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  1. Ah that's kind of them Purdey. It saves you the stress of driving too. I do hope everything is ok while you are away. Try to enjoy yourself. Best wishes. Jane.x
  2. Thank you very much Graham. It's very good news isn't it. They were however very clear that the responsibility did not rest with them, but with the perpetrator, who is now gone. It was not an admission of guilt by the company. The offer was specific in that it was neither a refundable or transferrable amount. The main thing is that, as you say, justice was served. I hope you are both well. Best wishes. Jane.x
  3. So sorry to hear that Purdey. Are you still OK to go and if so will your daughter take you? Jane.x
  4. Thanks very much Harry. Yes, they did the right thing and for that I'm grateful - to them for the recognition and to my girl for being so honest with her nan. She's a good kid with very clear values about life and I'm proud of her. Oh Harry we are indeed tearing our hair out! It's a nightmare - the worst time in general practice that I can remember in my 33 years of service to the NHS. Every day is a bureaucratic nightmare at the moment. You are so right about the GP bashing in the press. My practice has seen patients face-to-face right throughthe pandemic. We've done more house calls to the housebound, made more telephone calls to patients we knew would be worrying, to the lonely and mental health patients, than ever before - because it was the right and caring thing to do - and still we are the accused. We have found the online and virtual consultations to be very popular with, as you say, problems that can easily be dealt with. The working population especially has expressed great satisfaction with the speed of response and it will continue; but we have always been there for those in need and that will continue as well. It's what we're there for. Still, if The Mail and The Telegraph say we are lazy, it must be true! Thanks as always for your support Harry. It will all come good in the end. Best wishes. Jane.x
  5. Thanks very much Michelle and happy shopping today with mum. Jane.xx
  6. Morning Gill and thanks very much. Yes, it's a good outcome. I agree about the cctv being useful on occasion and in this instance they knew it was not just a disgruntled passenger on the make. I will however never forgive them for the boiled octopus on toast! Have a good day. Best wishes. Jane.xx
  7. Thank you Gail. That's a good suggestion and I'll give it a try. I'm not overly hopeful though because there were T&Cs attached - non refundable, non-transferrable etc but as you say, worth a punt. Thanks again. Jane.x
  8. Thanks Avril. Yes, it's good news and I'm happy. We could have had a good chat at 3am so next time it happens that sleep evades us I'll log on again and see if you're there - I'll provide the biscuits! You're so right about the total mess we're in. Instead of grandstanding and listening to their own voices the powers that be should listen, for a change, to the actual workerforce. What am I saying - that's never going to happen - must be sleep deeprivation! Have a good day Avril and I hope Frank is feeling a bit better. Jane.x
  9. Thank you Purdey. I hope you have a great time floating. It's just what you need after all the upheaval of your recent move etc. Close (and lock) the front door, walk away, and just concentrate on yourself for 5 lovely days. Enjoy it and yourself. Best wishes. Jane.x
  10. Good Very Early Morning Everyone. It's 2.25am and I can't sleep so I'm having a catch up on here and a good laugh at some of the posts. Well I'm so hacked-off with NHS England. We were due to vaccinate all our immuno-suppressed and vulnerable patients this weekend but late on Monday they (NHSE) cancelled us. Apparently we (nationwide) now have to wait for more information from secondary care, specifically hospital consultants, in order to get a fuller picture of whrom they also recommend for a third vaccine. NHSE will then compile new lists of added-on diagnoses for us to search on. So Harry, your practice is right to wait for the searches after all. I've spent ages getting the weekend organised with vaccinators, volunteers, cleaning staff et al, and it's all for nothing. In the meanwhile, Boris has has announced that the booster programme can go ahead from next week - err how? Without notice to plan it's an impossibility. This is typical of the government - to make a big announcement without telling the people who have to deliver said big announcement! I have news - from MSC. I received a very full letter from them yesterday in which they informed me that, having viewed the cctv footage in the bar area where the incident took place, they agreed that there actually was an incident as I had described, and the perpetrator has now been sacked. By way of an apology, for his behavior, not the company's, they also offered me £1,000 - off a future cruise! So while that £1k voucher is unlikely to ever be used I was impressed with the tone of the letter and it's contents. I was never after compensation but justice for my grandaughter and all future young girls who crossed this man's path. So, overall I feel vindicated and glad I did the right thing by drawing the matter to their attention. I am so glad to be able to tell you guys this news because you really supported me when I told you the sordid tale - for which I thank you once again. Anyone want a £1k voucher for an MSC cruise? It's now 3.10am so I think I'll have another coffee then go back to bed and listen to the radio. Have a good day everyone. Be well and safe. Best wishes as always. Jane.xx
  11. Thanks once again Harry. You really are very kind. I think it would be worth speaking to your PM tomorrow if you can - if only to get a definitive answer on their timescale. With regard to the numbers, we alone have 196 in the group and I believe we are looking at 1050 for the whole of the PCN which is also around 30,000 patients. Good luck with the conversation and do let me know how you get on. Best wishes. Jane.x
  12. So sorry to hear this Jean. You really haven't had much luck this year have you. I wish him better and hope very much that it's not a prolapse. Take care and best wishes. Jane.x
  13. Good Morning Harry and thanks, as always, for your kind comments. I am lucky to be part of a very proactive PCN. We, the Practice Managers, meet online every Monday morning to discuss the forthcoming week and, given that we all have something different to offer, it works well. We all did our own patient searches last Monday according to the annex listings in the letter you attached. The searches are quite fiddly, involved, and not foolproof. Without getting too technical, if the GPs have not coded their consultations correctly, patients can be missed from the searches. However, when our partners review the searches, their knowledge of their patient population usually picks up any missing names or anomalies. We decided as a group not to wait for the official searches to be available in the knowledge that we could do our own in order to get started asap. The official searches, when available, should match our own, with the knowledge that we can do a "sweep" of any missed patients at the end. I am sorry you're not having the same experience with your own practice but, as I said, I am lucky to be part of a very proactive PCN. Hopefully it won't be too long before you are called. Keep well Harry. Best wishes as always. Jane.x
  14. Good Morning Everyone and Happy Sunday It's a bit of a mixed weekend isn't it? We had the sadness of the 9/11 memorials and the joy of watching an eighteen year old win the US open. I started the day watching an interview with a NY firefighter on the BBC. I don't know if anyone else saw it but it was inspired. His first day as a newly-qualified firefighter was on 9/11 and he is now Captain of his his station. I have rarely been so totally absorbed by an interview. It was deeply touching. Moving on some 12 hours ( I did loads in between - I didn't just watch TV all day!) I was engrossed in the tennis final. A real fairytale of New York. The girl with the mega-watt smile done good! I wish a happy belated birthday to Frank -hope he never tires of his new toy Avril. Sarah, never mind Jude Law -the kedgeree looked far more attractive! A busy week ahead for me: I'll be preparing for next weekend when we are giving third vaccines to all our immuno-suppressed and vulnerable patients. It's going to be a real family affair at the surgery as we've roped in all our kids and grandkids to act as marshalls. Well it beats sending them up chimneys! I need to book another cruise! Having had the August disaster (still waiting to hear, and tomorrow is the 28 day deadline for them) I fancy a week on my own and am thinking of the Christmas Market trip on Iona. Anyone else on that one? Keep well and stay safe everyone. Best wishes to all. Jane.xxx
  15. She was in Belfast when we were there in August Sue - and definitely having work done. Jane.x
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