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  1. @shepherd really Yes and mine is not a claim but first hand experience as well.
  2. @shepherd really I speak the truth as salty as it is.
  3. We are considering Explora but there are no 2025 sailings yet…right now going back to land vacations.
  4. When there are actual fist fights over pool loungers I believe the cruise line should step in. The lost and found table would be a good start. Please don’t attack me for saying this but I have never encountered so many rude people then on the last Vista cruise. Everywhere not just the pool area.
  5. @proton-excitement Thank you very much!
  6. Does anyone know what type of art classes are presently on the Vista? Interested to know if there is a concentration of watercolor or acrylic or oil?
  7. They sell small, powerful but light travel hairdryers. Not sure if allowed to mention brands or sites to buy but worth a look.
  8. Squatters or chair hogs? Inquiring minds want to know…
  9. @edgee Just like O shortens port times and cancels excursions they can do it now with no reimbursement to passengers….brilliant for them.
  10. DW says more like Talbots but just google country club casual if need a general idea.
  11. I switched to the new SM after doing the rocket science math of the price of this compared to that etc. Theoretically came out $200. ahead… but if the excursions are cancelled I’m losing money. No one informed me that I lose the amount I pay for those excursions if the excursion is cancelled. To say you can get a credit but only for use for a culinary class is comical as these classes are sold out way before the cruise. Then O gets to say they were “free” so sorry… The DW and I are not booking anymore O cruises in the near future. Not necessarily due to the changes mostly looking to return to land tours/travels where we can enjoy more time in the places we visit.
  12. DW and I prefer tables for two as we work with the public and our vacation is time for us to just enjoy each other and recharge. Why this is considered snobbery is baffling. We interact with people on the ship but enjoy meals alone.
  13. It’s a shame as the last review on CC for a recent Vista cruise was pretty much ruined by chair hogs.
  14. I don’t understand the confusion…there are reasons why people get dressed appropriately for occasions like weddings, funerals, employment interviews etc. it is called etiquette. We are not talking formal on O cruises just not jeans, tees and overly casual in specialty dining. Why is this so hard to grasp?
  15. @BEEZLEE I have friends who like hip hop, some country music, some oldies, some classics…not sure if age dictates music taste…being bombarded by the pool by music you may or may not like is obnoxious. I was on a Christmas cruise once that played Beyoncé over and over till everyone wanted to jump overboard! Many party ships do this which if you want that great. I hope O isn’t trying that out now.
  16. I wish there was no music by the pool. Most people want peace and or use iPods for their own choices.
  17. @question221 You may find jeans too hot for Europe in June anyway. Personally I would encourage you to take some nice clothes and enjoy the specialty dining venues. The laundry facilities are easy and convenient for longer trips. Enjoy your cruise.
  18. If you need to pack light there are laundry facilities so you can wear the right things. The specialty and MDR are not formal but casual clothing like jeans are for the terrace cafe and waves. Both have great food. I have never seen people using the pool in the evening.
  19. @Harry Lake Saving/rescue of another vessel is quite different from a single passenger having a medical emergency and needing to be airlifted. Only military and coast guard have the huge helicopters needed and they are limited in how far they can go.
  20. @Edgee they are required to report and inspections help. What is your point that you want more hands touching your utensils and food?
  21. Just wash your hands often everyone. If sick order room service. I personally am grateful for the CDC inspections and reports. I am happy for the least amount of hands touching food and serving utensils. I have been in many public restrooms and witness people leaving without washing hands. 🤢 Disgusting and 😳 disturbing.
  22. @mauibabes Thank you my DW reads reviews and obsesses about them. It’s OK as her obsession is good for technical planning. I am grateful for the positive reviews as we all agree there is no perfect trip but O’s have been pretty close! I will post about our Vista trip for sure. Starting the New Year off right!🥳
  23. @Harry Lake I don’t believe there are any rescues there. Same as on transatlantic. You take your chances and roll the dice.
  24. @edgee Maybe a look at the CDC website that reports of norovirus and gastrointestinal outbreaks on cruise ships. Then go to the recommended NIH site.
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