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  1. You should contact the Captains Club then to have your status updated, You should be elite on Celebrity based on your diamond status with Royal.
  2. Some people like it! I am thinking of booking this ship just because of that show! Have been on the Harmony and Wonder so now I am thinking about an older ship.
  3. Does anyone know a firm reason why the Oasis of the Seas has not left yet? I have someone on that cruise and they are concerned because all the other ships are gone and they sit. It is after 6:30 PM.
  4. We had a 1 PM check in time also. We went early and no problems because I did not want to miss the lunch I had paid for!
  5. I have found I like things about each line so I keep jumping around. I love the piano bar and the Schooner on RCCL, but it is to hard to get a seat most times. We did Celebrity for the first time last year and have 2 booked for this year. We have booked for this year on Celebrity but they are going to have to change things up for younger people, I think. Younger people with kids are going to choose Royal with all their activities. I don't feel like Celebrity is trying to get younger people, especially with the new ships. They are just classier but all they have is the kids club. We are going on the Ascent next week but I expect it to be very similar to the Beyond.
  6. I did not find it to be. We went on our first Celebrity Beyond cruise last year and I booked Concierge because we had no status, which we are used to. We did get recognized for our RC status, which was nice but not equal. That said, I booked 2 for this year and I got regular balconies. It wasn't worth it to me as I will never reach the status on that line. We do alot of cruises with different lines. I did like Celebrity very much though. We are going on the Ascent and Beyond again this year to different ports.
  7. That is good to know. Maybe it was just that one room then that the person was describing. I would really like to go to Bermuda and that is the ship. Most of the ships in the northern ports are the older ones. We went on Royal last year from Pt Liberty. It was older but not bad so I am guessing Celebrity would be good. Thanks for the comment!
  8. I was looking it up because I was considering a cruise on her this summer. No way, she is not scheduled for refurbishment until the Spring of 25 so I would say no go for you in Jan. I read on another post how bad the staterooms are last year so it will only get worse. I have only been on the Beyond so I am only willing to go on a new ship or a refurbished one.
  9. Thanks for your insight! My husband is an AG retiree and a Vietnam vet. Thank you for your service!
  10. Thanks. See I am just learning so this is a big help!
  11. Thank you! I just mentioned the Equinox because it is what I thought of at the time. I am not necessarily going to book it. I need to look into it and will look to see when the ships are renovated. I appreciate your insight.
  12. We have only sailed on Celebrity once, on the Beyond. I have booked for next year on the Ascent and the Beyond based on loving it the first time on Celebrity. The shows were incredible and the ship is beautiful. But I am very hesitant to book an older ship, like the Equinox because I am afraid they are to much of a lessor quality. I know not to expect them to be the same but are they still a step up for Royal's or Carnival's older ships? Both is quality of the environment and entertainment? I have learned I prefer the new ships, having sailed on the 2 new Carnival and the Wonder of the Seas but been there done that now.
  13. We had our first Celebrity cruise last March on the Beyond and never had a problem just walking up and being seated. We choose to eat early so go when they opened. If a particular dining room was full, I think one was one time, we just went to a different dining room. The reservations did not matter and I am surprised they have not fixed it online. It must cost to much to change! All 4 restaurants had some items the same every meal, and then had their particular specialty items. So it really doesn't matter which one you go to. I did not think we would prefer Mediterranean but they had something we wanted there also!
