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  1. No, no ships have Aqua Class cabins on deck 6. Harris Denver, CO
  2. I didn't think that post was "horrible" since I didn't read it near so much as an attempt at humor, as an effort to focus the OP on the fact that the reason their cabin was changed is that others are in a situation much more unfortunate than the horror and misery of having to endure moving cabins between two cruises. Harris Denver, CO
  3. My first cruises after the re-start of cruising were in Sept. of 2021. They were B2B on the Equinox. While I wasn't in the same cabin for each, I did have specifically selected cabins for each. About 1 month pre-cruise I got a phone call from Celebrity, advising me that my room on the first cruise had been "upgraded" from a 2D veranda to ta 2B veranda. This was because they were using deck 6 for isolating on coming crew, and potential guest or crew quarantine. While a 2D to 2B is indeed an upgrade, the 2D I had, I'd selected because it had a larger balcony. The person who had called to advise me of the change could not make any further changes or adjustments. However, I looked at the deck plan and saw some rooms - although in higher veranda categories - that would get me back to a room with a larger veranda. I called reservations (Probably waited on hold - I don't remember) and explained what had happened, and what I was hoping to do. Sure enough, with a bit of checking my request was granted. This was without any "beating up", and with no mention of my Captain's Club status (Classic Minus 😄 ) My points: A) While we will never know for sure, I believe it's more likely than not that Celebrity notified the OP's travel agent. Of course the TA is not going to acknowledge this if it did occur and they dropped the ball. 2) The OP's stated unwillingness to wait on hold "2 hours" assumes victimhood in 2 ways - first that the hold time would be that long; and that they, rather than their TA would or could get resolution by that call. In fact it's doubtful they'd encounter a 2 hour hold time. Also, since Celebrity has paid a commission to the TA to service the OP's reservation they likely would refer the OP to the TA, rather than discuss the booking, so it would be the TA who should be dealing with hold times, and resolving this. While I totally get the OP's displeasure at this having happened, and I hope they're venting rather than stating a genuine intention to make crew members miserable; the OP's words are their words. There is a potential avenue to resolve this, but the OP has said - Loud and Clear - they prefer not to use that avenue, and prefer to instead be miserable and endeavor to spread that misery to others. Harris Denver, CO
  4. We all bow in deference to your lofty status. You should return it apparently. Starting a cruise with the stated intention to make the staff's difficult position more difficult has clearly not endeared you to anyone here, and - despite your many, many cruises - will not endear you to your fellow passengers or the ship's staff. Here's a hint, when the poor person you choose to "beat up on" introduces you to their colleagues as a "Very Special Guest" (and they will), it is NOT a compliment. Harris Denver, CO
  5. No, the BOGO60 refers to the second guest 60% off pricing that's currently offered (Buy One Get One 60% off). Harris Denver, CO
  6. You should call and ask them to apply the back to back discount. It's $50.00 per cruise for shorter cruises, and $100.00 per cruise for longer. This is NOT an on-board credit, it's a discount off the price. The code is usually YDR7 for the $100.00 discount, and YDR6 for the $50.00, Although I've also so the code as TZF8 for the $100.00 lately. As far as the mechanics of the move: Continue to watch your cruises (do mock bookings), looking for either of your rooms to open up for the other sailing; or for a room in your exact category (e.g. not just a veranda, but an 2A veranda). If you see it you can call and get the same room for both sailings. Otherwise, on turn-around day, you just pack your luggage, and leave things on hangers. Your attendant/s will move everything to the new cabin. Usually the day before turn-around all B2B cruisers will have a meeting where you'll be issued your Sea Pass cards for the next sailing, and provided wiht details of the turn-around day processes. Harris Denver, CO
  7. Sherief Sanad's Humarine. https://humarine.com/ Harris Denver, CO
  8. A Veranda is a "Deluxe Ocean View" on the confirmation. Specifically is will read "Deluxe Oceanview Strm Veranda". Harris Denver, CO
  9. Both solicitation and posting or distribution of materials are specifically addressed and prohibited in the Guest Conduct Policy: Inappropriate or Abusive Behavior Prohibited Inappropriate or abusive behavior is not permitted. This includes uninvited physical contact; solicitation; harassment; vandalism; theft; violence; use of fake/false identification; underage drinking or providing alcohol to those under the allowed age (see Alcohol section below); possession of illegal substances/items; placing signs, banners, decorations, or other materials anywhere on the exterior of the ship; placing materials on stateroom doors, along corridors, or anywhere else on the interior of the ship without the express permission of ship management; installing, placing, laying or affixing materials anywhere in or on the vessel that may be deemed inappropriate by ship management; and any other illegal or offensive conduct. Harris Denver, CO
