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  1. Does Celebrity have the same program? I would assume they would being the same company. Pre-X is waived when added, no questions asked? Cheers
  2. Basic Economics......................What will the market Bear! Pay and they will charge...........how bad do you want it.? Is what we pay for cable in the US really worth it? We still pay for it. 😂 Cheers! 🍸
  3. We have always paid $175 PP for a 7 day cruise, but now it really isn’t about the price it is about availability, we will be on the Anniversary/Presidents cruise in November and when we went to book the UDP it was “sold out”. The three night and separate specialty restaurants were available so it was not about availability. When my TA called about it she was told they sold out of “that price” dining. We are sailing on a B2B again on Symphony in January, Went to book UDP on the January 18th cruise and only Jamies showing, but on the 25th cruising was able to buy the UDP for $175 PP. RCC needs to get it together with UDP! Cheers!
  4. Not sure what is up with ultimate dining package......we are on Constellation in October out of Rome and they want $299 PP with only three restaurants to select from. Will do my bargaining after we get on the ship to get deals along the way! Cheers!🍸
  5. Ok, one more........there are so many. 2005 Adventure of the Seas. We had just moved into a new 55+ community and two of our new neighbors had never cruised before. We suggested a cruise and all 6 of us went to San Juan to board Adventure. The first night in the MDR a staff person came up and asked if we would like to have dinner with the Captain this week. Of course we said yes! The night came and we met for cocktails, then was escorted to the MDR after being briefed on how we were to enter and how to stand when the Captain came in. The Ships Ambassador attended. The best part of the night was when the Captain asked my friends how many cruises they had been on and when they answered this was their first cruise another couple at the table who had sailed on 30 prior cruises wanted to know how they were invited to the Captain table when they had never been asked before this night! 😂 The Captain invited us to the Bridge the next day to sail out of St. Marteen! Lucky? Cheers! 🍸
  6. Watching the Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl! Royal did a Fantastic Job providing food and entertainment during breaks! Thanks Royal! Cheers!
  7. We always purchase the UDP when sailing Royal, $175 PP is a bargain compared to our up coming Celebrity cruise which is $299 PP and they only have three restaurants! We sailed Explorer in the South Pacific this past winter and they only had three restaurants but for $175 it was worth it, not $299. Not sure where X thinks they can charge $299 PP and people like or are willing to pay this. I know, some people will. Give me the selection of restaurants that is on Oasis or Ovation class and maybe the $299 PP would be more palatable! Cheers!🍸
  8. We sailed on Explorer this past February in the South Pacific for 14 days. We were in an Owners Suite and will say the ship was in ship shape! We had not been on this class of ship in a long time so we were a bit concerned but I will say she is still a fantastic ship. I actually wrote a review when we returned which was posted. The, what I call, "Old School" ship was outstanding. Was she a little worn, yes but did not deter us from a fantastic cruise with a staff I would say was one of the best ever experienced. We had speciality dining every night so can't comment on MDR but the Chefs Table one of the best ever! I am sure after she is dry docked she will be "spanky new" again but until then she still holds up like the grand lady she is. Don't sweat the small details of pictures posted by people, yes there are those spots but they never really stand out while you are on the ship. Cheers!
  9. Following! Just sailed Ovation out of Sydney to NZ last January and she is a nice ship. Have sailed Anthem also which was a great cruise. When we sailed Milford sound Ovation was the best and they did a fantastic job giving information over the sound system as to what we were seeing which I am sure they will do while in the glaciers! A lot of great viewing areas on the ship. The captain actually did a 360 turn of the ship while in the middle of Milford sound. Cheers
  10. I know, comments come from frustration!. Was able to hold the rate we had and change to the week prior to the what was going to be the first week and received $200 OBC. We still have our B2B but friends only can do the second week. Keep accumulating points my charter friends! Cheers!
  11. Ship - Explorer of the Seas Deck - 6 Stateroom # - 6242 Stateroom Category – JS Starboard or Port Side - PORT Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – All day long you can hear a swooshing sound which we were told are people flushing toilets above us. It would not bother at night but started pretty early in the AM. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - NO Balcony View - Give comments on view, noting if location of any obstructions was an issue. – View good from balcony Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? - Larger size Was wind a problem? - not at all  If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - N/A Any specific problems with this cabin? - No except for the noise of flushing toilets Any other comments? - We did like the two bathrooms. One was just a water closet but had a sink and storage too. I used the extra bathroom and DW used the main one.
  12. Anyone reading this for a JS cabin, we were on Ovation of the Seas ( same layout as Anthem) this past January in Cabin 6242. You could hear a swooshing noise all day long. We asked what it was and they said people flushing toilets above us! We only took the JS because it was $49 total more to move up from a outside cabin with large balcony.
  13. We had our first Charter experience, in that the second week of our B2B on Harmony this January was canceled because of a charter. we had to move the week to the first of the B2B but our friends cruising with us can't do the new first week. I know the OP was asking about credits but just had to vent a bit on after planning way out in advance they can cancel for a charter. My opinion they should get no credits! Just venting....
  14. Just received our first Block on Explorer of the Seas! We were on Ovation two weeks prior cruising New Zealand and then Explorer for the South Pacific. We hit the requirement for the Block three days in and poof, the block showed up in our cabin after returning from dinner. I was surprised that I did not have to see the loyal ambassador since I had planned to. Cheers
  15. You are showing Diamond Plus, but still don”t see free laundry. Also, I would say the average person does not use half or more the things listed. Yes we used the 20% discount on SPA twice Let’s just say each person gets what they want and what they feel is value. Cheers
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