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  1. This is sad news indeed. She was certainly a role model for her kind and helpful reviews and tips without such snarky negativity that so often gets posted on these forums. Perhaps many “happy cruisers” will take a lesson in how to be helpful and kind. We should all aspire to her legacy no matter how or where we are fortunate enough to sail.
  2. Oh, dear Jim and lain I will miss following along with you. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. We simply must find a way to connect with one another on a future cruise. Sadly it appears that it will not be on the Connie next November. Safe travels back home and until we sail again...Trish and Karen
  3. Jim and lain, ‘’Trish and Karen here. From your Summit cruise in June. I have been following along with great interest. Love your blogs and pictures. As you consider a future cruise please consider the Connie out of Tampa for the 11 night ABC cruise during Thanksgiving 2020. It will be refurbished just like the Summit by then. We have our usual Penthouse and would love to have you join us. There are still “reasonably” priced suites available. Of course “reasonable” is all relative in the new Celebrity world. We have a mid-May 10 night booked on the Summit in our usual PS. May or may not make that due to my travel schedule.
  4. Two things that jump out to me from this thread both specific to the Penthouse Suite reviews. I totally agree about the second full bath being so dark. Shortly after the renovation I sailed in it first for 8 nights. It was just two of us. As we were returning for 11 nights with 3 of us I purchased a very nice stainless steel rack with suction cups for the second bath. I mounted it the day we boarded and it worked so well in the guest bath shower. I am sad to see that they removed it. It cost $29 and was very functional and I left it behind for future guests. i am sad that these design flaws impact the fantastic butler service. For those of you fortunate enough to have Cesar please tell him that Miss Trish and Miss Karen and Mr George miss him and send him our love. Please tip well and be kind. Any design flaws are not his or the butlers fault.
  5. I had the pleasure of attending the Chef’s table on the June 5th cruise and indeed Chef Boulud was very much a part of the evening. It was nothing short of an amazing and memorable evening. I will try and post key pictures
  6. They are the two nicest celebrities that I have ever met! We are looking forward to dinner with them in Luminae tonight.
  7. Warmwinds, i am sitting out on this spectacular penthouse verandah. First, Cesar says hello to you both. Second, you were a trailblazer. The better chairs are still on the verandah adjacent to the Penthouse. Way to go! It has been a glorious cruise. So sad that we have only 2 nights left. But, in order to avoid total depression we booked 2 more cruises for a total of 21 more nights in this glorious suite. While on this cruise Cesar learned about his leave and next contract. I am happy to report that he will be on both 2020 cruises that we booked.
  8. Jim, We just got cleared for the Chef’s Table on Saturday night. I hope that you both did is well. Let us know.
  9. Very excited to receive an invitation to meet with Chef Daniel Boulud in the Retreat Lounge at 5pm. His Luminae menu is fantastic.
  10. While I do miss the dressing area I always found the AC to be woefully inadequate in that area. Now I plug in my hair dryer by the outlet next to the bed and then plug in my curling iron after drying. Not ideal but the positives of the suite renovation far outweigh the negatives. There is also a plug with a universal adaptor above the desk in the MBR. There is also a mirror above the desk. That can be used as well.
  11. Karen and George and I were thrilled to finally meet Jim and lain and host them in our suite. Jim and lain, We are hoping to spend more time with you both this week. Trust me, the “milk cartons” will in no way diminish your enjoyment of the suite nor the cruise. There is no need to throw them overboard. However, for those of you that are so distressed about them I do think it is easy for you to jump overboard from this beautiful verandah. Just thought I would mention it so you know that you have an option should they still be here when you are fortunate enough to occupy the suite.
  12. Glad you arrived safe and sound. We’ll connect soon. Trish
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