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  1. I get your point, often you can find a better deal if you research anything. The TA may be offering a Group Discount. That doesn't mean that RCI is "scamming" you. "Buyer beware" is pretty harsh in my opinion. Cruise fares are consistent across the board. The only way you can get a lower fare is if a TA is offering either a group fare discount or a kick back of some sort. That's likely why they couldn't match it on board. Another option (if still offered) is a Future Cruise Booking. You can book a future cruise, get the OBC offered, then use it with your TA to get their rate. Only problem could be that the rate you are booking under may not be allowed with a Future Cruise Booking. We had that issue with Interline Rates (Airline employee). Interline can't be combined with a Future Cruise Booking. That's why I don't book on board anymore. They can't offer the Interline rates.
  2. Read my post above (post #5). AT&T works the same way as Verizon. With internet capability, no need for cellular at sea package. Save the money. Also with WiFi calling activated, no need for Whats App. In WiFi Calling your phone will work exactly like it does at your house. You will have full capabilities as you do at home with no additional charges other than something like calling TO an International Number, just like when you are at home. As for airplane mode, always keep your phone in airplane mode or you may use the cell instead of internet. That would incur a charge. Also make sure your phone has "Data Roaming" turned OFF! That way if you do hook up to a cell, your phone won't do any data downloads unexpectedly.
  3. We have 48 nights booked on Explorer in Nov. 2021 from Tokyo to Sydney. My wife (not exactly an optimist) has also worried. She's worried about about our 39 nights from Montreal to Dublin in June on Navigator. I've tried to tell her that at this time, Montreal to Dublin isn't exactly the "coronavirus capital" of the world and I'm fairly confident that Navigator will remain Coronavirus free. As for Asia in Nov. 2021? Well, that's over a year and a half away. IMHO if coronavirus isn't contained by then, we will have a lot more to worry about than going on a cruise. I wouldn't worry at this point. Especially those on our cruise since it's so far down the road. I wouldn't even consider anything like a virus this far out.
  4. Are you sure about that? Because there has been a number of threads that have discussed 3 and 4 passenger cabins not being able to sell to 3 or 4 because the lifeboat space isn't available. So that would indicate that they use actual passenger numbers rather than actual bed space available. To be honest, I have absolutely no idea. I always assumed that the max lifeboat capacity was based on the max passenger/crew capability. But many threads over the years indicate that is not the case. Anyway, pretty much beating a dead horse here. Like I've said, I''m not a fan of fake bookings to trick the system. Just me. I tend to always try to stay on the transparent side of things. No, I don't share drink packages either even though I know I probably could.
  5. Well, I agree to a point. You also have to consider lifeboat space. That is a limiting factor. A single in a cabin only takes a single lifeboat space. A phantom third person is counted in the lifeboat count. Honestly, I just am not a fan of trying to trick the system. The difference between a 3 person and 2 person cabin location is generally minimal. I can see if there are no 2 person cabins available, only 3, and someone is willing to pay the upcharge, but I guess I just think differently. I'm one who likes to be above boards on everything I do and not deceive anyone. Just how I am.
  6. I've never done Ovation, but I see others have. Guess it's only Oasis Class right now. But have an awesome time on your cruise. A GS is a wonderful suite!!!
  7. You sure about that? But regardless, if a 3 passenger cabin is booked by 2, and a family of 3 want one, it's not that unlikely that there isn't enough 3 passenger cabins available. Ships fill up. Sorry, I just find it selfish to do so. I've read a number of posts throughout the years where people are unable to find a 3+ person cabin as they're all sold out. Wonder how many only really had 2 in them?
  8. You might find something wrong with it if your grandson was unable to go because there was no 3 passenger cabins left because a bunch of couples took them by faking a third person. Also I believe that the number of booked passengers factor into the max allowable for life boats. So it's conceivable that booking could be stopped by maxing out the lifeboat space due to fictitious passengers. I know that's a bit of a hypothetical.
  9. Not even close. You'd be charged a prorated amount for the length of the coverage. The OP had the policy for an extended time. They and their Pre-Exisiting condition were covered for a year. If another illness arose, they were covered for that. If 10 illnesses arose they were covered for those. What portion of the policy was "unused?" The insurance company accepted any and every illness that might cause a cancellation from day they bought the policy. No medical questions asked. Under your theory, you could go the day BEFORE the cruise and cancel as you haven't "used" the policy.
  10. I would be very careful about what you've "learned." If you bought your insurance immediately because of a Pre-exisiting condition, then you need to always buy it early. We have no pre-existing conditions so we always wait until Final Payment. But doing so, I realize that if an illness pops up between First Deposit and Final Payment and I haven't purchased insurance, then that illness won't be covered. I figure if something serious enough happens a month before final payment I will cancel the cruise. But once you buy a policy, you own the policy. Why do people (not talking about you as you said you were good with the decision), find this unfair? If you have a heart condition that falls in the pre-exisiting condition period for example, and you purchase the insurance at first deposit, the insurance company has agreed to cover your heart condition no matter what. So if your heart condition flares up again a week before the cruise, the insurance company pays out. If you'd waited until final payment the pre-existing condition clause would be in effect. So the insurance company accepted liability the day you bought the policy. They began their coverage that day. So they accepted the risk and are entitled to the premium.
  11. If you're worried, it's only $100 per person to cancel and switch to another cruise. None of the cruise lines will make changes over a year away. As mentioned, if this isn't resolved in a year then we'll be worrying about a whole lot worse problem than China. If you really want to go on this cruise, I wouldn't overreact.
  12. Are you sure you have enough time? Just looked at your cruise and you arrive at 1 pm and depart at 9 pm. This could put you in some fairly heavy traffic in Orlando depending on what time you get on the road each way. That might be why they aren't offering the shuttle.
  13. Excellent points for sure. Yes, on all phones you need to actually activate WiFi calling on the phone settings. It will ask you to enter an address. This is only for 911 response. So if you call 911 they'll respond to the address you entered. We simply put our home address to "check the block." We use ours all the time since our cell signal is so weak in our house. I highly recommend everyone activate it for that very reason. Also a good point about calling international numbers. When on Wifi Calling you are subject to the same charges as if you are sitting in your own home. So whatever your plan is in your local area, those rules and charges are in effect.
  14. Yes. We used to be ATT. It's exactly the same except will say "ATT WiFi." 😎 Also you should know, ATT international texting rates are different than Verizon. With no international calling plan, I believe it's free (unless they've changed) to receive a text (not photo texts though) and $.50 to send. Verizon charges $.05 to receive and $.50 to send. This is important because you can leave your phone on an international cell tower (Make ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU HAVE DATA ROAMING OFF), and if someone needs to get ahold of you they can text you and you can find an Internet Cafe and log onto the internet (again switching to Airplane mode to shut off the cell), and use WiFi calling to call them back. Just for info.
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