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  1. We just canceled our May Cruise Two weeks ago and have FCC on the way. Thinking about making a new reservation for Sept? Do we pay for a new deposit our self now " Time of Booking" And then apply the FCC to new reservation when it arrives?? What if price of cruise is lower then FCC Credit, Will we receive a credit back on my Credit Card for Difference?? Thanks...
  2. With all the problems with CC refunds, Any word about how long it would take to get our FCC? We canceled a week ago. Also will the FCC be in a E mail or Snail mail?? And how do you rebook with FCC, is there a code or Dollar amount to be used.. Like to make reservation for Sept?? Thanks...
  3. We our booked as Non refundable for the Harmony of seas May 17th. Any chance we could change the date of Cruise? Or do we have to wait for RCI to cancel cruise first??
  4. We also have a WDW side trip booked after the Cruise, Don't think that will happen also???
  5. We have the Harmony booked for May 17th, Don't think it will happen?? I wish RCI would cancel soon, then we could make new reservation. Thinking about Sept???
  6. Looking at my cruise table now in my office, bags ready to go. Waiting for our May 17th Harmony, It will be on the chopping block next. Might try to rebook for AUG???
  7. Not holding out for may, Looking to Cruise now in Aug???
  8. WE have the Harmony booked for May 17th, starting to unpack my bag...
  9. Hope to be on the Harmony in May, Don;t think it is going to happen...
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