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  1. I had a Sony a6400. I had it for a year and rarely used it. It was bought when my other camera was lost/stolen. Every review and recommendation was to go the a6xxx route. Because I need a camera quickly, I got a deal on it (and recently sold it for more than I bought it for). I could not get the camera to work for the way I was use to shooting. I learned using a Canon 7D. I learned how to get out of Auto mode and strictly use Manual mode. ISO, Aperture, and Speed were all at my finger tips. I never had that with the Sony and left it in Auto mode. I tried for several weeks to make it work for m
  2. If they have to do involuntary boots, it is not going to be a pretty situation. There will be no real fair way for it to happen. For me, we only have about 5 weeks we can vacation as a family. There is limited vacation places that are affordable by the time they cancel cruises. Inside say 45-days, it would be near impossible to plan an affordable different vacation. Then, the cruise line would be responsible for compensation for airfare, hotel bookings, etc for involuntary boots. Then comes a legal obligation in the contract. I know there is wording in it, but there is nothing in it to my know
  3. The TA talked with CCL directly to ask, but that is the same agency that said my final payment was moved to May 31st but charged me on April 15th. I wanted it in writing but they won't. It will be a pain in the rear having to fight with the TA and CCL to cancel and rebook November just to get the $600OBC if they lied to me.
  4. It is not "free" on NCL either. You are paying a higher cabin price per person for it and 20% gratuity. If you buy it separately, it is insanely expensive at $1,000 pp
  5. I won't know if I was lied to yet or not until CCL cancels July. But, when my TA hit the Final Payment the other day, I was not happy. I spent an hour with them and CCL on getting the charges reversed and answering this exact question. I will be furious if I was lied to because I would have canceled this cruise weeks ago if the FCC+OBC does not transfer to an existing booking.
  6. I asked this question previously as well because I am in the same situation in about 3 weeks when July gets canceled. I have been told here and directly by my TA that I can apply the FCC and the $600 OBC (its an 8-night cruise) to the one that is already booked in November. I spoke with my TA for over an hour the other day on this because the FUBAR'd my final payment date by not moving it to the end of May. My Scenario: July Mardi Gras Cruise (soon to be canceled); November Magic cruise already booked; When the Mardi Gras is canceled, all funds will go to FCC and move to the November Ma
  7. I have another Carnival cruise in November. July is going to be canceled in the next 3 weeks or so. I will transfer the FCC and OBC to that cruise once it is done. I did not want the entire July cruise paid and specifically told them to move the final payment date to May 31 as Carnival stated. Instead of a couple $100 tied up, $3,000 is tied up. In the end, its a wash. What I a more upset with is I had called them 3x and they said it was done. Then I get the charge on my card last night.
  8. I was told if they reverse it, it would cancel the booking. The money is in a separate bank account, but I didn't want it tied up for 7 months.
  9. We are in July and it extended to end of May. My TA in error paid on the original Final Payment date of yesterday. I was not happy.
  10. Oh, I will definitely be sailing if it goes. However, it looks like July is already gone and it will be a few weeks before they even cancel. I just don't like the idea of my money being tied up once again is all especially after contacting my TA 3x to make sure they move the Final Payment date.
  11. Woke up to an email from our TA indicating that they took final payment for our July cruise. After speaking with them 3x prior to extend it to May 31, they still charged me. They have been good so far, but this one bites a bit especially after telling them to extend it. I was find with ~$500 tied up, but now I will have $3,000 tied up when it cancels in 3-4 weeks. Yes, my November cruise will be paid off, but that is only good if it sails.
  12. I agree with you. The issue is the CDC made a statement to the media, as fact, that by eliminating the middle seats the risk is reduced by 50%. This is from the CDC who has publicly stated and directly inferred that air travel is covid free because they can circulate air. They are now contradicting themselves and stating air travel is not covid free. It goes to the argument that airlines should have been shutdown 100% like the cruise industry has been.
  13. Exactly. They don't have any data. They make it up as they go because a large majority of the country believes them blindly.
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