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  1. There is a taxi starter/tour sales operation in the port right as you exit. Lots of English.
  2. Yes. There is a taxi starter operation and cab parking /staging lot right as you leave the zoo/port. They have access to vans. They love (!) to sell tours. You can bypass the starters and walk out and flag down a cab also all over.
  3. Lots of taxis. Figure $20 +/- to Old Town a bit of a haul. Taxis are happy to take dollars. The average store or restaurant may not be able to handle dollars. Most/all take credit cards. Pesos are sold right in the port /zoo area.
  4. Cabs Old Town to the ship were $20 + tip. It is a distance. Fuel and car prices (I looked this up) in Columbia are the same as Miami. So the $1.59 fare idea seems very low. The walk is long, hot and uninteresting. The cool stuff is over in Old Town.
  5. We not see any entry formalities or passport checks on our over night port stop in December. Cruise passengers on a port stop are IMHO usually not entering the country. If you fly in to embark, or a cruise terminates there, that is an entry.
  6. The Duvall Loop City Bus is free and goes in a large well defined loop. It will not, like some city busses, take you off to places that are good for commuters, etc. (Note there are several paid bus/trolley services as well). We walked around the marina area (get off the ship, go straight and left), DW found a nice quilt/fabric shop. We always have lunch at the Southernmmost Beach Cafe, which feels like the Bahamas.
  7. Has anyone seen a daily planner you could post?
  8. Yes the authorities put a ton of work into making the port shopping area tidy and safe. They had a dedicated police team and lots of private security and checked IDs going in. They did seem to have a good coffee selection right there. The hand made crafts looked to be of good quality.
  9. I am developing a secret plan. How to get to back to sea and palm trees- Key West, Nassau and Cozumel by ship, as cheaply as possible. No suites, butlers, or second mortgage. Low expectations. We are (I am LOL) non demanding. Cheap back to backs are a hoot- who else finds "zeroing out" fun? Celebrity Summit is lovely, is this a cheaper option? I even saw a library on the deck plan?
  10. Figure eight weeks for expedited renewal. You can usually find someone in a call center to tell you a passport is not needed or an expired one is fine. Good luck with that 😉
  11. We are tucked in ahead of Valiant Lady. Tugs galore. This docking would be much less chill in 30-40 knot gusts. What a nice cruise. Seventeen days this time with the Connie cruise last week was a good start. Would a month be better- yes. The Chocolate Babka is yummy. Not too sweet. Having them make /knead it in front of you reduces "it's frozen" rumors you hear. Latin Night Four Aft. Note to self- work on Salsa- less stomping more hips. We tried the Merengue routine we learned on board. We got in two Country Two Step dances - only works if everyone is counter clockwise on the outside, or stationary in the middle of the floor. The lobby DJ is pretty good. There is not an obvious dance floor- maybe in front of reception?
  12. On the way in. Tug secured starboard bow. Wind 16 mph from the east.
  13. I am not seeing sustained 39 + MPH winds in the marine forecast early tomorrow which are needed to close the port.
  14. The Oceanview Cafe continues to impress - a yummy Dulce De Leche pastry earlier and Shawarma just now. Dancing is good -we saw the first night production show and had lessons from the cast all week. The plan to head back to Miami at six knots has worked - the sturdy ship is riding well in the ten foot seas.
  15. I just found and filled out the survey in a flood of Celebrity junk e mail. Years ago, Connie would rock the reviews with more kudos than newer fancier ships. I think the ship has slipped a bit - NPS scores, etc. What the onboard team should do - embrace the hardware you have - a non updated, but well designed ship. Longer voyages, and an older passenger demographic. A poor person's ocean liner. So - early-early riser breakfast. Some love for the library- different layout. The iCafe becomes a card room. Tone down the Ibiza music. The fresh fish idea. Ballroom dancing lessons. A focus on High Tea. Things you can do under the radar from HQ. I get brand consistency- hard with an older ship. Fred Olsen does this - older ship, great guest experience.
  16. We peeked in the window. There was a desk person, and the bar was in the back alcove and did not seem open always?
  17. The bad news - 35 knot winds and three meter seas all the way back to Miami. The good news - 150 miles left so just five knots are required. Should be a gentle ride, like a heavy deep draft sailboat. A good night to be down in Steerage on Deck Two. Some grumbling about missing Bimini. That is a calm wind and seas stop. The Sunset Vegetable Hotpot was good after deep fried lunch ashore. They had a coddled egg this morning - also nice. The dessert bar called. We did not answer. The Quartet Time Trippers are good for dancing. Sad the cruise is ending.
  18. I did notice the updated music. Could the Fleetwide Menus be next?
  19. The cushions seem in decent shape. The hot sun on black fabric cannot be good. And some have been lost to high wind up there. Pro Tip: On sailboats, bolster cushions have 18 inch rear straps and marine brass plated snaps. Skip the hook and loop tape. We stopped at Concierge - can a guest sit in a 3rd floor meeting room to read at say 0500 to escape the multiple conflicting sources (not making this up) of piped in music? She said probably- they are in use during business hours. We walked by but did not again sample the High Tea goodies. Bits of rain now but a nice day. The British Colonial got a coat of paint but a lovely feature- the thatched beach umbrellas- are gone. The reported Soft Open this week is delayed. The idea Nassau is unsafe for cruise guests is incorrect.
  20. We were the first into Nassau. I can sit in this port and watch the ships all day. The new cruise terminal is nice and safe. And you can go a few blocks beyond to the new water park / beach and public beach area. We went toward Atlantis on Bay Street. The Green Parrot is in a marina and had two things I could not find on the ship- Conch and Buffalo Chicken. It has a local /Island vibe.
  21. Nice. The mood aboard is chill. You will be glad for the library for some peace from the bouncy piped in music. She is a good sea ship. And lots of band options. And somebody needs to keep an eye on Abdul for us. 🙂
  22. Not surprising. I met Andres so can ask him. We got a call to be sure to visit the MDR. Lunch was fine, service a bit scattered. Dinner was good and service also. They do well on soups and fish. More menu options would be nice. The house band was loud and fast. We got in a dance or two with the Duo. The ship gets another drydock for pool area and other touch up. Summit feels slightly more jolly aboard than Connie. I saw quite a few crew from Africa. Those economies there are in rough shape. A few contracts and crew get world class hotel operations training. Good on a resume. This seems very positive for crew and the lines. Very gusty storm/gale force cross wind and a narrow channel at Bimini. Case closed. Radar is a good invention at sea in storms. Toast Event. No actual toast was served 🙂
  23. After 15 days in Steerage so far, what are the cutbacks we should be watching for?
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