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  1. Amen. Been there and done it in NCL Haven. Moved on to Celebrity and I hope that I never have to look back!
  2. Jim, Thank you so much for taking me and Karen on this wonderful journey with you both. I have so enjoyed every post. 8 Weekes from today we will land in Tampa and spend two nights seeing some beloved friends before boarding the Connie for 11 glorious nights in that Penthouse Suite. It’s been too long since we’ve cruised. You have allowed us to live vicariously through your two cruises and also reinforced our hope that someday we will together and enjoy one another’s company. The only thing that could have made your trip more enjoyable for me is if Cesar had been your butler. I only hope to sail with him again someday. Safe travels home to you both. Again, thank you so much for providing us with so much enjoyment. Trish and Karen
  3. The February 19, 2023 Nieuw Amsterdam has been fully chartered by Olivia. I note it is still being sold on the HAL website.
  4. I am counting the days to our 11 night sailing beginning 11/22. I do believe I will shed tears of hoy when I step aboard.
  5. In my humble opinion your conclusion TOTALLY missed the mark. But, those are my personal values for a cruise. I personally think NCL is an inferior product across the board and especially comparing the Haven to the Retreat. It’s great to have a totally encapsulated suite experience but not at the expense of far superior food and dining experiences and butler and suite service. I’ve often said that I was loyal NCL and the suite experience because I didn’t know better. Gratefully now I do.
  6. Hello everyone. I’m bumping this up in the hope that an experienced cruiser can tell me which corner aft Neptune suite has the largest verandah. I have to make my choice by 5pm today. Thank you.
  7. Jim, Please post multiple pictures of your verandah. That will help me manage my expectations of the PS verandah after the M class suite verandah. As Karen and I often say, once you’ve sailed in the PS it is hard to ever go back. At least we have 33 nights already booked in the PS so lots to look forward to. Enjoy every moment.
  8. Hands down, Celebrity suites. Have been in many suites, including top suites, on NCL pre Haven and then twice post Haven. Where do I begin? No complimentary laundry even in top suite whereas on Celebrity in a RS and PS it is unlimited for guests in the suite. There is NO comparison between the Haven restaurant and Luminae. Haven restaurant menu is always the same for breakfast lunch and dinner. We ate dinner all but one night in the specialty restaurants. None were complimentary. The only one that was a cut above an Olive Garden or Outback was the seafood restaurant. I recall that being excellent and ala carte pricing. The pool in the Haven was tiny and kind of a joke. Not deep at all. The hot tubs were always occupied by loud drinkers and tons of kids in the Haven. No liquor was included on my two sailings even in the top suite. The butler was no where near the caliber of Butlers on Celebrity. There was a coffee machine in the suite that used pods. In spite of asking and asking every day we could never get more than 3 of the dark brew pods. Also no complimentary internet. NCL suites……been there, done that. And I haven’t even commented on the suite experience pre Haven. Don’t get me started on that.
  9. Thrilled to see the Connie in Port Everglades today. We have 11 night in the PS in November and are relieved to see that she is at least on this side of the pond. Jim, enjoy that lovely PS. That is the exact suite Karen and I will be sailing in for our 12 night Hawaii to Vancouver. I have to say that we are truly spoiled by the M class PS. I love the totally separate pantry with a full size refrigerator and a separate entrance for the butler so they never need to enter the suite. And, as you know, nothing compares to the M class PS verandah. That is my cruise ship version of nirvana. Enjoy the cruise and hope you get to meet Danny and Gary from Dallas.
  10. I am so very sad to hear this. After over 30 cruises on HAL in only Neptune or Pinnacle suites this confirms my decision to move on. We have so enjoyed the Celebrity suite experience. There is no comparison between the HAL suite experience and the Celebrity suite experience. We used to enjoy the Pinnacle breakfast experience and dining every night in Tamarind or Pinnacle Grill. It sounds like the breakfast in Pinnacle and dinner are not good. We have 3 more cruises booked with Celebrity in suites but a $7,000 credit (due to cancelled HAL cruise due to COVID) with a charter company that is going to announce HAL cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam in early 2023. We’re in a lottery to get the PS which we originally booked but can no longer be guaranteed due to “pent up demand.” We figured in the PS we could enjoy the suite while managing expectations compared to Celebrity. I posted this earlier, but could someone please tell me which deck has the largest balcony on the aft Neptune suite wraps in case I don’t get the penthouse. I’m fine with a total overhang. Just want to know which deck has the largest verandah. Thanks.
  11. Which aft wrap around Neptune’s have the largest balconies, please. Any link to pictures or reviews would be great. Thank you everyone.
  12. Oh how I miss all of the Bvlgari products from prior cruises. They were wonderful!
  13. Jim, Can you find out who the Retreat Hosts are on the ship (former Butlers) and ask if anyone knows where Cesar is. You may remember him as our butler on the Summit when we sailed together. I think of him so often and hope to sail with him one day soon. Have a wonderful cruise. Karen and I will be following along. Cesars picture is below.
  14. Just an observation. The balcony dividers seem very “flimsy” and not very private. I remember a time when sailing on HAL in the PS on the Amsterdam and that class of ship that the huge balcony was totally surrounded by steel walls. No gap at the top or bottom. ‘Even in the PS on the Summit class ship I’ve always felt that the divider could have been of a better quality for more privacy. Granted, that’s a first world problem in that suite.
  15. We, recently only sail in PS’s on Celebrity. My guidance should be applicable to RS passengers as well. It would NEVER occur to us to send out laundry for any friends or others on the cruise. When we meet our butler on the first day of the cruise we tell him that we will send out laundry each day. We ask for a bag and slip to be left for us each day and we then leave it for the butler each morning. I suspect that this will be acceptable for PS and possibly RS passengers. I have no idea how this might work for the various suite levels on other classes of ships. Just today I was on a zoom business meeting. I felt something scratching at my neck. I reached back and pulled off a tag wrapped around the inside of the collar. It said 6147. Oh, such wonderful memories of that suite and those cruises on the Summit.
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