  14. We are on the Liberty of the Seas now and have not had a problem for 9 days and we missed Portland because of weather. I heard tonight that someone said the Liberty is staying in Bayonne tomorrow night because of the weather, Have you gotten notification of this? If you do not get car sick I would say you probably would not get sick. But if you have the patch I would wear it just in case. The Capt will do what he can to keep you out of rough seas but sometimes it is not possible,
  15. Has anyone sailed to these ports? What I would like to know is if there are taxis at the port or tour companies that you can take your own excursion without booking through the cruise line? In the Caribbean there are plenty but I don't know anything about sailing to these US ports. Thank you
  16. I just booked my first Celebrity cruise after doing NCL and Carnival and Royal, other passengers told me I should try this. I hope I have not ruined myself by going on the newest ship first. That said, which other ships would you suggest that I would not be disappointed in? We don't have anything against any size ship I just don't want old and in disrepair and prefer reasonable service. (Nothing has been the same since the close down in that area) Also does anyone know if they have Coke Zero on the ship? Are jeans without rips acceptable in the main dining room? It seems they are but I wonder what others wear. I have heard from others that one can dress that casual and not feel out of place, that people wear everything like on the other lines, but I want to respect the vibe of the ship too. Any tips you can give me would be great. We have been on over 40 cruises so we are not new to cruising, just to Celebrity and I anticipate a long relationship!
  17. I don't understand why NCL started this and if I could I would not go on our cruise. I definitely will not be a return cruiser for this one reason, no matter how much I like the cruise.
  18. Do you remember which night was the color my world show? I am trying to figure out a night for a specialty restaurant.
  19. Yes, I agree with May1cruiser. I have booked on both sides and then the ship backs in to the dock so either side could be the "wrong" side. it is up to the Captain.
  20. Thank you for the informative review. I have been dazzled by the Meraviglia but now I know not to waste my money. I tired of Carnival for several reasons. I went on RCCL 3 times this year. I liked the Mariner but entertainment was lacking there too. I think all cruise lines are less desirable since the closures and I may pause cruising too. But I was shocked that we went on the Wonder of the Seas and while the shows were incredible the rest of the entertainment was shockingly poor. Venues were to small and twice we went back to the room to watch TV, which is worse than Carnivals! That said I go on the Celebration soon and I am really looking forward to coming "home." I feel like I will be more tolerant of the things I am not so fond of on Carnival. Happy Vacationing to you where ever you go!
  21. I agree. We were on the Wonder and the first day I was impressed as I walked through the Solarium. Then I never stayed there, it is too hot and humid.
  22. I agree with you about the sauces on the food, Overall we felt like the food was not as good as Carnival but I saw that people are complaining about food on their reviews there too. I think do to the high prices of food they are cutting back but as regular cruisers this is unacceptable to me. We have 2 cruises booked but I am hesitant to book any more if this is how it is going to be. We liked the Voices show very much and so it just depends on the person. We were just on the ship Dec 11-18. The Aquatheater show was not as good as I remember from the Allure and Harmony. To much weird dancing and light sabers. I am sure it appealed to younger people but it was just too much of the same thing for us. Effectors was weird too but I can tell they are appealing to a younger demographic. I did like the drones, that was an interesting technological event.
  23. I might look able bodied because I do not use a scooter or walker but I have had 2 knee replacements and have balance issues and have been advised by my doctor not to use stairs. So some of those people who only use it for one floor need to use it.
  24. Thanks for the input. I am looking into the Celebrity Beyond for my next cruise. RCCL had too many kids and the Wonder seemed more geared to kids. I would love that when sailing with my whole family but for just the 2 of us I am ready to try something new. We liked the Mardi Gras so are trying in Celebration in a few weeks. I think I will try Discovery and Prima because of your recommendation, The Wonder did have incredible shows though.
  25. We recently returned from the largest cruise ship in the world, at this time. While the main shows were incredible and so much better than Carnival (except the Mardi Gras) there was nothing much to do after those main shows. Venues we were interested in were to small and too crowded. We went back and watched TV 2 nights, and their TV is so much worse than Carnival. Thank goodness football was on so my husband was happy. Food was no better, and often worse, and I missed my Guy's burgers. I am happy to be returning home to Carnival in Jan 23 and not sure what my future holds for cruising. And talking about snobs, a couple of people I talked to think Carnival is the worst, but they have never been on Carnival. People who sat beside us at dinner plan to look into Carnival from the west coast for their next family cruise. We are elderly to most but CCL and Royal both have good points and bad points. Going on NCL next month but I don't expect any thing different and it costs more. We always have a good time on CCL I just do not prefer the playlist productions since they switched to that. But I keep coming back because it feels like home!
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