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  1. Day 5 -Debarkment We did self assist and went down at 7am. We were off so fast especially with the facial recognition at customs. We were in the car and out of the lot by 7:15am!
  2. Yes. Lots of games. They had the Olympics on most of the TVS.
  3. We did not have to wear them on the outdoor decks.
  4. Day 4- CocoCay Woke up to us docking. I had an amazing view from my aft balcony! Grabbed food from Promenade and enjoyed this veiw. It was overcast with dark clouds in the distance. We waited until 10 to get off. We went to Chill beach and swam some. There were thunderstorms in the area so they cleared the water. Never rained and the sun came out. I was one of the 1st ones at the Snack Shack. Loved the chicken sandwich! Be carefull of the seagulls. I was beseiged! They stole a fry right off my plate. Once the water reopened it was a gorgeous day. I tried most of the bars in t
  5. Day 3- Nassau It was fun to watch them dock from our balcony. I got coffee and croissants from Cafe promadade and brought to the room. We had plans to go to the Hilton for a day pass and left around 10am. It was a short but hot 10 minute walk from the ship. We had booked though resort for a day for $85pp it included a $40 pp food and beverage credit. We easily found comfy chairs because there were probably only a dozen people at the beach/pool. The beach water was crystal clear and it was so relaxing. Since it was a weekday, the pool restaurant was not open. We were able to order
  6. Yes it was fun and I think we will be spoiled. We were not really on there to meet people so it did not bother us. Sail away was quiet but it was nice to always be able to find a seat at anywhere they were playing music. I would love to see what the promedade is like when it is bustling.
  7. Day 2 - Sea Day Woke up and went to windjammer. Decided to explore the outside decks. Went out to the Flowrider area. I thought our older teens would have hung there more often but did not. This was the 1st time they were not participating in the teen clubs(too old). My friend got a wonderful massage in the spa and then we decided to do 10am Bingo. They needed more tables or at least clipboards. This was a vaccinated only event. They called people up to purchase 1 group at a time to avoid lines. It was $20 for 1 card. $3 extra if you needed a blotter. We luckily brought some fr
  8. I heard between 1100 and 1200. I honestly never saw a line for anything. I will do day 2 in a few. I am knee deep in laundry today!
  9. I just got back and thought I would share our experience. Our group was a mom/teen son graduation trip Day 1- Drove to the port and had 1pm check-in. Parking was easy and the check-in process very quick (if vaccinated!) We were on the boat by 1:10, went straight to our muster and our cabins were even ready! We were in 9706(aft balcony). We changed and went to the windjammer. They served you but the lines were quick. Remember to walk to the very back for more food options/ shorter lines. The hand washing stations, directional sgns on the floor and them serving you were the bigg
  10. I know no Let it rude tables but could you check other table poker games they have? Like 3 card, ultimate hold em? I usually hang in that area that my husband calls the circus game area! He prefers craps and blackjack! Games of skill!
  11. Tell your wife no Let it Ride:( I asked someone to check who was on earlier this month. I was so bummed!!!!
  12. For minors, you have to do it in person everytime. Also both parents have to be present or a notarized form must be brought. I am so glad this was the last time doing that for my teens.
  13. I am so glad I renewed my kids last Fall! It was a ghost town at the post office when I took my 15 year old in October. We did not have anything planned but I knew I wanted to travel as soon as things opened up!
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