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  1. I am in my mid 70s and my Wife is a few years younger, we will certainly take the vaccine when it is available. My attitude to cruising will remain the same, I will not be booking anything until we see how the future of cruising looks and if the experience will be something we will still enjoy.
  2. So sad, my thoughts are with them, we went though it last year when my Son passed away leaving our 12 year old Grandson.
  3. We love our Waitrose in York, great friendly staff, it's our only trip out at the moment, highlight of our week. How sad is that.
  4. Unfortunately my Grandson has just had a few really bad days with lots of pain. His doctor sent him to hospital for some tests, nothing new was found but they are increasing his medication again. It seems that this dam Crohns is not going away even after the operation.
  5. That correct, there are 2 routes the red and blue lines,you can change buses in the main square if you wish.
  6. Not really sure, he is still on medication and has regular reviews with the specIalist.
  7. Thanks for asking, he is better most of the time but still has his bad days, he has been able to attend school more regularly since his operation.
  8. In the earlier days of Azamara drinks were not included and I preferred it that way, just paying for what you wanted. Basic drinks are now included but cure prices reflect that, we still had to pay for quality drinks.
  9. Azamara use the term destination immersion to promote longer stays in port with some overnights. Maybe destination indecisive is you don't care were the ship goes but stay on board and spend more money.
  10. It has been obvious for some time that's the way Celebrity are going, we have preferred Azamara in recent years but they have also been much more influenced by parent company RCC, not for the better I M O
  11. Planes have always been a source of infection but are probably safer than ever now that people have to wear face coverings.
  12. There was no swab involved in the test, my original letter was the same has shown by Josie.
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