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  1. The Diamond is replacing the Sapphire for South America for 2021 and 2022. This means there will be two transpacific cruises on the Diamond in 2021 and 2022 .
  2. The Grand has replaced the Star in Alaska for 2021. The last Star cruise is a coastal to Vancouver in May . All cruise after this one on the Star have been cancelled.
  3. I disagree . Most TA's can't refare a cruise after final payment. On one cruise my PVP refared my cruise four times . The last two after final payment . I asked a TA friend , she said that once final payment is made . Princess will not allow them to refare . Extra perks depends on the TA willing to pay for out of their commission. Where I live (Canada) the local TA's usually don't give any extra perks or lower price , only if they have a block of cabins on hold.
  4. We were on the Royal last October. They had a sign directing CC to the other entrance.
  5. Club Class has a separate entrance from the normal dining room.
  6. Thanks. I've seen Youtube videos where on delivery day they say that the balance of the contract price is transferred to the shipyard. When the Queen Mary was being planned. Cunard was looking for a company that had the financial ability to finance the ship.
  7. No hotels in Whittier. There are a number companies that do transfers between Anchorage and Whittier. Most use smaller buses and make stops at points of interest.
  8. If you work out the cost of the Wifi+Drinks+ Gratuities . You actually save more than the difference in the no frills fare versus the fare with the extras added. I have a cruise booked the difference between the two options is about $900 . If you add the cost of the three extras . I'll actual pay more the the fare with the extras.
  9. Remember Princess has different sites for different countries. Site might not work in the US but work in the EU or Australia. You won’t even know your on a different site. It all depends on you login information .
  10. Sometimes you actually have book the flights before being able to select seats . Sometimes you use the flight reservation number on the BA site to select,your seats.
  11. The sale is actually for reduced fares for 3rd and 4th passengers. The drinks , Wi-Fi and gratuities are part of the normal selection.
  12. The scheduled ship can change at anytime. These are names for holding the times for Princess. It’s like the Diamond replacing the Sapphire in South America for late 21 and early 22.
  13. the Crown is listed . Princess could put any ship into that slot. Remember that these days are booked about 24 to 30 months in advance . Ship can easily change for that day.
  14. All cruises on the Sapphire from Oct 2021 into 2022 have been cancelled.
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