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  1. Thanks, for the quick reply. Will my husband be able to use the OBC for table card games and Roulette?
  2. I have a upcoming cruise on the Summit and with different perks etc .. we have about $600 onboard credit. Since we have all 4 perks included and all our port stops are repeats for us, I am wondering if we can use the OBC in the casino? Do I just go to cashier and charge $$$ to my room ? Or is there a different way to use it on the sea pass card in machine? Thanks in advance.
  3. If someone puking on embarkation day has you worried about cruising, you need to stay home... I've traveled all over to many different countries and did several cruises over the years, with my parents who are in their 80's One thing that happens every time we travel is my mom gets nervous about the upcoming flight, (she doesn't like to fly) combine that with irritable bowel syndrome and she spends the entire first day or night running to the bathroom. It has nothing to do with viruses or being sick. It's just how her system works. By the second day she totally fine and never has a episode after. There are way many other scenarios as to why someone would be vomiting.
  4. Thanks so much for clarifying this. Appreciate this
  5. So does Classic package include soft drinks ? Yes or no?
  6. We boarded Summit around 2;30 for our cruise in November. There was no line checking in and no line by the buffet. We are sailing again in April, and will probably get on around the same time.
  7. Does anyone have any of the daily schedule of ship activities papers for the Summit ? I forgot the actual name of them. Cruising in November and wanted to take a look see, and see the daily activities .
  8. Cosul tours is a great one to go on. I've been on it twice already and hoping to do it again when we're there for the day off cruise ship in November.
  9. Good to know. Thanks everyone... We took a cruise out of Puerto Rico with my parents in Nov. on Freedom of the Seas, and only the buffet was open for lunch on embarkation day. Needless to say, it was a complete cluster headache, people cutting in front of you in line, the hordes of people dropping food on the floor. It was so awful, I didn't eat there ever again the whole cruise. I'd rather skip lunch then deal with that nonsense. At least, we can have a nice quiet lunch meal on embarkation. Thanks
  10. Hi everyone, We will be sailing on the NCL Epic this coming Saturday April 6th. Does anyone know if O' Sheehans or the main dining rooms are open for lunch on embarkation day. Traveling with my two elderly, physically challenged parents, and one of these areas might be easier for them to navigate on embarkation, then the buffet...Thanks for any input.
  11. All this is a big bummer to read. We're sailing on the Epic on 4-6-2019, for probably my parents last cruise, and I'll be really disappointed if all these issues pop up again on our cruise. This is the first time sailing on NCL since 2013, was enjoying Princess so much, been sailing with them for the last 5 years, but had some Next Cruise Certs that had to be used by Sept with NCL, that we chose this sailing. Oh well, I guess we'll have to make the best of it.....
  12. I actually like Nassau. Lots to do there. Take the ferry to Paradise island, hang out on the beach, snorkel or take a excursion to swim with sharks My least favorite port Costa Maya. Nothing much to do unless you book a excursion IMO
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