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  1. Sorry, I missed post 26. As for your comment " I'm sure that your kids would have been upset if their no charge order for your grandkids had been disregarded by the ship." I suppose you must have missed my comment "It's fair to expect that limiting the charges are adhered to."
  2. The OP didn't say that the mother was mentally impaired (unless I missed it somewhere, which is possible). My first reaction also was that an adult needs to be responsible for their actions. Since there was no comment other than the mother tends to gamble and shop too much, what would make you assume there's a mental impairment? I know you can pay for on board expenses for someone and select no charging ability so that kids, etc.don't run up big bills. It's fair to expect that limiting the charges are adhered to. My biggest disagreement with the OP is the comment that this could be a "sneaky way" for Royal Caribbean to increase profits. I'm not a conspiracy fan. I'm fairly certain that there's no department at Royal Caribbean that sits around and concocts "evil schemes" to dupe the passengers into parting with bits and pieces of money. Likely this was an unfortunate glitz in the computer system, not some evil conspiracy. We took our kids and grandkids on a cruise. Our kids put a zero charge ability on the grandkids cards. There were no questionable charges. Our grandkids are well behaved and do what they're told, so don't know if they ever tried to charge anything or not, but nothing was charged.
  3. I may be wrong, but I don't think any JS has a pullman. Only pull out couches. And it may be a "fold down" couch, where the back folds down to make the bed. If it's only 1 person that won't be a big deal at all. And I agree, any cabin under the pool deck you may hear the scraping of chairs, etc.
  4. OP, you haven't said who you're insured through. That would make a difference. A pre-exisiting condition is spelled out in all policies very specifically but the "lookback" period can differ. Also, as others have said, you certainly cancelled early. You seem upset with Royal Caribbean, but it seems you haven't filed an insurance claim. So you seem a bit premature in being upset. And it's irrelevant that the suite sold. The cancellation policy is very easy to find and is very clear and specific. You need to file a claim and see what the insurance company says. You may have upset yourself over nothing. Hope you get well soon.
  5. Well I certainly understand that! Jealous!!!! You'll like the Gaslamp area. Lot's of great options. Have a great time!
  6. My wife loves them! She'd be in hog heaven with a plate that full. Me? Give me a sourdough roll any day and let me soak up the garlic butter from the Escargot!
  7. Not sure about around the Hyatt, but if you are able, Old Town is a great place to go for the atmosphere and some good Mexican. There are a number of restaurants up there. I'm sure the hotel can direct you on how to go. Another thought is the Gaslamp District. It's easy walking from your hotel and there are some great restaurants there. Just thought. Saw on Mary's blog that she recommended Filippi's Pizza. I grew up in San Diego and discovered Filippi's in 1970. A "must have" every time I visit!
  8. My wife always asks crew members about their day, if they went ashore, and their families. We both enjoy learning about their homelands. We have learned that crew members really do feel appreciated when passengers care about them. As for your blog. I usually don't enjoy simple regurgitation of a cruise without pictures. Your blog, however is not like that at all. I really enjoy your personal comments and views, as well as your description of your cruise. I look forward to seeing the pictures, but I assure you, for me at least, following your blog was both informative and enjoyable. Thanks for taking us along! Have a great trip home!
  9. Why not just ask at Playmakers before you order? If they know up front that you are planning on ordering 2 orders of wings to split among 4 or 5 people on your UDP,, then no problem. If they say no you can't share, then don't share and thank them very much and order what you want and order for the rest at cost. Honestly, I know the OP came here to "ask ahead of time," but having us "approve" it doesn't make it right. Witness all the past threads on sharing the Drink Package. MAJOR ARGUMENTS. Final result, now everyone in a cabin is required to have the Drink Package or no one gets it. So easy fix, ask the waiters and if they say yes, you are honest and above boards and no argument. If they say no, then don't share. My guess, they won't mind. It's like buying a bottle of wine with the Drink Package discount and sharing it with your tablemates. Perfectly acceptable. Just be honest and open about it up front and accept their answer.
  10. Our only experience was 44 nights last year from Honolulu to Sydney. We booked an excursion or two in every port. It appears that Regent uses the same operators as any other cruise line at most ports. But in our experience the busses were less crowded. We did some wonderful included cruises. We had a few "duds." But overall they were ok. It really depends on what you want to do. In small ports, you may have no choice as Regent may have booked all the local tour operators. Since the tours are included, and there's no penalty to cancel (except Regent Choice tours that do have a cancellation date), book a tour in each port, try one or two and see if you like them, then consider after that. At the very least, book tours and then decide as you research other options. If you decide not to do the tour, simply cancel it so others can book it.
