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    I simply can't understand the Deluxe cabin pricing, there must be a logic behind it but they seem expensive compared to the suites for what they offer. All suites sold out now for my cruise but there seems to be plenty of availability for Deluxe
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    Yes that is correct, there are 8. We booked the last one available on A deck (4 cabins in) for the Greek islands this April. We booked last August and Received 25% discount plus 5% English Heritage, a total of 30%, so the discount didn't fall too much and it seems quite a popular cruise.
  3. I'm really looking forward to this cruise... Hopefully I'll see you on board.. 😊
  4. Thanks for all your help . I still don't know if I'm brave enough to hire a bike, I need to get some practice in here first ... BTW do Saga hire crutches 🤣
  5. Thanks once again..
  6. Thanks very much for your detailed reply. Lots of information and things to consider there, it's really appreciated... Nick
  7. SOA is due into Madeira at 7am on the 26th according to the Marine radar app...
  8. As far as I can see it missed Santa Cruz de la Palma on the 14th, went straight from La Gomera on the 13th to Madeira on the 14th (arriving at 18.22, leaving 21.01... 2h 39m in port)... Arrived Cherbourg yesterday morning 18th and at Honfleur today. Due Portsmouth tomorrow.. Very strange only 2 and a 1/2 hours in Madeira doesn't seem worth stopping. Weather related? , hopefully someone aboard will be able to explain.
  9. Thanks, even better....
  10. Thanks for your replys.. I'll try and get some practice in using one before April..
  11. Thank you, that sounds promising.
  12. Good Evening, Just a quick question. Has anyone used the E. Bikes ashore. Is it easy to hire one or do they get booked up really quickly. How long can you hire them for... Grateful for any information.
  13. This sounds quite worrying. At saga prices the food should be very good.
  14. I don't know all the rules and there is probably small print, but I don't think you could do that. Saga when we booked waited to process the booking until we received our English Heritage membership number. They just held the cabin for a few days.
  15. If you are an English Heritage member you receive a further 5% discount. Often worth joining before you book
  16. That was just crossed wires I think.. We were talking about different cruises. Very easy when this thread does seem to jump...
  17. I didn't think that the Caribbean cruise had been offered anything for the 3 days in Lisbon
  18. Sorry, I was talking about the Caribbean cruise not the one before, I didn't release they had been given offered a 100%refund
  19. OK. Here is my humble opinion and I'm obviously not a marine expert so I won't try to pass judgement about missing Madeira on the return. This cruise spent 3 unscheduled days in Lisbon (not weather related) on the way to the Caribbean. I can see why Windsurfboy is upset he paid a large amount of money for this cruise, probably £30,000 and even if Saga contractually doesn't need to they need to sell suites going forward and need to keep this quiet limited market happy, ...
  20. According to Marine Radar Sod is going to Lisbon, due 7am on the 11th December...
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