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  1. Why should I tip. The cruise line needs to pay its' people better! [BTW, I always prepay my tips and tip much more individually as well]
  2. We are retired and live in a tiny village in the mountains of Colorado. My youngest son, who is disabled lives with us, as well as my husbands' son, his girlfriend and their two kids. We were only officially shelter-in-place this morning, but we have been practicing it for almost a month. We were supposed to get our goats bred, but have to wait until things are better now. Before the shelter-in-place the guys were going fishing about twice a week. thought with the new restrictions they would have to stop, but did a little research and they can still go fishing. The boys and I have started learning something new every week. This week we are making gorgous cakes with russian decorating tips. these are sooooo easy to use and makes you look like you are some kind of artist. next week we will be learning some simple magic tricks, the next, hopefuly juggling [if my son will teach it] and not sure what from then on, but we are having fun with it. Game night used to be every other week. Now it is every other day. Either Billie Jean [Anthonys' girlfriend] or I bake bread, brownies, or cakes almost every day and we are giving 'fushion" cooking some really great competition [ jamaican fajitas last night, incredible!] and we spend alot of time praying for everyone and everything connected to this pandemic. It'll be kindof nice getting to know some of the people here better.
  3. I will probably do what I ussually do. Stand there, shaking, incredulous that the day I have been hoping and waiting for is finally here. And I will continue doing that until someone says "Vicky!" [or Mom or Grandma or Gigi] "Why are you just standing there. Let's go!" At this point I will just follow where everyone else has decided to go. When I first get on the ship I am always so excited, that I literally 'shut down." I ussually start to recover once I am sitting on my balcony.
  4. I was thinking November, December, or January, assuming there are positive changes with this pandemic.
  5. Our first cruise was in the late 1990s' on the Fantasy. We owned an auto repair shop and the parts shop we were using closed down. The new owner, to retain business, offerred to take all of the former customers on a 3 day cruise to Nassau.. This included airfare, the hotel we stayed in the night before, the cruise, tips, everything. I had no idea what to expect when we boarded the ship, but I was incredulous at all the glitz and glamour when we boarded. I was actually quite ill from a medical condition during that first cruise [I passed out during the muster drill] and don't remember much of it other than I loved it. On the way home I kept telling my husband how much I wanted to cruise again when healthier. We had decided earlier that we wanted to take our son to Disneyland when he turned 5 years old. We figured that would be the perfect age. Old enough to know what was going on, and young enough to believe all of the magic. The next day I called my husband at work and told him that I had reservations for a hotel near Disneyland for a few days, and that I had booked a cruise on the Elation immediately afterwards. That next cruise- disneyland combo was the best vacation of my life, and we have been hooked since.
  6. We are planning a Havana cabin on the Panorama to the mexican riviera. We are talking a year out.
  7. We are not cruising right now because we are in ill health [oh, and we haven't saved enough money yet either] If I were younger and healthier I would be going crazy cruising, for one because there are so many last minute deals, and also because I would want to help support carnival cruiseline. If I were younger and cruising, I would definitely make sure I booked a balcony so that I could still enjoy myself if quarantined.
  8. My husband and i were just discussing this. Last month he was in the hospital for 6 days from complications from the flu [we had been vaccinated. He actually caught the 2009 swine flu THIS year] I am also on chemo for life and diabetic, so there is no way that we would go on a cruise now. However, if we were young and healthy, and able to work online, we would be taking advantage of the low fares BIG TIME. We would take a couple B2Bs, spend 2 weeks afterwards self isolating, and then do it again...and again...and again. the reason we would self isolate between cruises would be to make sure that though we personally would not be at high risk for being super ill, we would not want to be part of the spread.
