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  1. What really hurts is we expected to just be moved to the Indy like you were. They flipped the 8 and 6 day sailings on us, so why not just let those who booked the 6 day be given the opportunity to move to the 6 day sailing a week later and let those on the 8 day sailing move to the new 8 day sailing a week earlier. It just creates a lot of bad blood and bad publicity. Hopefully RCCL will realize this was an error on their part and make this offer to those of us affected like they did when they made the drink package error a while back and then changed their decision after the public uproar. fingers crossed.
  2. I do not think I would be able to beat the rate we found for the Brilliance. We really wanted to do the ABC islands (never been there before). The cruise we booked visited 2 of them. Same cruise one day earlier on the Symphony was exactly three times the price that we booked the same itinerary on the Brilliance for. Thanks for the positive vibes. Timing of the cruise and the itinerary was perfect for our family's situation. Hopefully RCCL steps up and offers those of us on our sailing the chance to just do the itinerary we originally booked, just a week earlier or later. We love RCCL and decisions like this really make it difficult to stay with them in the future. The experience is going to already be so much less enjoyable anyways due to new restrictions placed on cruisers, that it is very hard to justify cruising over land vacations where we do not go through all the hassles. Only thing I can think is they want people to re-book at a higher price or somebody really just not not put any effort into the decision which has an easy solution, offer a move to the Indy for the exact same itinerary a week earlier or later. The cruise is still showing in my planner now. I have not received an official email yet from RCCL, but my travel agent received notification that this is how our sailing was being handed (straight cancellation, no choice to move to another cruise which actually exists). I wrote a letter to Michael Bayley's office and my travel agent forwarded it through his channels. The point in the letter was acknowledged, but we have heard nothing else as of yet.
  3. We wish we were in your boat, literally. RCCL crapped all over us and just outright cancelled our 8 day cruise and offered no other cruises to choose from. Seems they turned our 8 day into a 6 day cruise and made the week prior to our cruise and the week after our cruise, both 8 days instead of 6, to the same islands we were supposed to be sailing to. You would think we would get moved to one of those 2 sailings, but no. RCCL says just take you money back and re-book the new cruise yourself at triple what you originally had it booked for. Not feeling any love towards RCCL right now. Lucky you. Wish that was our worry. We simply got cancelled on even though they could have simply moved our Brilliance cruise to the Indy like they are offering for you.
  4. Me too. Unfortunately our original 8 day sail date is now a 6 day sailing. Hopefully RCCL will give us a choice of the 8 day sailings to the same islands to choose from. Looks like they shuffled a bunch of the 6 and 8 day cruises around. Guess we have to wait to see where the dust settles and what RCCL offers each of us for changes. It appears from other posts that Antigua is being replaced by Romano, DR. We are excited about the possibility of the shuffle to the Indy like you are. We too have 3 inside cabins side by side since our kids need to be in cabins next to us due to their ages. Fingers crossed the transfer process goes smoothly for both of us.
  5. I think most of us will be happy with the switch. Glad it sounds like it will work out for you. We went from a "we will sail if COVID does not stop us" to a "HELL, I feel like I won the lottery (if COVID does not stop us...again)). When is you "Brilliance" sail date?
  6. Yep, it will give a lot of folks some work to do to move all those people from one ship to another and handle cancellations and refunds. Guess they have their fingers crossed that another round of COVID cancellations do not happen, or else they will have all of those reservations to deal with as well.
  7. Sounds like the Indy (short Caribbean sailings) will be replaced by the Brilliance more or less, but sail from Tampa instead of Fort Lauderdale. Does this mean you are unhappy about the switch of ships to the Independence or am I not reading your quotation marks correctly? I am assuming you will now be given an aft balcony on the Indy, if there is one for the taking still.
