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  1. have two speciality dinings . hubby and are both pescatarians. help
  2. this is still on getaway right? hubby and I eat primarily fish ( not shellfish) and thought this would be good with our speciality dining perks (FAS)
  3. is getaway just like breakaway (common areas/ shows/ etc?)
  4. I thought cagney had the cauliflower steak. is this still on a menu?
  5. so spice h20 is adult only and has a small pool (free)? vibe is adult only- fee- no pool correct? we are on getaway next summer.
  6. painting classes? is that on all ships?
  7. love lox. guess will eat breakfast in the MDR on occasion.
  8. just like to plan ahead. if NCL is 21 days= so be it. just glad to be back on a ship.
  9. wow.must have changed in the 2 years since I sailed last time. guess I need to get on a ship very soon to fix that.
  10. my last ship was the Mardi Gras. I swore I did a lot of the pre cruise stuff months ahead of time .
  11. 1. putting in passports 2. credit card info I like to do lots of prep for the sailing early.
  12. I find it bizarre that you can book meals and entertainment but can't check in. carnival you can upload a ton of information to your account before you sail . not 21 days before
  13. I am hoping to maybe score a day next summer.
  14. the quicker you can get the passport re done the better
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