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  1. None of these changes had anything whatsoever with the decor of the rooms... most were done as operational or revenue enhancers. Have you ever even been aboard QE2? I have... five times throughout most of her career and I can tell you that in 1977 and 1979 most of her principal public rooms and cabins were exactly as they were when built and used as intended. Coumbia Restaurant, Midships Bar, Library, Card Room, Queen's Room, Entrance Foyer, passageways, cabins etc were all original. We sailed in her in 1993 and had an original cabin and much else was still original that late in her career.
  2. The First Class Library stayed the same until she was re-engined... same location and doubled in size, taking the former card room. QE2 was certainly changed a lot inside but no British liner before or since was more critically acclaimed... "Ships Have Been Boring Long Enough"... when she came out in 1969 she was indeed unlike any Cunard and all the better for it. I remember someone in school bringing in the first brochure and we 12 year olds though she was "groovy"! And she was, too. I am not suggesting duplicating QE2's interiors in a new ship but the spirit of originality, boldness and native design genius she represented. I don't see any of that in QUEEN ANNE. Do you? She's just a typical Tihany Group design inside.
  3. That is.... not correct. I sailed in QE2 in 1977 and almost all of her interiors were original. And exceptional. So what you state is wrong.
  4. Oh something that was 100 per cent British design for starters rather like QUEEN ELIZABETH 2 c. 1969, all Dennis Lennon and Britsh Design Council. Now she was special and distinctive.... contemporary to the point she's considered a true classic today. The Grill Room, Queen's Room, Library were instant icons of liner decor and the quality was... exceptional. She had Axminister carpet that was so thick it was sinful just to walk on. P&O's AURORA, when original, was exceptionally attractive inside and quite distinctive with a sense of "Britishness". Sorry, QUEEN ANNE looks precisely like all the Holland America Line Pinnacles inside... harsh, cold, hard surfaced and with relentlessly uncomfortable looking chairs. Indeed, the computer renderings probably capture the feeling being clinical in themselves.
  5. Just what we value Cunard for, no? Munchin size chairs with easy care thin upholstery, metal framed and obviously designed for people with 28" inseams. But the sage green redeems all. The "Drawing Room" is downright curious, possibly taking its "what are we supposed to do in here" cue from the QM2's "winter garden" that, in the end, was used for the "art auctions". Oh dear, still not swept off my feet by any of this.... what can I be thinking? Or indeed, what are they thinking? Hope those of you booked can tell us what you think and prove the computer generated images dead wrong.
  6. My wife is gluten-free (Coeliac) and her experience with her diet in Princess Grill has been exemplary. But yes, for the last three years, the bakery items are alas "ready made" and they no longer make these items aboard with gluten-free flour. Oddly, though, they will go to the most extraordinary efforts to make gluten free Beef Wellingtons etc. and most breaded dishes, too. Just not the actual bread or biscuits. But Cunard are just outstanding... so much better than Oceania... with her diet and one of the main reasons we stay loyal to Cunard. I don't think you'd be disappointed. But SAGAFJORD... sigh. I still remember sailing on the last voyage in home waters of VISTAJORD in 1983 when she was still a proper NAL liner. And we loved her as CARONIA. Those were grand ships and sadly Cunard never replaced them in quality or character since.
  7. As I said at the beginning of this thread, forget the TITANIC "thing" for a moment.... the idea that you'd get more than 250 people willing if not eager to experience a truly Edwardian week or so at sea is delusional nonsense. People have changed more than the ships. And you'd have a mutiny just not having wifi aboard. Good grief, the first thing people do is to get their silly devices "logged in" to some inane "app" and the only purpose of the librarian is not to check out books but act as some IT expert. Look at an Edwardian shipboard menu and imagine how many would savour tripe and onions or Bombay curry or mutton chops for breakfast (sign me up!) or a multi course dinner of fish, beef or game and then fowl. Just the cutlery would confuse. Most people don't even know what a savoury is... I still remember when QE2 and CANBERRA had that as the very last course. Loved it. Cunard could easily recreate a 1907 MAURETANIA menu but they don't and won't for good reason. And how many gentlemen would remember to order milady's meal for her? And how many ladies would let them? After four days aboard a proper Edwardian liner recreation at sea, 99.89 per cent of today's cruise passengers would look forward to hitting the iceberg.
