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  1. I actually had one L & S port fee charge go down by $50 per person. Even better
  2. https://cancellation.royalcaribbean.com/?brand=R click the 3rd option and input your details the next page will show your available sailings
  3. It does not have to be the same ship. We were booked on the Empress and did the L & S to the Odyssey. The ports do not need to be the exact same either. The Odyssey sailing we switched to did not have a single port the same as the original sailing, nor does it depart from the same port as the originally booked Empress cruise. What is the same is that both were the same length and both were in roughly the same area of the Caribbean in our case. RCCL has to be a bit flexible because ships change home ports from year to year, they change length of sailings, and they change ports. You can go to RCCL's page and request to do the L & S online. You need to input your reservation number, name, ship, and date of sailing and then it will list for you approved sailings you are allowed to do the L & S to. It will tell you the new sailing dates and the ship you would be on. It is up to you to look up the ports for that sailing however.
  4. Our experience was that everybody in the same cabin had to take the same thing - either FCC or a refund. If your daughter was booked in a separate cabin from you, you could get her cabin refunded and your cabin you could take the FCC.
  5. We have always booked directly with RCCL. We booked a cruise recently with a travel agent and he took care of the Lift and Switch for us. It was effortless for us, other than being on pins and needles until the Switch was confirmed. Another great reason to use a travel agent to cut down on the wait time on the phone with RCCL. The travel agents have much better access to info and services than you and I do. Glad we have found an agent we trust.
  6. We did the L&S from the Empress to the Odyssey. 😀
  7. Absolutely incorrect. We did a Lift and Switch recently where the embarkation port was different and ALL of the ports were different. The only thing really the same was that the cruise was for the same number of days and both sailed in the Caribbean. Your travel agent is wrong. We have done a couple of lift and switches (using a travel agent who has posted several times in this thread - hint, hint). Both were transferred quickly and we have received confirmation bookings from both Celebrity and RCCL for the switches.
  8. More like extra time to disinfect the ship by the crew.
  9. Me too. Just did the switch today. I feel much better about switching to a cruise far in the future though when hopefully COVID is no longer an issue (or at least safety protocols have been tried and tested to be effective)
  10. We are looking at booking the Brilliance for next summer. I am pleased to see all the positive posts here for the Brilliance. Makes me feel better about booking an older and smaller ship that we have not been on before. Thanks.
  11. A very interesting article. Thanks for sharing. I always thought that when out walking in the neighbourhood and people feel you need to cross the street instead of simply passing someone walking in the opposite direction on the sidewalk was a bit much. Good to know...get in the grocery store, grab your stuff, get out in under an hour, mission accomplished (relatively safely)
  12. I cannot speak for others, but I was happy that the group representatives actually CALLED ME and I did not have to call RCCL to request the refund. I was also very happy the refund was applied directly to my credit card and it showed up a day before my monthly bill came in so I did not have to pay out $6000 to cover the monthly bill, only to have the cruise credit appear on the next statement as a credit. Guess I got lucky this time around (other than having my cruise cancelled on me).
  13. Sounds like I may be one of the lucky ones. We were to have a group sail on the Adventure of the Seas on March 14th. We made it as far as the Detroit airport on the 13th before finding out the cruise had been cancelled. We got a call on March 25th and 26th from the RCCL group department asking if we wanted a refund or FCC. We chose the refund. The full refund appeared on my credit card on April 3rd.
  14. I should have simply answered it and said, "THE CRUISE WAS LACKING IN MANY WAYS"
  15. If you find it funny that you can still access your cancelled cruise on the app prior to it happening...We were cancelled on the day before our cruise as we were about to board our plane to Florida. For the next 8 days, we received nightly reminders in the Royal App for our dinner reservations that evening. Then to top it off, the day of disembarkation, they sent us a survey to complete about our cruise.
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