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  1. Absolutely won't use a kiosk. Too dirty. Refuse to use them in any fast food restaurant. Definitely not using them on board.
  2. I don't think that where the cruise sails really affects the question of is a suite "worth it". If you're looking to book a suite you've already decided you are willing to pay the suite premium. Alaska is no different. You'll even find folks using the pool.
  3. The board's compensation is spelled out in the company's SEC filings.
  4. I would hope that the Board of Directors will adjust the salary and bonus provisions to include a measure of how they bring back the company from current conditions.
  5. Hmmm. Perhaps I was remembering the lunch menu. Thanks
  6. Also, the CK dinner menus change half way through the cruise. There are 4-5 specialty items and another 4 standard (steak, chicken, etc) items that are always available. The lunch menu changes regularly and they often have an off-menu item. The breakfast menu never changes.
  7. We've done CK on the Oasis, Allure and Harmony. They are equivalent in our opinion. The only "strange" thing on the Harmony was that the whole CK/bar/lounge area is rotated 180 degrees on the Harmony as compared to Oasis & Allure. A little disconcerting if you are used to the others.
  8. Anyone who thinks that many of them won't resign contracts is wrong.
  9. Keep watching. It tends to fluctuate as people book/don't book. Remember that you can buy it now and watch the price. If it goes down you can cancel/rebook.
  10. We are spoiled and will always pick the suite. Love the perks, especially Luminae.
  11. On Royal's affiliate Celebrity, I got my FCC directly from the line, not the TA.
  12. We have done both and there is no question that the markets on CoCo Cay are much more laid-back. There was no effort at all by the locals to come into their shop. They were happy to help you find things/sizes.
  13. Only 3rd party owned restaurants are opening, and they are at limited capacity.
  14. We had no problem at all with Royal's affiliate Celebrity. Went ahead and booked a cruise for January.
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