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  1. Yes solo meet ups before dinner and then usually go to dinner as a group. You can also ask for a shared table at the MDR and they will send any other solos that ask to it.
  2. I rarely wear liner since I find it’s really an evening look but when I do I swear by the KVD tattoo liner as well. Honestly I got tired of removing mascara and have pretty much switched to wearing lashes now. They take an extra minute to put on but are much easier to take off and never clump. I always buy them on sale and have a range from day to evening. Bonus is no more stained pillow cases and never any smudges from my teary eyes.
  3. What is it that makes a trip enjoyable and will you succeed in achieving that on your own. I adore solo cruising. The extra storage space in my cabin is fabulous. Coming and going and deciding my schedule on the fly is fabulous. The only part I didn’t like was on my first cruise at restart there was no solo dinning table so I was sitting alone against a wall. I made friends however the next day and ate dinner with my “cruise mom and siblings” from then on.
  4. I travel solo and also a likeable Canadian 😉. The few times I didnt make dinner plans with fellow random cruisers I asked for a shared table and there would be 3-4 of us. It’s possible but not really the NCL style. If you have FAS I definitely recommend using those specialty dinning nights. The only time I had to wait 30 minutes for a table was the first night when a friend wanted to go to one specific MDR. There are screens all over the ship talking you which dinning rooms are busy/quiet so just pick accordingly and you shouldn’t need reservations. The part I don’t like about freestyle is not having a dedicated waiter.
  5. There’s military grade software for that. It’s been around for over 15 years I know of so I’m sure there are non military versions available now. The software tracks unattended items on the security cameras and will notify when it’s been there longer than the parameter of time without moving for example. Or the “simpler” solution is like parking enforcement, “chalk the tires” and if it’s there on your next round still you have it removed.
  6. My Alaska cruise last year we had one to two medical disembark per port pretty much and that was a smaller ship. One of those sadly was a staff who needed to go have emergency surgery.
  7. Or it’s a reason to go around and encourage everyone to sign up. Worse case it’s cancelled and you take the bus.
  8. I just booked it for my September cruise but it was only available one way. It works for me since one of the places I’m going to go to is partway between Ketchikan port and ward cove. So for 9$ I’m taking a nice little boat Ketchikan, walk over to KetchiCandies (amazing chocolates) then over to creek street to see the fat seals, taking the city bus either free or 2$ to studio 103 in the plaza (amazing quilt shop), taking the city bus (silver line) to totem park, then the bus back to ward cove. getting to see all 4 things I want without taking the NCL shuttle. I’ve been to Ketchikan twice but haven’t been to totem park yet. So I’m returning to my 3 favorite places and adding one new one.
  9. Easiest if your laundry soap is a no rinse formula. Makes it a lot quicker. I usually fill the sink with laundry before I hop in the shower. When I’m done my shower I squeeze out as much water as possible and then roll the clothes in a towel to take out even more. Ask your steward for extra towels on day one. My clothes is almost always completely dry before the next day with this technique.
  10. From my experience on a 15 day TA the fill a bag promo was only done once. I did that and also hand washed clothes with my favorite delicate wash (Soak) and hung to dry in the shower.
  11. Not too long ago there was a story of a gentleman who was ill and they diverted towards Prince Rupert (not a stop on itineraries I know of) because of a medical emergency. If someone is having a heart attack or a stroke they aren’t going to wait till the next day to get to a US port. The situation isn’t common but can and does happen.
  12. In icy straight there’s a whale watching tour which uses drones for amazing footage, teens would probably be more than happy to get some cool shots for social media.
  13. Also depends on the port. When we all walk back with bags full of port I don’t think they could be bothered. I had three bottles ready to hand in and they just told me to keep going. My friend however on another day had to hand his bottle in.
  14. Passport is like an insurance policy. You may not need it but if you do you’ll be thankful you have it. I live near the US border and agree if you’re just driving accross and staying near the border it’s no big deal. Canadian ambulances can transfer you to the border if there’s a medical emergency. If however your cruising to Alaska and you have a medical issue and end up in Prince Rupert you will need to fly.
  15. If I remember correctly Celebrity had a your you could pay for which was several hours and you went all over but they also had a free galley tour which my mom loved.
  16. Consider logistics if you’re doing either. I’ve done both and unless your wanting extra time near Anchorage I prefer Vancouver. Vancouver you can fly in and stay near the hotel or at the Y for cheaper and just take the skytrain to within a few blocks of the port. Anchorage hotels are so overpriced. If taking the train or a bus transfer they leave very early in the morning . if the flight prices are similar then you’ll save by going from Vancouver with all the other costs like transfers and hotels etc.
  17. Ya mediocre and a little pretentious. I love the vibe of the Nuts on Clark’s at the airport. Also memories of trying to not be drunk before a flight filling my stomach with popcorn. Bartender at the lounge gave me a glass half filled with scotch with 5 minutes before having to go to my gate. I can’t waist good scotch especially after 3 cancelled flights the airline loosing all my luggage.
  18. If you don’t hang a lot of your clothing then I’d recommend looking at the “hanging travel shelves” my friend uses one and swears by it. She’s unpacked in seconds and hers compresses nicely in her suitcase. You can also consider keeping all your cool weather clothing in the back of shelves till your ready to switch warm for cool. I’ll put bulkier items in the back of shelves and smaller items in the front, example my hiking boots in the back and my flipflops in the front since it’s easier to reach over and grab the bulky items. Same principle goes for bulky sweaters vs tshirts.
  19. You pay more for suites for a higher level of service which includes superior food. Why do you expect to get that when you’re not paying for it. If you’re not happy of what you get when you cruise in a balcony then don’t take the cruise. If you’re tipping so much maybe go to another line and just pay for your laundry. yes NCLs food is bland. The ceasar salad is by far the worse I’ve ever had. Guess what I never ordered it again. Your loyalty doesn’t give you the perk of eating premium prices when you’re paying for the regular fare. This thread just reeks of entitlement.
  20. Even worse is the people who just stand on the track in the narrowest spot so you can barely even squeeze by while trying to get a workout in. My rule of thumb is no elevators till after 8. After that time I’m drinking and we’re at sea so best stick to elevators.
  21. I actually don’t get Garrett’s. There’s another spot I like called Nuts on Clark. I’m an Oreo girl.
  22. An hour and a half within an airline and not international I wouldn’t stress at all. Should still have lots of time to grab some delicious popcorn.
  23. Great spot for a very refreshing and picturesque swim.
  24. I can also take another 3-4 cruises for those extra thousands.
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