  10. Never did Person Garden access included. Elite and above get Persian Garden access on one port day, while the ship is in port (M & S class only), which is still the case. Harris Denver, CO
  11. Rather than be sad, I would call and try to get either the week before or week after your currently booked cruise as a freebie. That way you get a back to back for the price of one. Harris Denver, CO
  12. I remember something that may be a clue in getting this resolved. It used to be that residents of the state where the insurance company was headquartered (I believe it was NY) could not purchase the insurance through Celebrity, but had to go directly to the insurance company. This was due to an insurance regulation, not a policy of either Celebrity or the insurer. It was Berkley at that time, and I think it's still the same company, but is now called AON. Also, if you moved your booking from Celebrity directly to a travel agent that may have caused an issue, depending upon the travel agent's location. If the agent is in the state of the insurance company, or is not a US agent (I used to use a Canadian TA although I'm in the US, and thus couldn't purchase the insurance directly through Celebrity). Not that any of this would make your situation right, but that might explain why the CruiseCare was removed from your booking; and help in getting your situation resolved. Harris Denver, CO
  13. If Dive Paradise doesn't work out for you for any reason, I have another option for Cozumel now also. A friend who's one of Cozumel's best instructors has now started his own operation. Harris Denver, CO
  14. It's Sand Dollar Sports. The last time they had a fatal accident on a cruise excursion has been several years, so should be fine. 😕 I wish I was kidding, but they had a fatal accident involving a diver on a Celebrity Excursion in 2012, and more recently (2019) had their dive boat sink with passengers from both Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Equinox. Harris Denver, CO
  15. It's just an anomaly that happens sometimes. A similar thing is that occasionally Concierge Cabins are less than a veranda, or Aqua is less than Concierge. It sometimes seems to relate to a price reduction due toa sale or promotion, as often the sales or promotions don't apply to GTY cabins. Harris Denver, CO
  16. I've tried various filters, but now use the Dive+ App. It's color correction is generally spot on, but can be adjusted. Harris Denver, CO
  17. I can't help with Tortola, as I haven't been there (yet). For St. Kitts I've always enjoyed diving there, although I wouldn't describe the sites as particularly amazing. I've dived with Austen & Margot at Pro Divers St. Kitts several times, and I find them to be very good. Their boat is in the marina immediately adjacent to the cruise pier, so there are no transport issues. They meet you at the pier gate, and walk you to the boat. You definitely want to book in advance. My recollection is they can be a bit slow to respond to emails, but they do get everything right. https://prodiversstkitts.com/ Harris Denver, CO
  18. No plastic bottles. With the classic package, the Celebrity branded water, in the aluminum cans is the only bottled water included. With the Premium package other (glass) bottled waters are available. Harris Denver, CO
  19. That sounds right for third and fourth passengers in a room. Generally children pay the same price as anyone else, since cruise ships capacity is determined per person, regardless of age (or size). Consequently each passenger aboard "consumes" one available space. While it's true children that young don't eat much, they do use up statutory capacity; and do not gamble, go to specialty restaurants, buy art, or participate many of the other additional revenue streams the cruise lines count on for profitability. Very rarely Celebrity will run a promotion where children sail for less. That type of promotion is more common on lines that market more toward families with younger children. Harris Denver, CO
  20. There's a really good website, https://www.elliott.org/. They have a section devoted to cruise line issues, good general advice on escalating complaints, contact info for company executives, and they will assist in handling complaints in some cases. At the very least there are a lot of interesting stories. Harris Denver, CO
  21. @scubaslayer I have some good news for you. Sherief, one of the great instructors with Aldora for many years, has opened his own shop, Humarine. He and I talked, and he'll be able to accommodate cruise passengers, while Aldora has stopped working with cruise passengers. You can go to to the website ( https://humarine.com/ ) or email him at: sherief@divebookcozumel.com Harris Denver, CO
  22. Sounds like the problem isn't so much the offers, but your inability or unwillingness to read the details. Harris Denver, CO
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