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  1. Does anyone know who will be CD on Summit in January please? and who will be captain? Thank you
  2. Does anyone know who will be CD on Summit in January please? and who will be captain? Thank you
  3. This confirms what we had expected NWCruisemamma 😊
  4. Nice idea but I couldn't possibly travel light πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ long haul across the pond, 12 night cruises, posh frocks, shoes, Tux for DH etc - it just couldn't be done - well done you though if you can pull it off
  5. Not sure if these are what it meant by creature comforts but we bring different medications, plasters etc. for all eventualities I also bring my magnifying make-up mirror, straighteners and heated rollers😊
  6. Response to OP - Its a no from me 😲
  7. Thank you allπŸ™‚
  8. Dear friends We will be taking only our second cruise out of San Juan and I am really unsure about the arrangements and wonder if anyone can help please? I am not really sure that we will be able to have an informal meet at sailaway ? On our paperwork it says boarding 8.30 pm and this is the first time we have encountered this, we usually sail from Miami or FL at about 4pm Do we sail later? If so then what time is muster and how is dinner affected? Any assistance would be welcome Thank you
  9. I always put a door poster on my cabin door attached using my Cruise Critic magnets. This year on Silhouette it was removed on the second day by persons unknown and the magnets left on the floor, one missing 😞 I was quite shocked but put it down to high spirits maybe on the way home after a good night in the martini bar lol
  10. We always dress up - tux for the hubby and long dresses for me. Its part of cruising in our opinion and so pleased that the new chic nights mean that we can please ourselves πŸ˜€
  11. Is there just Tuscan Grill and Quisine on Summit still? I was hoping for a return to Normandie 😌
  12. Great to hear positive comments - we are booked for January 2020 πŸ˜€
  13. Our first X cruise was on this old lady of the seas and what fine cruise it was! got us hooked lol!
  14. How much smaller than this is the standard balcony room? Do we have a photo of one please?
  15. We have never experienced an infant or small child in a speciality restaurant on any of our cruises. It is not the presence of the child but their behaviour during the meal and if other diners are affected as a result. I like to think that I am in the company of like minded individuals who would remove their child if behaviour was a problem or if in the case of an infant that they would withdraw, and if this didn't happen I would expect a return visit FOC. Personally, for our ultimate enjoyment, we cruise in term time to reduce the chances of children on cruises.
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