  8. Yet, the same concept... and alas same menu... works so much nicer on QE and QV. We enjoyed a lovely luncheon and a dinner on QV in the Veranda last cruise. And several years ago, they had a really delightful Sunday Brunch. The staff is attentive but not in your face although the wine steward was a bit over the top, the atmosphere was just the right touch of friendly, professional, select without "oh look at at us." On QM, the Veranda's best purpose is its notorious "short cut out on deck" during the day.
  9. "The smaller the house, the greater the effort"... the old show biz adage suits here. The service tries way too hard, it's frankly embarassing, over the top, insincere and some of the "added touches" are downright lame... like selecting your steak knife as if you're picking duelling pistols. Fine beef should not require a blade that looks like a fit for a Lee-Enfield rife. The maitre d' has been, in our experience, a non-entity who spends the whole evening peering intensely at a computer screen... how long does it take to find tables for the average eight people in a 45-seat restaurant on a given evening? The "view" from your table is invariably the smoker's corner out on deck. And it's way too brightly lit to impart an intimate or romantic atmosphere. Finally... the menu is pedestrian, boring Aberdeen Steak House fayre and all that's missing is the fag ash in the velour upholstery and the Black Forest Gateau. It was at least better menu wise when they tried to recreate the proper Veranda Grill of the old QUEENs with a sophisticated French menu and there wasn't a steak fry or a "hot fudge sundae" within 100 yards. I'd gut it... convert the space to a new Grills Lounge with outside deck adjoining and repurpose the existing Grills Lounge.
  10. It's spelled respect... you respect the occasion and the venue and indeed those who work to achieve it, too. Maybe we need the staff to wear shorts and tees on "formal nights" to make the point. And in a community which is what a ship at sea is, it is not just "your" vacation, either... it's ours.
  11. Well, the laundry must love it.... not a tablecloth in sight in any of them. So its all variations on pub dining at least ambience wise rather than fine dining.
  12. The cost last summer (on QV) was I think $85 a night... Cunard comp'd the charges after United did not deliver my luggage until three quarters into the cruise. And yes, you need to supply the tie and shoes. I am just glad I flew in a jacket and tie and black shoes.... They had a pretty decent range of sizes, too. BTW they do sell bow ties in the shop, too.
  13. Like H.M.S. TORRIN of "In Which We Serve" fame, QUEEN VICTORIA is indeed... "A Happy and Efficient Ship." And Noël Coward was not an infrequent Cunard passenger, either, so maybe he knew what he was talking about.
  14. Hands down, we prefer QUEEN VICTORIA to QUEEN ELIZABETH I am not a fan of the mishmash "period whatever" decor of either but QV is nicer... QE is just beige, tan and... well tan and beige. Everywhere. And the nastiest cheap plastic fake wood especially in the Britannia Restaurant. Even the aft sun decks on QE are beige as are the chairs and the towels. We find QV is a better maintained (paint especially in passenger areas), better run (I much prefer the officers and Captains she attracts) and a happier ship with a superb crew. They come and go but we have not found any not to be professional and congenial. QE not so... especially on deck. We much prefer the deck sports facilities on QV and as avid shuffleboard players, the courts are useful and kept clear... on QE they are useless. QE has an enormous forward sports deck that is dedicated to "sports" no one plays and is hot as a sauna. So for us, no contest. The old QUEEN VIC is the one for us.
  15. Well.... consider that TITANIC, the ship in which 1,500 perished, had a sister ship... OLYMPIC that was, in contrast, one of the most popular and successful British liners of her era and in every way embodied the elegance and splendour of The Edwardian Liner. If the appeal of a TITANIC "replica" lies in relishing that, why is not a replica OLYMPIC being proposed instead? I think we all know the reasons. All 10-year-old boys really do flip through the pages to get to the "good part" when TITANIC goes down . It's just kind of sad when adults do the same thing.... and worse when someone want to spend vast sums of money profiting from it.
  16. Thank you. If nothing else, this entire tedious tireseome nonsense is beyond inappropriate. I am not sure how or why a horrible tragedy... something that killed 1,500 people in horrible circumstances... has been effortlessly rendered into some goulish obsession for too many. The idea that it can also be translated into a "travel experience" is beyond the pale. I cannot imagine any professional officer or seaman would want anything to do with it, either.
