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  1. The owner of GoPort bought a $100k Tesla with all the money he refused to refund customers.
  2. Personally, I would spend the extra $50 to get the 6-pack. The 2-pack is $69. the 3-pack is $99, and the 6-pack is $150. I would rather "lose" $50 on the 6-pack than scramble to find a place that can give a rapid test. The other thing is you can take the unused kits with you and possible save someone that is in a panic at the port because they lost their test, can't get ahold of the test facility, or something else. Mine will expire before we could ever use them again, so if they aren't needed by anyone, I will just toss them after expiration.
  3. Anyone can use the BinaxNow with eMed. They each have to have their own Navica account and preferably their own email account. I would insure that you have 2 test kits per person AND schedule a rapid test somewhere. There have been issues with the eMed test kits: dropper empty, proctor skipping or messing up a step, user dropping the test from the video, the video camera shutting off, computer going into sleep mode, etc. Lots can go wrong. There are 3 of us and I have (had) the 6-pack. We used one to test our daughter the other week just to be sure she didn't have covid. I am confident we will be fine with 2 spares, but I am still scheduling rapid tests for us that I can cancel.
  4. We don't have that in NC to my knowledge. I will have to look into this to see if there is a way to view it online...just in case.
  5. You should have no issue. I am going through my State's DHHS to get "replacement' cards. I have been successful for my wife and I. It is a pain getting one for my daughter. I am from the background of always having a backup plan. It is so crazy, when we go somewhere I always look for exit plans in case something happens. I will have a set of the cards and my wife will as well.
  6. Basically, if you have not received an exemption yet for a Nov 4 cruise, they are waiting to find out how many vaccinated are cruising. Then the last small few will be approved and the rest denied. It's unfortunate, but that is the luck of the draw. I hope you get your desired answer soon.
  7. Always have a backup plan. We have 5 BinaxNow test kits for 3 of us. I will schedule Rapid Tests at Walgreen and CVS as well for later in the afternoon 2 days out. If the BinaxNow are fine, then I call and cancel Walgreens and CVS. If there is an issue, then off to each of them to get results.
  8. He would have to be there for the casino offers. A ton of this is going to have to do with who made payments. It is not going to be easy to do because the person with executor rights and/or power of attorney (or whatever term is used to speak on his behalf) will have to be involved in any decisions pertaining to financial decision. Unless there is a will that specifically designates this to you, it won't be you but next of kin. If there isn't a will, it will have to go through the courts to determine who speaks on his behalf. I wish I could say this would be easy. Hopefully his family will make it easy for you. Just be prepared for this to be a long drawn out issue.
  9. So sorry for your loss. I would call Carnival directly. You are going to get into the legality of everything now. Because you are not married, the bookings with him are split 50/50. If you successfully cancel, you would only receive half and your boyfriend's beneficiary would receive their portion based on a will. You are going to have approach this with a lot of care. Best of luck in this troubling time.
  10. Miami was bad when I moved from there 25 years ago. No way I would get into a cab. Uber/Lyft could be questionable at best too. Even for a short ride, some people don't mind the cleanliness, comfort, and space in a more executive type vehicle. If you want to try your luck, go for it. I don't want to ride with my 28" suitcase across my lap for 20 minutes. For me, $50 vs $28 for a better ride is much more worth it.
  11. I am already prepared for MCO to massively busy Sunday after Thanksgiving. Our flight is at 6PM. You can't even check-in until 4 hours before your flight. Without TSA-precheck, you could be in line for well over an hour then. Add in the sick outs, "weather delays", and whatever, the canceled flights will only make it much worse for us. MCO may move "fast", but I have been in line there for an hour before on non-holiday times.
  12. You get an email with a password protected PDF. I think you can also access the results via the app
  13. You asked if "just a camera". The answer to that is no. I am not aware of a camera that just takes pictures. I think they all do video as well. If that is what you are asking as well, then there are a lot of options out there from $100 - $20,000.
  14. Well, testing is still difficult to get. If it is not a rapid test, then it is unlikely results would be back for a Dec 26 cruise. It will be hard enough finding a place on Dec 24 to take it let alone a facility to run the results on Dec 24 or 25th. I would 100% be going after the BinaxNow tests. I would also buy 2 for every person going just in case of issues: Empty dropper bottle Test gets crushed or damaged in shipping or transportation The proctor skips a step and makes the test invalid Dropping a piece of the test on the ground Camera or network going out in the middle of the test Tons can go wrong and there is no solution to correct it over XMas.
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