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  1. I'm giving Gunbae a try on my upcoming cruise on Scarlet, I do have Razzle Dazzle booked for a breakfast too. Avoided both last cruise, we shall see 😂🥂
  2. That's what anytime is, anytime. You chose that when booking. If you book late the anytime slot will most likely not be available...
  3. Seems similar to Celebrity, their specialty restaurants usually fill up quickly, with most sold out 45 days out especially Eden. Good luck getting into Eden during the cruise without previous reservations. Same with their "anytime" dinning slot for the MDR's, it fills up quick and folks are left with "traditional" (which is anti VV) fixed dinning times. Seems it a bit lost on some folks that VV has ZERO interest in being like other cruise lines, if you want other cruise lines, there are plenty to chose from.
  4. Had a similar embarkation process in Barcelona in June 2023. This year however it seems the Port is changing between WTC and terminal A up the port a bit, we sail in August this year on Scarlet and no one can seem to figure out what port we will be using.
  5. If this was true, the very first thing to end would be the power up points for watching seminars or taking tests, and they are still happening....
  6. Does the grog walk sell out fast? I don’t have a boarding time until 3:15 I’m a little concerned it will be sold out by then… I plan to drop my luggage around noon, could I connect to the ships Wi-Fi at that time to book it? Or do I actually have to be on the ship to connect and book? Thanks.
  7. VV will be upgrading there app to version 2.0. They claim it will fix all the known issues and improve user experience. They have set no date for the release, but did not sound like anytime soon. 😳
  8. Most elevators mechanical components are on top, so most likely all the things that make it work are on deck 16.
  9. Do the Cinque Terre Visit by Ferry excursion, you'll see all the villages (with very brief stops at all, its a ferry) on your way to Monterosso.
  10. Replace the net with a pool. That whole area in the aft on deck 16 seemed liked an under used waste of space on the Virgin cruise I was on..
  11. Seems like a lot of things wear thin with Celebrity passengers. 😂
  12. You can check availability on cruise dot you know what.
  13. Virgin "pools" are more like a water feature. Celebrity E-class ships have one of the bigger (if not biggest) pool at sea.
  14. was happening to me yesterday. All good for me today as well.
  15. As quite a few have stated, the "sales" are almost always different marketing ploys with little to no difference from one to another. I have found that booking as far in advance as possible is usually going to give you the best deal. What I keep an eye on is all the other "sales" for excursions, dinning options, package upgrades and such.
  16. Assuming there are no delays, you'll have plenty of time.
  17. @MeganGC1983 Are you going to do a "live"? I love following along on your lives. I'm on the cruise after yours!!! Have a wonderful cruise!!
  18. I took a shuttle from port that left at 10am. My international flight departed at 2pm. I spent over two hours doing nothing in the airport.
  19. It mainly depends on what cruise line your sailing... Virgin Voyages offers a free shuttle to Old Town, which is about a 15 minute ride from port, from there you could hire a taxi to take you anywhere on the island. There is not much super close to the port you could walk to. I would assume your cruise line would offer excursions right from port area/ship.
  20. I did the ferry version of this from VV last year. We were bused from Carrara to La Spezia then short ferry ride to Porto Venere, spent about an hour there. Then onto the public ferry to Monterosso for about a 3.5 hours of free time. Back onto the public ferry to La Spezia and bused back to port. This obviously does not answer your question, but this what the ferry version did last year. I'm also curious about the 2 village visit, not sure what to do this time around. Thanks...
  21. My sister "had" a similar issue with pepper on cruises. Over several cruises the "I don't want pepper on anything" began to change to "please don't over pepper anything" She has began to discover a little pepper on food can be a good thing.
  22. On a recent Beyond cruise it was plastic for basic and glass for premium. They used to have aluminum bottles, but was told people were cutting themselves on them, so they stopped using them.
  23. I think they "feel" smaller...the bathroom is definitely tiny.
  24. English is the official maritime language. Now that doesn't mean every staff member is going to speak fluent English, but any leadership position must be able to speak English.
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