  17. So to sum up.... yes, a world of difference between a PINNACLE and a VISTA and maybe the latter is well named! QA's "Promenade" Deck has 1) no views out to sea, 2) little daylight, 3) narrow enough in places that you'd have a hard time passing another person, 4) no deck chairs and no room for them anyway and 5) you'll note far fewer of the public rooms on this deck even have windows or natural light except right aft in way of the dining room. For good reason as there is little light and no view except the side of a lifeboat. And here are the ships that immediately come to mind with full view, proper promenade decks (half of these are also beautiful teak-decked, too.. like QM2) Queen Mary 2 Zuiderdam Oosterdam Westerdam Arcadia Noordam Queen Victoria Costa Luminosa Queen Elizabeth Costa Deliziosa Nieuw Amsterdam Eurodam Zaandam Volendam Renaissance Bolette Borealis All of the former STATENDAM class have full promenades but I am too lazy to search out all their new names.
  18. Well.... all of the VISTA-class ships operated by Holland America Line, Costa, P&O (ARCADIA) for starters, including of course, QE and QV. All of the older HAL pre VISTA ships. Fred. Olsen's former HAL sisters. Full walk around, full sea-view promenades with deck chairs. I think AURORA has a full promenade deck, too.
  19. Actually most successful business know profits ultimately come from pleasing their customers. Especially core customers.
  20. But that is not reflected in QUEEN ANNE's deployment now is it??? She is being placed on the traditional ex Southampton run, not on Fly Cruises, and with all those days at sea "to and from" especially the Med itineraries. And she's doing world cruises, too. You can squint until you are blue in the face, but her density of passengers vs. space clearly puts her at a disadvantage with QE and QV when you have all those people sharing that space on all those days at sea. By every accepted measurement of space per passenger, she is more crowded than her fleetmates. She was designed to maximise profits. You be the judge if that suits you. I am unhappy that those of us who don't buy into this, are forced on her as she is the only ex-Southampton ship. We have decided to stay loyal to "our" QV even if it means flying one-way.
  21. We have changed tables a few times from what was allotted with no issues, certainly never have seen a "queue" in QG or PG for any reason or any time and trust Grill passengers not to be "irate" over anything. I would be not pleased, however, standing behind a "Do you know who I am?!" sort and making quite sure we were not seated within 50 yards of him or her wherever they wind up. A really good seating plan always has a "sent to Coventry" location for these sorts anyway.... More than even the food or table service, I value the Grill experience for its quality of ease, grace and professionalism. Qualities which ensure that something as simple as securing a conviable or convenient table is easily arranged. But no... you're not going to prebook a "four" with the expectation you are going to be seated there as a couple.
  22. Good point.... and why I would love to see people try to actually experience a real Edwardian ocean liner. Which included... in British liners of the era... NO dancing indoors. Only on deck. No ball rooms, no dance floors. No ladies in the smoking room, either. No dinner dress on Sundays, etc. It's all nonsense, of course, but it would be fun to see contemporary cruise passengers experiencing a true Edwardian liner (even in First Class) which this fantasy is surely not going to be in any event.
  23. I like all weather.... we had a proper Mistral in the Western Med on QE so it was still sunny but really blowy and throwing spray. Positively delightful. And why I insist on that proper promenade deck to savour it. I was delighted I was not alone, either. Fortunately we did not have a nervous nanny Captain to restrict access to the decks, either. Like most Mistrals it only occupied an afternoon but it remains a highight to be remembered. I insist on a ship that has that immediate access to the real sea, spray and salt that makes an ocean holiday unique. QE and QV are better in this regard than QM2 as their promenade deck is quite low. QA.... no way.
  24. Nope. You won't. If the sports jacket is dark and the trousers, too, with a dress shirt and tie... no one is going to object or should, especially if you in Britannia Restaurant. In the Grills, it's more formal by habit than code.
  25. One is intrigued by the name "Blue Star Line" which unless some money has changed hands, is still vaguely owned by the successors of a once proud and important British Line that one would hope is not associated with this tedious and tiresome endeavour.
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