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  1. We just returned from a great trip aboard the Celebrity Equinox! You know how they always say wash your hands and they have people everywhere with the Purell squirting your hands and then the machines are there at every turn! Well I would suggest they start pushing wash your feet! I was amazed how many places people put their feet while sitting at outside bars and cafes. Feet were on the arms of chars, small tables where you place your items while having a drink and then this one below, feet on the table at the Oceanview Cafe! People eat on those tables. They place their utensils on those tables and other items. As much as the staff wipes down the tables they don't get to everyone before you sit down to eat! Do you put your feet on the table at home???? Maybe the cruise line needs to start having people wash their feet.
  2. Boarding Symphony today, very windy in Miami. How are your winds John. Getting warmer here tomorrow, rain yesterday. Thanks for posting, enjoyed the thread and kept me excited for today! Cheers!
  3. John Thanks for the weather report. Just another observation on DL, they put them in the dungeon on Oasis class. I liked it when they were where Wonderland is now! Cheers!
  4. John: How has the weather been? How are the winds? I have been following a few threads since Christmas and most have stated winds and cooler temps. We will be on Western cruise next week. Thanks!
  5. Based on your SL picture we know who will be the top cruiser! He was a blast at the Top Tier event on the Anniversary cruise pointing out that Johnny Rockets use to be free!
  6. Hi John Will be following this week, we were on the Anniversary cruise with you on Symphony. Going back on Symphony this Saturday for a B2B. This will keep me focused for the week! Thanks for sharing! Cheers!
  7. We will be on Equinox February 1st for a B2B and Concierge class, how do you even find out about this lunch? If I had not read it here I would not know there is even such a thing. Thanks Cheers!
  8. I think with all the questionable days they need to rename the island Questionable Day at Coco Cay! Cheers!
  9. Looks like you have returned! Thanks for the posting! Safe trip home.
  10. Who do you use to rent through? Nice place. That is a great idea. Cheers!
  11. Have sailed Silhouette twice and she was fantastic. Can’t wait to re-board in February 2021 in South America to enjoy the upgrades! Cheers!
  12. As all have said the Reflection is a fantastic ship. We flew to Europe the year she came out and sailed her then in the same year when arrived in the Caribbean sailed her again. The Lawn club is the best! Quick story, when on Reflection the first time we had a great night in the lawn club cooking our own steaks. Tried to get a lesson on how you cook medium well. Never can get that right. Anyway had the drink package and the rest was history! We asked for the menu and had everyone on the team sign it. Next time on Reflection we brought the menu and had the team sign it again. Some new and some repeats. Ever since we take the menu with us on the S class ships that have the Lawn club and have it signed. So many have signed it 3 or more times and so many know the ones who have signed it. We will follow since we will be on Equinox for a B2B on February 1st and this gets us going! Thanks for posting. Cheers!
  13. Looking forward to your thoughts while on Equinox. We have sailed her before but not since her upgrades. Sailing on a B2B February 1, 2020. We are from Eastern PA. Cheers!
  14. Thanks! Will have to give it a try! Cheers!
  15. 13 days until our B2B on Symphony! We sailed her on the Anniversary/Presidents cruise in November, can’t wait to have 14 days to enjoy her! Cheers!
  16. JR covered under the UDP? I have never tried it before. Cheers!
  17. Cruising Crown Princess in June and would love to read more on the observations. We are Loyal to Royal but the Norway itinerary on Princess was better. Please post more here! Cheers!
  18. My suggestion is but the drink package, we were on Symphony in November. I drink Titos on the rocks. All on the rocks drinks are 1 and a quarter ounces. Barely a Drink. Cost $12. Also included is bottled water, specialty coffees, And a milk shake at Johnny Rockets. We drink a lot of water! My observation is when you look at a mix drink here a beer there some bottle water and wine with dinner all adds up if you pay as you go. Cheers!
  19. We will be on Symphony in two weeks and bought the UDP for $175 PP. Right after that on Equinox and it is $233 PP for 7 days, my point is either way it is less expressive to purchase UDP prior to cruise than purchase single nights on the ship. Yes they throw specials out there each day if they are not full but still the PP cost on UDP is less expensive. Cheers!
  20. Happy New Year and thank you for your posting! Were the waterfalls running while you were in Milford Sound? When we were on Ovation the Captain did a 360 in the middle of the Sound, was spectacular! Cheers!
  21. We will be doing our first B2B sideways B2B next month. Two weeks on Symphony of the Seas ( We sailed her on the anniversary cruise) then up to Ft Lauderdale to board the Equinox for another B2B. Not about the ports since we have been all over the islands, more about keeping out of the cold for a month! Relocations I think are more of the Transatlantic/Transpacific cruises. If Transatlantic they say sail westbound with time changes. Cheers!
  22. Have you been getting the daily announcement about the fines for taking food off the ship. It went on and on every day. You think by day three people would get it! 😂 Cheers!
  23. Only been on one B2B and nothing like that happened at the meeting. Maybe this time. Thanks for the info. Cheers!
  24. We are on a B2B 7 days each so I would assume our benefit would be for each week not one bag/items per 14 days. Being an Elite Member. Cheers!
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