  11. Actually the largest cruise ship is (I believe) Symphony of the Seas. I saw a pic on Facebook from your cruise and it was, indeed, Symphony that was next to you. Just a personal comment, we have sailed Royal Caribbean's Oasis Class many times, and must admit that they are great for a certain type cruise. The ship IS the destination. We took our kids and grandkids in 2017 on Oasis of the Seas and it was spectacular for families. They offer a very high level of entertainment, unrivaled on any other cruise, including a full Broadway Play. Also slides, surf-riders, zip lines, etc. And amazingly they do a fantastic job managing the crowds. BUT, having said that, we did our first Regent cruise last year, 44 nights on Mariner. Regent has completely ruined us for any mainline cruise.
  12. Yes....excellent point. You need to activate WiFi calling while still on a cell tower. In fact, WiFi Calling should be activated anyway. If you have wifi calling activated and you are on wifi but have a weak cell signal your phone will automatically kick into WiFi Calling mode and you won't drop calls. You won't even know it did it. We have a very weak cell signal in our home and were always dropping calls until we activated WiFi Calling. Now it's seamless.
  13. Sirlnacelot, I had some of the same concerns as you do when we booked our cruise on Regent. We went "all in" with 44 nights! It was a leap of faith for sure. So, here's what I found. We had 3 reservations (3 b2b cruises) in each specialty restaurant. That was plenty for us except we did go to Prime 7 one extra time. But you should have no problem getting extra seatings over 21 days. However we enjoyed Compass Rose. I was concerned about 44 nights and meal repeats. Fortunately there is tremendous variety and you can put together your own meal. I only repeated a couple because they were dishes it truly loved. But I never got bored. We did eat at the Pool Grill a few times and really enjoyed the relaxed environment. Also did room service a few times and just "chilled" in our cabin and relaxed. Very nice. As has been said, you get a credit if you choose to make your own transportation arrangements. We did that one way and used Regent the other but with an air deviation. We were able to pick our own flights with the deviation and will likely forego the included transportation and pay the deviation fee to do so in the future. Although we also tend to go a few days early and stay a few days in the destination. But it's worth it to me to have my flight confirmed 270 days out and pick my routing and carrier. No "class system" at all! We met very lovely and friendly people. I have no idea what suites any of them were in. There will always be pretentious people everywhere, but we didn't run into any. Like any cruise, you'll meet people you "click" with and some you won't. But I enjoyed everyone we met on our cruise. And when you go to dinner in Compass Rose they will ask if you want to share a table or dine alone. We did both, depending on mood. They placed us at a table for 4 and always found very enjoyable people to dine with. Great way to meet people. Entertainment is very speculative. I'll say it's not Royal Caribbean Oasis Class for sure. But the shows were generally good and fun, a couple we just didn't like. And over 44 nights there were repeats, so we went and relaxed in a lounge until the show ended and the piano player (really liked him) started up. But not like the Schooner bar. More "mood music." But enjoyable for sure. I would say that I thought the entertainment was equal to a Royal Caribbean Vision Class ship or even better. And on the small ship, the "cast" is always around and you'll get to meet them and spend time with them. Very enjoyable for sure. Ok...now the "downside." We've done 2 Oasis class cruises since our Regent cruise. Just not the same. We've decided we'll only cruise Royal if we do it in a Grand Suite or above so we have all the suite perks. We'll continue to do Royal Caribbean for cheap, "quick getaways" in the Caribbean. But we have 39 nights booked on Regent Navigator in June, and 48 booked on Regent Explorer in 2021. So that should tell you how WE felt about Regent. I think you'll really love it, we sure did. The "downside" is, It ruined me for any other non-luxury cruise line. 😎
  14. I'm not familiar with T-mobile. But is that with no extra charge, or is it with an international plan? My point is that when on WiFi calling in a foreign country, you are charged as if you are in your own home, according to your individual plan. Are you saying that with T-mobile you can make free local calls anywhere?
  15. No. As Bob said it's like making a call from home. So, if you are sitting in a WiFi Cafe in London, and are connected to WiFi, and have your phone in Airplane Mode (this will force it to WiFi Calling mode), you can call your kids in the U.S. for free. You can do anything on your phone that you can do at home for no charge. If you call a London number, you'll be charged as if you were sitting in your own living room calling a London number. This feature works anywhere. With WiFi Calling enabled, and hooked up to the WiFi, your phone will "choose" either "WiFi Calling" or regular Cell, whichever signal (Wifi or cell) is the strongest. We have a weak cell signal in our home. So we are always on WiFi Calling when in our house. The phone does this automatically. When on the ship or in a foreign country, the Cell signal will likely be stronger. So the phone will hook up to cell towers. To prevent this you need to put your phone in "Airplane Mode" and hook up to a WiFi. After a few seconds, your phone will enter "WiFi Calling" mode and you'll have full functions at no cost. You can verify this by looking at what carrier your phone is connected to (upper left on an Iphone). For Verizon, for example, it'll say "VZW-wifi" when on WiFi Calling. If you see that, you're good to go.
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