  8. Good question. Guess we will find out in the next 3 weeks!! We are in the same boat - literally thanks. guess that someone jumped the gun last week posting it since Brilliance will be staying in the Caribbean, but on a different route - no Europe for her Only one Brilliance cruise showing for the Caribbean now...must be what they mean by the GOING, GOING, GONE SALE That was a big difference from last Friday's post
  9. Checked our cruise booked on the Brilliance for summer 2021. It still reads we are sailing on the Brilliance, but it no longer lists Aruba, Curacao, and Labadee. It lists the following... (only lists the first 4 days). That is different than it was showing a week ago. 8 night southern caribbean cruise MIAMI, FLORIDA CRUISING CRUISING CRUISING
  10. Either way, it looks like the Independence may be taking over the previously planned sailings of the Brilliance for the summer of 2021 if the original post is accurate, when RCCL finally reveals its plans and leaves them posted. I feel sorry for you booking a smaller ship and not it being moved to the other side of the world on you. As for us as a family of 6, I was looking forward to sailing on the Brilliance for the first time, but if they offer us the opportunity to keep our cabins at the prices we booked them at and just switch us to the Independence, I think our kids will be overjoyed. So much more to do on the Independence than the Brilliance for the kids.
  11. We have been to Tortola once. Not sure why RCCL only sends its small ships there. NCL sends some very large ships to Tortola.
  12. I am not a big fan of St. Lucia, but if you do go, like another person posted, book Cosol Tours. Great tour of the island to show you everything for a great price. Drinks included all day long and part of the trip is via boat to spend an hour or so on the beach and snorkeling. They also give you a great meal with lots of local fruits and treats. See the attached photo of one of my plates of food. We have only done St. Kitts once, but I definitely want to return here. We went to the Discovery Beach bar and enjoyed the beach for the day. Prices on the island were better than most island and it is very pretty. Cannot comment on Stingray City at St. John, but we have done it a few times in Grand Cayman. Always enjoyable. Do not book through the ship though or else you will be one of 200 people on a boat. Small private operator is the way to go. I also did a private excursion that goes to a different Stingray City in Cayman (close to the other one but in about 10 feet of water) where you scuba dive. Amazing experience. You are swarmed by stingrays and there are only about 8 divers. We love beaches as well. Did a Southern Caribbean cruise with 9 ports in 10 days before. Exhausting, but great memories. Some tours will take you around the island and include a few hours on the beach (like Bernard's Tours in St. Maarten - amazing) yes - some tours just do this. I recommend Cosol's tour in St. Lucia. Great food, drinks, and you see the entire island. Sorry, cannot help with that one Freedom or Odyssey for sure. Only take the Empress if it is going to small ports the larger ships cannot get into.
  13. We have not yet had the opportunity to sail on a Quantum (plus) class ship and we will gladly take her over here on this side of the pond. We have it booked for March 2022 in her first season in the Caribbean. We have been fortunate enough to sail multiple times on Oasis, Freedom, and Navigator classes, so we look forward to trying a new class of ship.
  14. Yeah, so dull. Nothing to do on the Odyssey at all. If they added some attractions to the Odyssey, then it would have almost as much to do on it as the Empress of the Seas (sarcasm intended)
  15. Guess we were "lucky" then the one time we sailed the Oasis. Theatre, ice, and diving shows cancelled due to rough seas. Barf bags all over the ship. While riding the flowrider, all the water sloshed to one side and I was left on a dry surface til the water sloshed back to the other side. This was about 10 years ago sailing March in the Caribbean with no hurricanes. Crew who had been on the ship for several years said it was one of the two roughest sailings they had encountered on the Oasis. That said, we loved it and are booked to sail her again in March 2021.
  16. We had one of the panoramic family cabins that RCCL turned into a suite class category a couple years ago before it was reclassified. It was a fantastic cabin. We had the 4 person panoramic cabin booked for this past March, but it was the first cruise cancelled due to COVID. We were supposed to have the one that was on the corner but double the size as others, so we were bummed we missed out on this. Fingers crossed that our in-laws get to enjoy their booked panoramic cabin on the Oasis in March 2021.