  9. I agree. But, I personally, am not looking for anything that compares with Royal Caribbeans' Oasis and Quantum class ships. If I had alot of money, I probably would cruise on one of the larger, newer Carnival ships in one of the "Havana" cabins. [or is that Haven?] But that is not the case for me. For me though, where I am in life [ early winter] the Dream class ships on Carnival take care of all my "sweet spots", with so many wonderful aspects that I do not think I could ever experience on one of the bigger ships. I LOVE line dancing on the deck with a thousand other people, and from what I can see it almost seems that the bigger the ship, the less deck room to do this. On my cruise earlier this month, I didn't win the "how many ping pong balls can you stuff in your bathing suit" contest, but I love my "participation" medal that I received. I'm not sure that it would be so easy to be one of the participants on an Oasis or Quantum [or Mardi Gras} ship. I know that I would be saying "wow!" quite often on one of RCCLs' huge ships, but when I wanted to just super relax and feel as one with the ocean,[ that is a different type of "Wow!] I love having a promenade deck that covers the perimeter of the ship. I love that there are tons of private little spots with loungers and chairs througout that area. I love that the aft, deck 5 of the Breeze has an area [and hot tub] filled with incredible loungers and "beds" that practically no one else goes to. And I love that there is not one, but 2 libraries to relax in. I don't think I would enjoy being on a cruise ship so large that I would have to make an appointment to see a show, because when I am on a cruise the only thing I like to schedule is getting on the ship as early as possible on embarkation day. Another thing, food. When I see someone walking by with a plate filled with "delicousness," I know, that unless it's sushi or seafood, that I can find the same thing at no extra cost, somewhere on the ship. Lastly, I hope that Carnival stops trying to compete with ships that are reminisent of a cramped, fancy mall/ amusement park. Some of us love the Carnival "feel". I've looked at videos of the new Mardi Gras. I haven't looked at the deck plans yet. I know there is going to be a roller coaster on it, and that could be nice, but I hope that the extra "thrills" will not take up too much of the spaces that make a cruise an awesome ocean experience. I have no umbrage with people who are looking for an amusement park at sea, to each his own. I do have a problem with people who makes comments, such as yours, that imply that because Carnival contains less mall/amusement park options, that they are inferior. Look at Crystal Cruises and Seabourne. Much pricier cruises than either Carnival or RCCL, and they are not filled with "novelty" attractions. Surely you are not implying they are inferior?
  10. When we went on our B2B nearly 2 years ago, the process was basially the same. What was different was that we were not invited to a special luncheon. We did all receive a free drink in the atrium, and there was a group picture taken which was later sent to our room at no charge. I think we also received a fruit basket the next day. Getting of and back on the ship, as mentioned was easy and stress free. We just returned from a 14 day journey cruise a week or so ago, and we are havig trouble deciding whether we prefer journey or B2B. Both incredible for different reasons.
  11. We might possibly cancel a shore excurssion. does anyone know how far in advance we would need to cancel for full or partial refund? Thank you!
  12. I agree with pretty much everyone! But.... I also love all the planning, and packing, and researching the ports, and studying the menus and deciding what I am going to order in the MDR every night, for the entire year and a half between every cruise. I love reading Cruise Critic, and packing and unpacking over and over again. I love spending the 2 weeks before the cruise cooking and freezing many of our favorite dishes so that I can slowly ease back into cooking when I get back. I love planning things to look forward to right AFTER the cruise. After our November 2, Journey cruise, one of my Nigerian Dwarf goats will be in heat, and we are excited to get her pregnant. [baby goats are cuter than cute!] to start planning Christmas, to see our animals, and to work on next years AutHaven. When I get home, my middle son [ who will be staying at our home while we are gone, taking are of the chickens, goats and dogs] will have put the seed catalogs, which I will order next week, on my bed, and have everything set up for a fire in our fireplace. I also look forward to booking my next cruise within 2 weeks after coming home. Then, when time passes, as I am mucking the barn, I will be thinking about my upcoming cruise. When I am feeding worm tea to my beautiful vegetable garden plants, I will be figuring out the best way to optimize my miles and points to get the best airfare and hotels. And when I am helping to birth a baby goat [or three!] I will be thinking about....helping to birth baby goats. I am a very frugal [not cheap!] person [which, with our income is a really good thing] and no way could I justify spending all of those thousands of dollars for a 2 week vacation. No way! But when I onsider that I am 'enjoying" my cruise a little bit every day before I even step on the ship, it is a heck of a deal! [ and something nice to think about when a dentist is poking around my mouth]
  13. I wear my lanyard in port so that I don't lose it. I do not wear socks with sandals, because I do not find that comortable. If I did find wearing socks with sandals the most comfortable shoe type on my feet, I definitely would.
  14. I wear my lanyard in port so that I don't lose it. I do not wear socks with sandals, because I do not find that comortable. If I did find wearing socks with sandals the most comfortable shoe type on my feet, I definitely would.
  15. We should be receiving 3 of them, and I am excited to put them on my christmas tree! Carnival HAD to make cutbacks on the P/D gifts. From my understanding,, the cruise fare, with all that is included, is on the average, the "break even" point. Most P/Ds' who cruise help make a profit for Carnival, but more and more P/Ds' are people who cruise without spending an extra dime- and nothing wrong with that- but that does lead to more expensive gifts potentially causing a loss for the line. It seems they are now giving a "token" thank you, because the more expensive gifts are no longer pragmatic. As long as there is a bit of creativity and thoughtfullness in this token, I am happy. I think it would be fun if they were to have a contest for ideas for gifts, that mass produced would only cost a dollar or so. That would be nice. [ of course I already have 83 items on my list!]
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