wide variety of paperbacks as well as a few hardbacks. If this small service causes the hotels any problems I have yet to see the problem. And yes I know all about kindles etc but am not the least bit interested in that format. I love to browse through real books. I always buy a few used paperbacks from the local library before i go on a cruise and always leave more books than I ever take. I have stumbled onto a few very enjoyable books left by other passengers and hope that other passengers may have enjoyed some of the books I have donated. Seems a small simple service that might at least be done on a trial basis as very little to lose but some happy cruisers to gain, especially on the longer itineraries.
  2. re: Alaska ports https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/10/08/alaskan-cruise-ports-we-may-not-survive-without-2021-cruise-season/5922837002/
  3. I sure never saw a free shuttle at Laem chabang port for bangkok....It is almost a two hour drive and the taxi mafia wants ten times the normal fare. From where the ships dock to the highway is also over a mile walk to escape the industrial port and be able to catch a baht bus or taxi at normal Thai rates to bangkok or pattaya. Shame on thailand for allowing the taxi mafia to RULE this port.
  4. "Now, there's a catch. The test is only 97% effective. So you still want to wear a mask. But isn't 97% of something better than 100% of nothing?" The article never said this was the be all end all solution. It does however seem to me to be at least one giant possible step to get back to some sort of normalcy in travel and life. I would hope that eventually it could be a self administered test that could be done daily if warranted and would allow people to enter all types of events, restaurants, bars, airplanes, cruises, hotels, etc by having their phone scanned. Sure some false results would occur but it seems that if it was correct 97% of the time it could weed out a huge portion of infected people and reduce spreading infections. Certainly worth exploring as one potential positive development. Without testing and with projected efficacy of a vaccine at around 50-60% it is going to require more than a vaccine to get back to semi normal.
  5. from google: Which Princess ships have covered pools? The following ships all have covered/indoor pools: Coral. Island. Grand. Golden. Star. Diamond. Sapphire. Jun 28, 2011
  6. https://www.fiercebiotech.com/medtech/united-airlines-to-offer-covid-19-testing-starting-from-sfo-to-hawaii yes united is using the abbot labs test as the quick version...never said it was accepted by hawaii....
  7. it was from jim cramer the stock guy
  8. This is the direction United Airlines is moving. Seems to have good potential for Cruise Industry as well. Vaccine is still far away and even then many will likely refuse to take the shots. You can wait for the vaccine. Be my guest. I hope we have something by the end of the first quarter of 2021. I don't think we can wait that long. Which is why I hope that Abbott Labs (ABT) can bring back some normalcy to this country -- and the world -- with its BinaxNOW rapid antigen test for Covid-19 along with its amazing Navica app that shows if you are safe to be admitted to where you want to go. Look, I am a huge believer in the hoped-for vaccine. I am speaking to Sanofi (SNY) today about their incredible partnership with sworn competitor GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) about their efforts. I am trying to get into the Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) trial that was announced just yesterday. But let's face it: we can't just presume that a vaccine works if a couple of thousand people are walking around in a bunch of cities for two months and they don't come down with anything. And we also can no longer presume that even if it seems to work anyone will take it because the darned thing's gotten so politicized. That's how unreliable the whole federal medical apparatus has become. Which brings me back to Abbott's recently announced rapid test and its really cool Navica app that I have downloaded for free. Right now it is hard to find this 15-minute test because the federal government has procured 150 million of them to start the process of opening America with a higher degree of confidence than we currently have. That's about all that's available of this simple test that's done on premises instead of sending it out to some faraway lab for results. It's pretty easy. A clinician takes a nasal swab, wipes it on a card and in 15 minutes you know if you are positive or negative for Covid-19. The results are then downloaded to your Navica app and a QR code tells you whether you have Covid or not within a 97% accuracy rate. It becomes your easily scanned cellphone test about whether you can enter or not and it is a heck of a lot more meaningful than a temperature take which you could argue may be for show because many really really sick people with Covid don't have temperature. I believe the federal government wants to be able to test kids so they can go school or be turned back if their code shows positive. Obviously, you would keep your child back if she tested positive. The good news would be that both spouses could return to work -- no one would have to make the sad choice between a child's health and their own financial well-being. I think it is the most important priority out there right now. Once Abbott Labs gets fully up to speed, though -- and they are spending hundreds of millions of dollars and hiring thousands of people to mass produce these kits -- the government won't be the only ones with tests. The drug stores can take over and really make this a mass product. Here's how I see things shaking out. I know that the most impossible thing I am going to say tonight is that the Eagles will be in the Super Bowl. Of course, I would go, Covid or not, because I am a total knucklehead Bird fanatic. What I would envision is that by Super Bowl weekend in February everyone would have downloaded Navica and the airlines and stadiums will all have Navica screeners. The day before I go to the airport to fly to Tampa Bay, I will go to my CVS (CVS) after work and get my non-invasive 15-minute test with the results uploaded into my Navica app. I know you might have heard that you have to have some reason that you think you need to take the test. I think we have plenty of reasons so I am not worried about being rejected. You shouldn't be either. You won't be. I'll have my results, in my Navica, by the time I get home. The next day I am going to go to the airport and just like I use my QR as an e-ticket to get on the plane, the airline will have a QR scanner to get your Navica verdict. If I am negative I will get on the plane. When I get to the stadium they, too, will scan my Navica and, again, I will get in to the game to see the Eagles probably beat the Patriots for the second time in three years. Now, there's a catch. The test is only 97% effective. So you still want to wear a mask. But isn't 97% of something better than 100% of nothing? Oh, and after we win? I'm going to Disney World, where, by then, they, too, will have Navica readers so there's no tests, no line, and I am right into the Magic Kingdom. The odd thing? I seem to be the only one who knows this will be the future. Gary Kelly, CEO of Southwest Airlines (LUV) , didn't know about it when I asked him yesterday. I don't know if Disney (DIS) has figured it out either. Suffice it to say I see the future they don't. Get ready for it. It's a lot more likely than a victory by the Eagles in the Super Bowl.
  9. 2 months of cruises a year , one spring, one fall for over 10 straight years....so yes am missing it but also trying to come up with new adventures for next couple of years if necessary. Not very many places that I can go now that I want to visit. Thailand and Viet Nam are old standbys but they are shut down pretty tight now and don't seem likely to open again anytime soon. Mexico is a maybe...or may just stay home in Hawaii which is not all bad.
  10. My guess is highly doubtful....that is only about 4 months away and I will be amazed if all the ports are open by then.
  11. yes genting bought NCL in 2000 and sold them in 2007.....star cruises was the semi model for NCL ships... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genting_Hong_Kong
  12. Unfortunately I still see a lot of customers enter walmart with no masks and nobody says anything to them. Others come in with a mask, walk by the signs that say mask required, then pull mask down to wear around their necks. It's like they go out of their way to actually have a mask and then refuse to wear it...some kind of weird political or conspiracy theory statement. Frankly I view it as a statement that "I don't care if I infect you, your grandparents, or anyone else cause it is my right to follow or ignore rules that i disagree with"....I suppose using that logic they are also ok with people who don't stop for stop signs, red run lights, drive 100 mph. Sad selfish ignorant people in my opinion.
  13. if money were no object i would be happy to cruise crystal exclusively....i am fortunate to have done 14 crystal cruises....generally an exceptionally well done product.
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