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  1. Are you part of the "F" group online that ends in book? You could post your question there...there are 84 members for that sailing. Or post in the roll call for this sailing here on Cruise Critic.
  2. Thanks for posting. We are doing their tour in a month & are very excited!
  3. We were recently on Magic & enjoyed the Cucina so much we ate there twice. 2 appetizers (try the meatball!) an entree & desert (Chocolate biscotti with coffee gelato! yum) HUGE portions & a welcome additional venue . We also ate at the steakhouse (always good), and seafood shack (decent).
  4. I will be on Paradise, same itinerary as you did, on April 13th. Would love to hear any other impressions you had: anything you truly liked seeing in Havana or anything about Paradise in general. Thanks
  5. Just off Magic 2 weeks ago. the Adults only Serenity area is out doors https://www.carnival.com/cruise-ships/carnival-magic.aspx on the top deck. The amount of kids depends on what time of year you are traveling. We were on mid February and there were not many kids and most were little ones that participate in the kids clubs . If you are sailing end of March/ Beginning of April during spring break...that's a whole other ball game!
  6. we are on Paradise in April & don't depart Key West until 6PM...sunset isn't until 7:49 so you wouldn't see if before you sailed any way
  7. I will hit my 25th cruise next year. How exactly do you cash it out in the casino. I am not a gambler and never set foot in the casino. Do you have to play slots or something & then ask to cash out money from your Sign & sail card??
  8. This is what I am concerned about! Just one person can screw up the whole process. Last time out of Tampa (not a Cuba cruise) it took quite a while because there was only one agent which is Ridiculous!!!!
  9. Anyone with recent experience returning to the U.S. (Tampa) who can give me an idea how long it took you to get through customs in the port of Tampa after visiting Havana? I've heard it can take longer because of being in Cuba. We will be on Carnival Paradise in April and will be meeting a cousin in Tampa....we have priority debarkation so we should be in the first group to get off the ship. Just need a guideline to tell our relative about what time to expect us to be ready to be picked up. Thanks
  10. SORRY I realize I did not indicate that I meant when we return to Tampa from Havana, how long does it take to get through customs? In particular on a Carnival cruise if that makes any difference. Debarking with our luggage in the first group, does anyone know on average how long it takes to clear through customs in the U.S.
  11. I will be on the Paradise in April for a cruise to Cuba. My sister & I are Platinum and will have preferred debarkation. Ship is due to dock at 8AM. Anyone who has been on a Cuba cruise recently...can you tell me how long it took you to get through customs once you were able to get off the ship? Concerned because we are meeting a relative and would like to give him a better idea of what time he should be ready to come pick us up. Thanks!
  12. Any comment on the CD? If you have the "fun times" from your trip & are willing to post them (or at least the back page with the activities listed) I would appreciate it!
  13. Thanks for the replies. I was aware it takes dedication of my time for try outs and rehearsals. I figured for a short cruise it wouldn't be as bad to try out! I may not make it past the first round any way!
  14. I can't wait to hit the Cloud 9 spa on Magic...we leave on the 10th! Any chance you could post copies of the Fun Times from your trip before I leave? or do a mini review?
  15. Does anyone know if they do the Lip Sync challenge on 5 day cruises? Specifically I am going on the Paradise to Cuba in April and would like to try out for it!
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