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  1. I totally agree with you, I used to only post on the Azamara forum has most of our recent cruises have be with them. You lot have been a breath of fresh air in a very difficult time, thanks to all of you.
  2. We have lived in a Bungalow for most of our lives, the first home we bought was a Bungalow when we were in our 20s. Have tried moving to a house but could never settle, we have lived in our present Bungalow with a large garden for almost 40 years. Go for it.
  3. I have tried to persuade her to watch it so far without success. We saw our Grandson in the garden again yesterday, before the weather changed. He is making progress but still having quite a lot of pain, it will obviously take some time.
  4. All Creatures great and small is my Wife's all time favorite program, so far she has not watched the remake, she says she will only be disappointed. Some years ago we were on a cruise round trip to Hawaii from San Diego.. One morning we were having a coffee and a American lady came over to us.. She said to my Wife I just love your accent it reminds me of all creature vert and small. We explained that we did live in Yorkshire but not actually in the Dales.
  5. Your have missed some lovely weather at home recently but tomorrow is set to be the last warm day, it's all downhill after that.
  6. My Grandson is doing well thank you, we spent some time with him in the garden at the weekend. We have to keep our distance has he will have to continue to be shielded for a while.
  7. North Wales is beautifully given the weather your pictures bring back happy memories, I lived and worked on the Isle of Anglesey in the 1970s. It's not so .nice in the Winter with gale blowing in off the Irish Sea.
  8. White underwear and shirts don't look to bad until compared alongside ones that have never been laundered on the ship, then the difference is obvious.
  9. That applies to many parts of the world but particularly Australia, cruises can only ever touch around the fringes.
  10. We have the opposite view, would never send anything delicate or that we really valued, have had a few items spoiled and whites that were never has white again.
  11. Our flu jabs where booked for early Oct, on Wednesday the surgery rang to ask if we could go that day, apparently a fridge had broken down and they had to use up the vaccine. They were calling in all the oldies, so off we went and it was well organized.
  12. You could well be correct , I grew up and went to school near Chesterfield and I seem to remember being told it was the most central town in England. It is In East Midlands though, I think I do qualify has living in the north now, North Yorkshire
  13. Still very sore but happy to be home, he was missing his Cats, I am now released from my Cat feeding duties.
  14. You can't get much further away, I have heard it said that Chesterfield is in the geographical center of England. My Grandson was home from hospital yesterday, off to see him this afternoon, obviously keeping our distance
  15. A Good few years ago they changed the box at the end of our road for a more modern one, that's also gone now. One of my neighbors asked what was happening to the old one, they said it was going for scrap. She slipped the workmen a few quid and it is now a feature in her garden.
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