  17. Thanks for posting, but I had seen that video. I believe that is one of the "regular" sized panoramic cabins that were added at Amplification. If you look at deck plans, the two cabins right beside the added panoramic suites look to be twice the size of the cabin shown in this video and also a different shape.
  18. Fingers crossed our March 2021 cruise on the Oasis occurs. We booked my in-laws in one of the new panoramic OV cabins on deck 14 that were added during the Amplification of the Oasis. The cabin looks much larger than the other panoramic OV cabins on that level on the deck plan. I have been able to find a video in YouTube of one of those class of cabins in the very front of the ship that is one of the average size narrow cabins. If anyone has any photos or video they know of of either cabin 14126 or 14526 (next to the two panoramic suites), we would love to view them. Heck, I would even like to hear about the cabin if you have stayed in either of them. Any little glimmer of cruising positivity during the COVID shutdown will brighten our day.
  19. Like I said, I wish I was in your shoes for being able to try that. One day... Since we both work in education, the only time we have multiple weeks to cruise is during the summer. Unfortunately, even though we love cruising, when it is so hot and humid at home, we do not feel the need to cruise then. In the middle of the winter, it is a nice escape from the cold and snow. We only get a single week off in March, so unless we do a B2B with 3 and 4 day cruises, it will not happen for us for a while. We have friends who winter in Florida and cruise regularly and do B2B2B2B2B. They often take an Uber between Miami and Fort Lauderdale to catch their next cruise. They say it is easy, so I suspect you should have no issues doing this. We were lucky enough to do a 10 day cruise once. I think I am ready to do a longer cruise when one is available to me. I am sure you will be too. Australia is on the bucket list, along with NZ and the South Pacific. Maybe a nice cruise from Hawaii to Australia when we retire.
  20. That is exactly my thinking. I would think it would be announced sometime between September 7th and 14th. We will see if our guess is correct. I too think this one will cover sailings til December 18th, with the hope that the big money making cruises for Christmas and New Year's week may be able to be done (though not likely). I used to work on a cruise ship years ago and the crew always got off to use the phones to call home (back before the internet), so not being permitted off the ship to contact home could be seen as a reason not to go back to working on the ship yet. Nowadays, they do the same to pooch the free internet to contact home. Easy solution would be for the cruise lines to give their crew free access to internet on the ship when in port and most guests are off the ship not using the ship's internet. That would permit the crew to reach home like they usually do if the crew cannot disembark in ports. You are correct. Only problem is we only get a week off work on vacation time and cannot afford to take a 2 week unpaid holiday after returning from a cruise. For this reason, our upcoming planned cruises will be cancelled if that policy is not changed by the time we need to make final payment for our cruises.
  21. We will just miss you. We are on the earlier 8 day sailing of the Odyssey that month. If our situation permitted it, I would rather do the B2B that you have booked, but we only get a single week off since we work in education.
  22. We were able to L&S our Empress 8 day cruise in spring 2021 to the Odyssey in spring 2022 without issue and the rest of the group we are sailing with managed to do the same switch as well. That said, most of the posts in this thread are talking about specific suite types, of which there are limited numbers of corresponding suites on the Odyssey, which could make the switch more difficult. We mainly book lowly inside 3rd class cabins (but better than where most of the immigrants were below deck on the Titanic 😛) and there are lots of them on most ships. We did the same. Which 8 day sailing in March 2022 are you on? We depart the 12th of March, 2022.
  23. Thanks for sharing the video. Very informative. Glad things are going well and I hope MSC and other cruise lines can build upon what they learn from these first cruises so we can safely be back aboard sailing soon.
  24. Just mentioning it because of what somebody had posted here previously about not permitting B2B cruises. I am just saying that would be no different than a person who takes a cruise and then goes to a different ship when they disembark from their first cruise. We have friends who often do 5 or so cruises B2B but not on the same ship. If cruise ships were to not permit B2B, then I am sure people would just jump ship to ship instead and not be cross-checked.
  25. guess they are really hoping that they can begin then so they do not have to cancel their 2 most profitable weeks of the year - Christmas and New Year - for sailings
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