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  1. We had lots of emails promoting add ons and upgrades prior to our cruise but practical nothing since. Maybe because I ignored all the overpriced things that they were promoting and refused to make a bid on the upgrade system.
  2. Our emails from Azamara seem to have completely dried up , had nothing since our cruise last June. I can't even be bothered to chase them up, their loss has I am not that interested any more.
  3. Have a read of the is Azamara worth it topic below, plenty of opinion there.
  4. Totally agree, another big disappointment that makes me even less likely book in the future.
  5. This does nothing to encourage me to book, we have been Discoverer Plus for several years ( before any free nights so never got anything then either) and are never likely to move any higher. We usually book a Balcony and have never had a suite, we have nothing booked and only more sensible pricing will persuade me to book in the future.
  6. Who knows, everything is up in the air at the moment even in Europe.
  7. Just received a email from a large UK travel agent advertising Azamara as all inclusive with unlimited drinks, no mention of the restricted drinks menu or charges for speciality restaurants. I was under the impression that Azamara had stopped travel agents giving false information to clients.
  8. I hope that I am proved to be wrong but any changes are unlikely be of benefit to loyal customers going by recent history.
  9. I take your point about Jim, has I said not to everyone's taste but I did hear that he has since worked on other cruise lines. He would be great in the larger new lounge in the evenings, there was never any room in mosaics when he was performing late night.
  10. We also miss Jim, great entertainer but not to everyone's taste, late evenings on the ship have never been the same since he left, I believe he was usually on Quest.
  11. That's very similarly to my current attitude towards Azamara, trouble is it's getting very hard to find a cruise that I would wish to book for a decent price.
  12. Bloodaxe

    Included wines.

    I Absolutely agree.
  13. I believe the question about the Spirits has been answered, cocktails with the included drinks are also mediocre in my opinion.
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