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  1. Thanks! I will check both suggestions out
  2. With 3 adults in a room the options in downtown, especially the cute, historic places I'd love to stay, just don't have the room necessary for us. And with the higher cost we wouldn't be getting 2 rooms to accommodate us. Certainly if I ever travel back there with just my hubby I will take your advice! Thanks
  3. THANKS FOR THE INPUT. I should have been more detailed in my question. HI has a free shuttle to downtown that leaves you downtown and also has a free shuttle to the port so that may sway our choice. HI reviews aren't as good but I see on their website they have recently refurbished the hotel. Downtown hotels are expensive and leave much to be desired if you are trying to get 3 adults in one room.
  4. hoping to be sailing in October out of Charleston. 3 people, one being my 80 yr old mom. Holiday Inn riverview or Cambria Riverview? If you have any recommendations for hotels or things to do in Charleston as we will have a partial and one full day there before our cruise
  5. does anyone know if the showers on the ship have safety bars? I know some of the newer ships have them built in. Wondering if Sunshine has them, and if so if they are only in the New cabins that were created when the ship went from Destiny to Sunshine...or if they are in all showers. thanks
  6. 1986 Carnivale Me, my hubby of one year, my sister & brother. 4 in a cabin and you could sh*t, shower and shave all at the same time in the "bathroom". We were lucky enough to have a port hole. I remember paying cash at the bar. Beer drinking, pillow fighting, male nightgown contest. Free rum punch welcome party, captain's cocktail party, dressing up on formal night. We met so many fun people, including someone a few years older than us , who went to the same small H.S. we did. I remember standing on deck singing our school's fight song! Been hooked since. I just passed my 25th Carnival cruise and am creeping up on Diamond status.
  7. will you post what insurance has no time limit on pre-existing conditions please. I have yet to find one
  8. Realize that if they offer 50% off, they still have to make a profit on it. Jewelry can be marked up so much they could offer you 75%off and still make a profit. (I work in a jewelry store) If you have the capability to google & compare prices for (example) a ''14kt gold tanzanite ring'' you should. Buying jewelry is an emotional response. If you absolutely love it, buy it. But realize most times jewelry on board or even on the islands are priced so the salesperson can make you ''an offer you can't refuse'' by offering XX% off the price.
  10. OH yes. Wouldn't it be sweet if they offered...if you first sailed with Carnival in 1972-1979 50% 1980-1989 40% off 1990-1999 30% off 2000-2009 20% off 2010-2019 10% off. It might be hard to prove you sailed in the 70's & 80's and they would have to maybe qualify that you have sailed X amount of times to get the discount OR offer the discount on specialty dining or something else!
  11. the one thing they won't bring back: The Male Nightgown Contest. Funny how back in the mid 80's this was a regular feature and now , in a more accepting time when drag queens, etc. are part of pop culture, they would not bring this hilarious contest back for fear of offending someone. Glad I started sailing in the days of male vs female beer chugging, pillow fights, male nightgown contest, pool games, etc.
  12. I am a bit confused as Carnival lists our ship as docking at 10AM...and a tour guide I am hiring for Bermuda says we are listed at 10AM BERMUDA time which is one hour ahead of FL time. SO anyone recently on Sunshine from Charleston to Bermuda, can you let me know if ships time remained on Florida time or pushed ahead to Bermuda time.
  13. Recently off the Breeze 14 day Journeys cruise. The Fun Squad were only handing out "Bling on a String" medallions for most events, trivia, games, etc. I only saw 4 ships on a stick being given during the 2 weeks. Wondering if this is a new fleet wide directive or if the Breeze was short on SOS (they were the newer satin finish trophies) or if it was because it was a Journey cruise? Anyone know? Luckily I got a ship the first day (at trivia) because I never had the opportunity to win one again. When ever I asked a Fun Squad member they deflected the question/declined to answer.
  14. Please: remember to carefully open and close your balcony door. Nothing worse then neighbors who constantly let that door slam. Here's a fun little tip..use inexpensive plastic shower curtain rings to hang swim suits on the back bar of the chairs on your balcony. Keeps items secure and dries so much faster then hanging on the shower clothesline.
  15. You can carry on the 750ml bottle of wine ( 1 per adult in the cabin). Must be in your carry on bag or you can literally carry them on board. Don't forget the corkscrew! There are 2 heavy wine glasses in the cabin or ask any bartender for 2 'nicer' wine glasses. You can carry a glass of wine to dinner, even in steakhouse, MDR or Cucina, etc. If you bring the bottle they will charge you a corkage fee. Nice way to unwind if you have a balcony...sit 'n sip!
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