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  1. Good Evening I wonder if anyone could help me with this question please? I have a Dyson hairdryer which I was planning on taking with me on board - can anyone tell me if the voltage on the ship is Ok for this to function? I have been told that the dryer wont work in the cabin? Thank you
  2. Good Morning friends Would anyone know if the recent refurb on Summit has made it possible to open the dividing balcony partitions please? Thank you in advance
  3. Sorry if I have missed this information but can I ask if the CD was good on your sailing please? Thank you for the review - we sail on 14th January 2020
  4. We have always found the sommeliers to be most helpful and after a couple of days they get to know the wines we like and offer good suggestions. Most of your worries and concerns have probably been answered by the responses above so I will say don't be afraid to try a few different wines - rose may also be an option for you - we only drink red (except when I hit the champagne!)🀩 Hope you enjoy your wine journey 🍾
  5. Can you please tell me how to find the last published list?😳
  6. Eagerly awaiting news on this sailing - we go on 14th Jan 2020
  7. On every cruise we have taken I have made a simple door sign (template available on this site) and attached it with my CC door magnets. This year the sign was removed one night and one of the door magnets left on the floor, one was missing I thought this was very sad - maybe high jinks one night but it was disappointing to know that I was in the company of someone who would do this
  8. Does anyone know who will be CD on Summit in January please? and who will be captain? Thank you
  9. Does anyone know who will be CD on Summit in January please? and who will be captain? Thank you
  10. This confirms what we had expected NWCruisemamma 😊
  11. Nice idea but I couldn't possibly travel light πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ long haul across the pond, 12 night cruises, posh frocks, shoes, Tux for DH etc - it just couldn't be done - well done you though if you can pull it off
  12. Not sure if these are what it meant by creature comforts but we bring different medications, plasters etc. for all eventualities I also bring my magnifying make-up mirror, straighteners and heated rollers😊
  13. Thank you allπŸ™‚
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