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  1. 34 mins, You will still be on your last plane getting all you bags from bin above, and watch everybody take there time.. Not enough time. Might rethink this..
  2. Just back from San Juan, We stayed at Casa Blanca before our RcI Freedom cruise. Fantastic Hotel...
  3. Prepay also. We also leave extra for great service..
  4. THanks for info, Looking at CI&S now for us also...
  5. Like to see the $18.00 sale again...
  6. First time for us without a T.A., just booked with RCI. did not know it would cost us to pick out our cabin. We will let RCI pick the cabins. We should have stayed with a T.A.
  7. Is a Funnel cake in a food group.=Ha Ha..
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